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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Vetle158

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vetle158

Kog'maw Hybrid style

Vetle158 Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my kog'maw guide


First i would like to say something

This will not be an extremely long guide like my Alistar guide.
It is not an explenation on how to play Kog'maw for noobs, but i will explain the basics just not very in depth.
This is me showing the build i use for kog'maw. this build and kog'maw in general should really only be played by people who consider themself kinda good at this game. and being good at staying back in teamfights and playing ranges is an advantage.

About the build

This build will not be focusing on ap, neither on ad.
And no we will not be stacking aspeed only.

Behold ladies and gentlemen,

This is the

hybrid kog'maw

This build will be focusing on with getting lots of aspeed items like Madred's Bloodrazor, Nashor's Tooth and Malady the reason for this is that with Madred's Bloodrazor and Bio-Arcane Barrage you do 10% of their hp pr strike.
But this build has a twist. Guinsoo's Rageblade and Rylai's Crystal Scepter this is because Bio-Arcane Barrage and everything else scales with ap.
and Guinsoo's Rageblade works extremely good and giving your ulti ad and ap.
+ Madred's Bloodrazor isnt that good early game so rushing Guinsoo's Rageblade is better

In a total if you get all this items you will hit well over 2 times per second with 12% of their hp pr strike + 160+ base dmg.

Some math.
A squishy hero like ashe has 2k health and 30 mr and 80 armour.
30 mr=0 since you penetrate it all(negatives with malady)
and 80 armour is maybe 30-40%.
Meaning. 12% of 2k is 240 pr strike. + 165 minus the 40% = around 100.
So 340 pr strike. not to bad twice a second. equals to 680 dmg pr second.
And im not counting your abilities here since you reduce their mr by more with Caustic Spittle and your Living Artillery does loads of dmg once per sec ca.(this is probably more thanks to mr going in minus)

And against tanks.
4k hp 150 mr 250 armour.

250 armour - 25 = 225. wich is maybe 70% dmg red.

150 mr - 9 - 20 - 25 - 20 = 76 not that much. Meaning.

12% of 4k = 480 - 40% ca is around 280. That + basic attack 165 - 70% 0 50 ca. is 330 only 10 less than on the squishy. not bad eh?
and that equals to 660 pr sec on a tank with those stats. ca.
And still not counting abilities here.

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Runes can vary alot for this build.

But i just use these

Dont switch these. never. almost all your dmg is magical.

greater seals of replenishment
Early game harassing mid.
Can be switch out for pr lvl mana, health etc

I dont think cdr is that important to kog'maw early game so i pick these. i wont cap without blue but im closer late game with these. and kog is late game carry.
Can be switched for flat(since they give almost same)

This is for early game power also. easy and nice. can be switched out for flat health, ap pr lvl or mpen

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I use a stander 9 0 21 caster build for the most.
Grabbing the 15% mpen in offence and going straight down to reduces summoner spells in masteries(see top)

But building 15 0 15 or 21 0 9 would work to.

The defence tree is not needed really. you HAVE to stay back in teamfights anyway.

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Summoner spells.

I will only list those i use or think is viable.

This is good, use it almost every game. you are slow and need to kite so it helps.
can be replaced with Flash

Think this is a little op atm , but really helps me with kills mid. it is so easy to pop this and shoot them down. you usually dont want to replace it but can be replaced for Flash or Cleanse

This is also good, easy for escape and kills i just prefer Ghost on him atm.

Other decent choices.

Good your 6-8 first lvls til you can get blue buff. sucks after that.

Heal good til lvl 10 sucks after that.

Rally this is actually quite good. BUT you need to have 21 offence in masteries for the ap then. if you have it is good. your ulti will deal alot more

These are the best i think. tell me if you know some more.

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Well this will not be an very long item section since this is not a guide to a champion but just a build, so not that many optional items here. please dont downvote for that.

first get almost always get it actually.

Then go back when you have maybe 1100g and buy

Next back you buy

And then

and then

The game should be in late game now and you will be owning. now you need some aspeed most likely and the best alternatives are

or i prefer nashor's first because of ap and cdr. Another option is to get Wit's End if facing a lot of casters.

You can also buy a Rabadon's Deathcap for increased ap as 5h or 6th item. your ult and bio-arcane barrage will deal siick dmg. and you will reach 14%-15% pr strike.

As 6th you either get the one aspeed item you didnt get above or something defansive like or depending on what you are up against.

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Playing as Kog'maw

I know this is just a build but i will include this anyway.

As kog'maw it is important to stay behind your team in teamfights ans snipe out the targets you can with Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery it is not really important to focus their carry because most likely the rest of your team will. and the carry is in the back so you wont always reach it without dieing.
Focus the one you can that is easiest to kill or does the largest threat. you have lots of cc
slow on Living Artillery with Rylai's Crystal Scepter
And Void Ooze

You should also always pick mid lane, kog'maw is really good mid.
Really long range heroes that out range you is annoying before lvl 6 but after that they are piece of cake.
Teemo is annoying tho. cant be ganked and can blind you and is quick, damn quick and has invis.

When you are mid harass and farm at same time with Void Ooze time it so you hit enemy champion and kill minions. kog is really good at farming. after lvl 6 just Void Ooze and Living Artillery them to death(if you got the blue buff, if not get it)

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Important things to know

1.Get blue when you can.
2.If you play ranked and they have lots of cc take cleanse
3.You own tank. remember that.
4.your Caustic Spittle reduces armour AND mr. remember that to.
5.Your ulti is easy to dodge, try to predict movement.
6. Bio-Arcane Barrage give you longer range, easier to towerdive.
7.can get spawn kills with Living Artillery if fed
8.Have fun

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Change log.

1th june EU time
- Guide publishes(Yay)
- Added wit's end to the item section
2th june EU time
- Added rabadon's deathcap as an alternative item to the item section

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Kog'maw is a range champion that is best at sniping targets.

This build is focused around Aspeed and ap and madreds. with some mpen.

Be carefull.

remember hes passive and try to get kills with it if you die.

Remember that exhaust reduces dmg so use it for that reason to, not just for slow.

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The End.

Sorry for a short guide guys.

But this was just ment as a build sine i could find no hybrid guide that matched mine so please dont downvote for that reason.

If you read id please dont downvote without trying to and i will probably make this longer in the future. it just take's some time and i am kinda lazy atm.