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Kled Build Guide by sonikshot

Top Kled, the TOP LANE GOD (Detailed guide) | 6.16

Top Kled, the TOP LANE GOD (Detailed guide) | 6.16

Updated on August 15, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sonikshot Build Guide By sonikshot 5,759 Views 0 Comments
5,759 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author sonikshot Kled Build Guide By sonikshot Updated on August 15, 2016
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Pros / Cons


    • Great mobility
    • The ability to stick to one target like glue
    • Great utility with his ultimate
    • Easy ganks


    • Slow while dismounted
    • E and ultimate can't be used while dismounted
    • Very squishy while dismounted
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9xare the standard AD runes, Kled needs as much AD as he can get besides of his items


5xare very important because after you max your Q, you will almost not notice you have a cooldown on that spell. You can spam it right after it finishes casting on an enemy, that means you will constantly have a Q on them, dragging them back.

4x because you must survive attacks from multiple targets to be able to execute the target you fixed onto.


9xfor the obvious resistance it gives you.


2xfor the AD it gives you

1x because it helps you deal more damage while running after your enemies.
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Flash is a core spell on most champions and Kled is no exception. It is indispensable as a mobility spell. You can use this spell for chasing, fleeing, initiating, ganking, juking, stealing objectives, and following another champion who uses Flash. You can also use Flash to maintain the tether of Bear trap on a rope if you Flash immediately after your target uses Flash or another movement ability to escape.


is the best for the mobility it provides. This, paired with your ultimate will make your ganks successful.
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Tips and tricks

The most important tips and trick you may want to know :

1. Kled can't be one shot when mounted. This means that if you are low on skaarl, Cho'Gath won't be able to kill you by using his ultimate.
2. Kled breaks all crowd control when he dismounts Skaarl. You can easily get out of Malzahar's ultimate for example.
3. Kled will get 15 courage for every attack on an enemy champion. Kled will also gain 20 courage on kill/assist.
4. Kled's Q fires 6 pellets, restoring 5 courage per pellet for a total of 30 courage.
5. Kled gains 5 courage attacking epic monsters.
6. Kled gains 5 courage by auto-attacking structures.
7. Kled gains 4 courage by last hitting minions.
8. Skaarl comes back when kleds gets back into the fountain.
9. Kled's Q can pull enemies through thin walls.
10. Q gives Kled vision of invisible targets hit like Twitch's Q or Shaco's Q.
11. Q gives Kled vision of targets in the Fog of War.
12. While dismounted, Kled can jump over walls with his Q.
13. You can do the Q > flash combo.
14. Kled can't go over walls with his first cast of E, but can go over walls with his second cast.
15. Kled can Q or Ult during E.
16. You can ult inside of walls to increase the range of his ultimate.
17. Kled is immune to CC while his ultimate is active.
18. Kled can jump over walls with his ultimate.

You can watch this video demonstrating all these tricks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sonikshot
sonikshot Kled Guide
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Kled, the TOP LANE GOD (Detailed guide) | 6.16

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