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Talon Build Guide by NakedForever

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NakedForever


NakedForever Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Talon is an assassin who is going to carry your team if you play him right. My build for Talon has been working for me and working for my friends they have tried their own builds and have done much better with mine,they do add there own situation items that i will do in depth later.

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Pros Vs Cons

-Assassin so picks up kills (if played right)
-Good damage and harassing skill ( Rake)
-Semi Balance for an assassin
-Cut Throat is a "Shunpo"
-Not easy but not hard
-Good Chase (Stealth, Cut Throat, Slow on Rake
-Good burst damage that they don't see coming

-Cut Throat has a long cool down (my biggest problem with talon)
-Can be shut down easily because of no healing abilities
-Can be quickly killed in a team fight due to having all of the kills
-You might get cocky fighting a fed on there team because you think you are fed (as usual, when your not)

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Summoner Spells

If you want to take Talon to the next lvl and start getting kills it all starts with his summoner spells that I almost always take is
[icon= ignite size=65
Flash is just a toll of a spell, people can flash to get a kill, to get out of a turret, to get away, to flash over a wall, to steal barron, to do all these things that just troll the other team. But if i don't like flash why do I take it you ask? Because how do you counter trolls? By trolling back, since lvl 13 people couldn't go with out flash so if they flash to you or out of range you flash right back creating more distance from the target.

Exhaust is my new summoner spell on Talon, you take 70% reduced damage from when you put the skill on them and then after that they cant run very fast to flash. So if they are at least 50% hp or you have a jungler waiting to gank you have plenty of time to pick up the kill. Making exhaust the best summoner spell on any AD champ in the game.

still love this spell but i don't take it anymore because my friends always yell at me, leave it to the mid or AP caster.

Ghost is an amazing skill that is used much less then flash but is sometimes so much better. No walls to flash over? No problem just run really ****ing fast till there Singed cant even catch you. Need to catch that kill far away and hes got no flash?
Ghost, Flash only jumps you a short distance and you cant catch them unless you have cc abilities if they do manage to keep with that 1 hp. Ghost is amazing for
-Securing kills
-Saving a turret
-saving a team mate

Flashed used for-
-Flash over walls
-Flash to gain distance from enemy
-flash to get a kill

So its 5 to 4 but I think the ghost way is the more team reliable way. I still always take flash because you have to counter the other peoples flash.

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Regular old DPS ones with a little bit of mana regen on the caster page I take the extra XP % because you never know when you get a Zilean.

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Main items-

Situation Items-

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Why we pick these items

The items we chose give him very good early burst damage while late game giving him the DPS carry damage of a Master Yi. The Frozen Mallet is a must buy, it is the item I buy every time. You may all be saying "Well your just copying Phreak!" and all I have to say is, yes I am. But it is the best item of him and I would have thought about it even if Phreak didn't tell me. The cutthroat gets you close for that one hit that can stop a ghosted enemy from getting away. This tanky item keeps you alive and provides a slow that makes it so you can crit the hell out of them late game. Early game you never die and you get fed when the enemy team thinks they can kill you because you are "Squishy".

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Situations and there items.

For my build I have a few things you can do if a situation happens and you don't have many kills or farms. If you have got your brutalizer and boots and doran's please feel free to grab the vamp septer I found it useful but at the same time if you have enough for the phage please rush it.
Now if you are a triforce kinda guy and you don't want to rush all my "junk" please follow the build but don't get the mallet and replace it with the triforce. Also don't rush triforce, if your doing it for the sheen then get the sheen right after the phage and keep it like that until you have to work on the phantom dancer then work on it before that. I mean your getting the zeal anyways so why not just get it later. I am not going to say the triforce is a bad item i am just going to say i have face rolled so many kids who rush Trifoce its not even funny. (must be a pattern)
Now for the GA after you have all your core items I find the game might be carrying on for much to long and you have 5k to spend but nothing to buy but elixirs. What I find nice is selling the Ghost Blade and buying a GA so you have the extra life when you get owned by a full build team. Then when it is on cool down sell it and buy the Ghost Blade back or a DPS item of your choice, then 5min later buy another one with no cool down simple as that.

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Skills of the blind monk.... oh wait....

You always want to max and getting a point in at lvl 2 and max it after picking up a point on cutthroat and maxing it last, though the cool down is problem early game you only really need it to initiate, to solve this problem get a good lane mate with cc so you don't have to jump to them so much, or get a good assassin to get a ton of burst with out them getting to the turret, i found Akali Tristana Irelia or even Xin Zhao very good lane mates, (once i found Sivir a good lane mate shhh don't tell anyone :P)

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Skill Sequence

When not going to kills it W<>W<>W<>W<>W<>W<>W
After this combo hits enough where you can get a kill go with E<>W<>Q<>R<>R<>W or Q(what ever cools down first). That should get a kill on a squish if your following my build.

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Killin Creeps

Rake is an amazing skill for farming if done right and build right. Don't be afraid to start throwing more of these out around lvl 5 or 7 when you have a higher lvl Rake because the mana cost really isn't that high and it hits 2times for the easy farms. otherwise try to normal last hit. Me myself am not a good early game farmer but my builds provide amazing late game farming, looking at my 500 CS Shaco game and my 140-300 CS on Talon most game when I start out with around 4-8 in the first 7min....(yeah I know I suck)...

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Magic Blades?

I have see so many ways to pull off his ult that don't get enough damage with it and its most of his power. Its all in the situation, say your in a team fight, and you have 4 people around you you would click click if your team mates are getting blown up, but if the tides are turning for the better you would run past the fleeing enemy and make all the blades hit them with the extra speed you get. Say its a 2v2 and your team mate is about to die and you thing 2 hits is enough to kill him go for it but if you are wining and the enemy runs you want to hit him with all the blades. ALWAYS HIT THEM WITH ALL THE BLADES UNLESS YOUR TEAM IS ABOUT TO DIE OR YOU CAN PICK UP THE KILL. that is what i am saying.

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Please Rate or Comment

Please if you have read this build and you like it or dislike it leave a comment below. If you ask (nicely) I might put up some videos of me playing talon and showing my build in action. I will have game scores up soon maybe even a jungle guide because I played against a jungle talon and he was fine in the jungle but he was a bad talon player. In real games I will sometimes get a wriggles just to troll and help my team get baron at level 10 and we win because we have baron at such a low level. Thank you and please rate!:P