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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Soul786

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul786

Knock and Dash for WIN!(UDATED)

Soul786 Last updated on January 26, 2012
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High cost!


Low cost!

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Heey and welcome to my Xin guide! I have played Xin from my start at LoL so i think i know waht i talking about. Xin is my fav Champs and one of teh best champs in game so he is absolutly worth the 3150 IP.m I start out with some playstyle at 3v3 and 5v5 then i go to mine high cost Xin!

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High Cost!

Hey now i walk to high cost Xin! Thats is the best Xin but if u get BG u should try low cost.

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Pros / Cons

+He is on of the best champs in game with Attack speed combined with AD
+ If u being feeded u UNKILLABLE
+He got pretty good abilities
+Nice jungler if u wanna jungle
+ Hes passive just AWESOME
+ Passive can hold u alive
+i just LOVE HIM

-People often focus just u in teamfights
-Hes ulti not the best
-U need all 3 basic abilities to get really pro
- Not the the best from lv 1-4

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Summoner Spells!

Exhaust for slow decrease of damage and a escape

Ignite for the nice true damage and helaing reduction

Ghost if u want movement speed,but i never use it

take flash if u want to escpae easier or kill easier, but i dont use it much

i use smite only if i jungle

The other summoner spells i NEVER use

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Marks: I use the Attack damage runes for Xin to get some more damage earky game because i think it useful, and for me it is veery useful

Glyphs: Now u guys thinking WTF he use attack speed glyphs when they get mini boost of attack speed... just because this is the most AD Xin not so much Attack speed Xin thats why i use Attack speed glyphs.

Seals: I use the AD runes seals for more AD in early games without items.

Quint: Now we use armor penetration Quints to get more damage then we got with out armor penetration.

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Start item: Ur start item should be dorans balde for the 10 AD and some 100 life but if u wanna start something other start with a Dagger and a health pot.

Second item:Ur secone item should be the Berserker Graves bacause ATK speed is very important for Xin and u also got movement speed.

3rd item: now buy black cleaver for AD and atk speed and reduce of armor per hit.

4th item: before u go buy 4th item u had sell ur Dorans Blade and get some gold and now u should have lik 5-10 kills and enough gold for Phantom Dancer if u are good Xin player.

5th item: Now buy a bloodthirster for survivability in lane. The 15% life steal and 60 ad is important for thz build.

6th item: Here u should get a infinity for Crit dmg and crit chanche it woul work very well with ur Phantom dancer

7 item: here u can choose between Randuins Omen, Basnhees veil or one more bloodthirster it about if u want to dont be so Sqhizzy.

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Low cost!

The low cost XIn isnt the best but still very good.

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Play how u feel with this build i play like a intihator with he low cost build but the polaystyle is up to u

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Dorans Blade: Why dorans Blade why not shoes??? Just because i wanna start with that extra 100 HP and 10 AD but some games i buying boots or Dagger first but i like the dorans more.

Berserker Greaves: Take it for tha Attack Speed and move speed

Phantom Dancer: I buy it for mora attack speed and crit and move speed.

Wriggles Lantern: Its a nice items with the wards 23 AD 30 armor and 15 lifesteal,and ts just cost like B.F sword

The Black Cleaver: It sucha great items with its 55 AD and Armor Penetration On-Hit and the attack speed so u should always buy it with Xin.

Starks Fevor: Buy Starks Fevor for the lifesteal atk speed hp regen and reduction of armor in 1200 range.

Now buy a Thornmail,Guardians Angel or Force of the nature

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Ranked Play!

The High cost is very good at ranked but i dont have tested the lowcost yet but i know the high cost work very good at ranked.

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Jungle routes! I just lay out o link because i dont know how to add fcking pictures someoneplz telle me that!

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Nice to lane with!

Good champs to lane with is

Morgana: Her cc is good to u cause when they are nsared u can start with ur Q+W+E combo so when they out of snared they will be knocked up. Her black shield help u to get almost IMMUNE against CC and her ulti her ulti so good with the stun Morgana is juts one of the best lane partners a xin could have

Jax is a good champs to lane with because a Xin and Jax shouöld deal much dmg together and control the lan u is on

Trynda: Same as Jax but the negative is that the enemy will often gank u if u lane with Jax or Trynda because u will controll the lane together

Lee Sin: U and Lee should deal high Physical dmg and Lee can help us usefullty with slow from Cripple/tempest and the shield from Safeguard/iron will. I played with a lee once time and hes score was 12-0-9 and mine was 20-1-5

Leona: Shes the queen of CC with all her CC abilties u and her is a really good partners at bot lane. Leona is should be a dream for all Xin players to lane with because all her CC

Fiddle: I like to lane with fiddle becasue hes CC(fear,silence) it very useful CC vs mages and other champ which can land nice skillshots EX morgana

Sejuani: Sejuani is the rider of CC with her passive ulti and permafrost shes exelent to lane with.

Tanks: I LOVE to lane with tanks when u play Xin, Jut let the tank go FIRST then u come in and free kills;D

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Bad to lane with!

Tristana: She"s a carry but u should be the carry here so try dont lane with her, it same for all carrys dont try lane with all carrys.

Mordekaiser: DONT lane with him he need CS and Champion kill to got really good dont lane with him let someone else do it because u need a lot of amount of gold self.¨

Supporters: DONT LANE with supporters take someoen else so u can deal much dmg. But if u meet very hard champs in ur lane it maybe could be good with supp but i stay in lane with my passive.

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That here was my Xin guide i will update later. But plz VOTE and say how**** i can get pictures to my build