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Katarina Build Guide by Simosha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simosha

Kitty Cat Katarina - A Guide to AP Mid

Simosha Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Hey guys! I'm Simosha, and this is my first ever guide! It's not going to be very in-depth and you won't learn too much, but if you're looking for a build that can win you games and you don't know what to buy in certain situation this can help you out. I want to dedicate this guide to my non-Katarina playing friends: Caopow, Yakodin, Curryadev, LeafWaxer and SilverTipBullet. I tried to make this guide short and simple because that's what I usually look for in a guide since if you're the kind of player that is alright with having a guide with options, you can probably build by yourself. Make sure to upvote and if you're downvoting tell me why! I want to make tons of guides.

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For items, make sure to get a Rabadons Deathcap if you're ahead and to get an Abyssal if you're facing hard AP burst (eg. Fizz, Lux, Ahri). If you're really ahead (eg. 2/0 by 6:00 min) you can get a Mejai's Soulstealer although I've never actually tried that myself for some reason.

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The Spell Combos

The Combos:
Farming: Q > W
Harassing: Q > E > W
All In: Q > E > W > R
Jumping into a Teamfight: E > W > R (Don't waste your time with the Q)

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Pros / Cons

Katarina AP Mid:
Pros: High Mobility, Hard to Gank, Best Pentakill Champion in the Game, The Resets, ****s Damage
Cons: Weak Early Laning Phase, Squishy like all AP Assassins (Gragas isn't an assassin), No CC

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Team Work

Katarina is the KS Queen. Use that to your advantage. Take the stress of murder of your teammates health and E > W that Caitlyn with 56hp! What seperates the good Katarinas from the bad Katarinas are the ults. When I play Katarina, I allow my team to poke down the enemies until they are all around 3/4 health and then I initiate unless we have a good tanky initiator (eg. Malphite, Jax) with my ult and get a penta.

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Katarina is OP and play her if you want pentas. She does a lot of damage but you need to get used to her jump and kill playstyle. She's my favourite champion because of her high skillcap, damage output and fun.