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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Macchus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Macchus

Kog'Maw: The Shredder

Macchus Last updated on October 8, 2011
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Build Description

The Shredder Kog, is exactly as it sounds, Kog'Maw shreds the enemy of any defense they may have with his extremely fast attacks, Malady tears down their Magic Resist and The Black Cleaver rips apart their Armour. Combined with Caustic Spittle, Masteries, and Improved Exhaust you should be shredding every champ to pieces. With every consecutive attack dealing a heavier blow then the last. Now mix in 16% Crit and roughly 2 attacks a second now your speaking the Shredder's language.

Maximum Shredder
Armor Reduced: 45 + 10 + 6 + 25 = 86
Magic Resistance Reduced: 24 + 10 + 25 = 59 + 15%
Critical Chance: 16% + 25% = 41%
AD: 55 + 25 + 80 + 60 = 220
AS: 25% + 25% + 50% + 40% + 30% + 3% + 13% = 186%
Arcaine Barrage: 8.5%

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Kog'Maw Pros and Con

Kog'Maw Pros

    - AOE Slow
    - Insane Damage Output
    - Extremely Ranged
    - Attack Speed Champ
    - IMO the best Ultimate in the game
    - IMO tge best late game Champion

Kog'Maw Cons
    - Extremely squishy and slow (suseptable to ganks)
    - You will get focused once the enemy sees you are a threat.
    - Lack of mobility and escape methods

Build Highlights:
    - Synergies of Caustic Spittle, Exhaust, Malady, and Black Cleaver will ensure every tanks go down in mere seconds during team fights -59 MR -80 ARM
    - Accelerated Attack Speed (Can reach Attack Speed Cap 2.5/sec)
    - Minimum of 16% Crit all game.
    - Carry your team to victory.

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After many games and months of testing different rune combinations from Movespeed Quints, to Crit Dmg and Armor/Magic Pen runes, to a full rune page of Attack Speed. I've even tried a tank Kog Maw, health runes, and many combinations of them all, I've found this combination to be the most effective when combined with your bought in-game items.

9x Greater Mark of Critical Chance
9x Greater Seal of Attack Speed
9x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
3x Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance

Some of you may be thinking why not Magic Pen? Why no Armor Pen? The reason is having a 16% Crit chance is just plain f'ing awesome without the need to worry about buying crit items and all the bogus stats that come with it which in no way benefit this build were trying to achieve. The only 2 crit items that I consider useful are Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge. However investing in these items early game will not increase your overall damage output. So it's best to just have that 16% flat crit chance so you can build your core "Shredder" items and invest in an Infinity's Edge late game putting you at 41% crit chance which is just too unreal for the amount of range and attack speed you'll have at that point.

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Since Kog Maw' is a damage output champ we should treat him as such. Taking advantage of the 10% Crit Dmg, 15% Magic Pen and 4% Increased Dmg.

Kog Maw' is a squishy champ. Adding points in here is almost a waste because if the enemy team is focusing you. You will be nuked down most of the time anyways, wheather you have 21 points in Defence of not. So you might as well increase your offensive capabilities, and just learn to have better map awareness.

Taking points in reduced time spent dead, and 15% increased Buff Duration are the major talents your looking for in this tree.

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Skill Priority: R > W > Q > E

Caustic Spittle
This is the skill that will determine wheather you are a good Kog Maw' or a great Kog Maw' The passive on this skill is great for the build were trying to complete. However using this on the right champion at the right time will absolutely demolish that champ. Key times to use this skill is if you know your team will befocusing on a single enemy champ, or if you find yourself in a 1v1 situation with a Xin Xiao or another melee fighter of the sort.

Bio-Arcane Barrage
This is your Bread and Butter Skills. It will help you kill anyone who stands in your way. With it's incredible range and % damage combined with "Shredder" items, Bloodrazor and a 16% chance of crit. No champ stands a chance. The faster your attack speed is the more effective this skill becomes.

Void Ooze
This is not a damage skill so don't use it as one. This is your slow. Use it wisely for ganks and escapes. Slowing 3 enemy champs from chasing down an ally will get you many praises.

Living Artillery
I personally love this ultimate! Great for harassing champs (especially squishies), free hits, bush checker, getting that weak straggler trying to run away, and stoping the enemy from capturing your control points. However never get carried away otherwise you'll find your self out of mana, and dead before you know it.

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Item Build


#1: Boots of Mobility
For Dominion these are the best boots of choice because you need to be all over the map and these give you the fastest move speed. You will really appreciate it when you can get in range of an ult to cancel an enemies channeling.

#2: Malady
I choose Maladys before Bloodrazor for many reasons. More attack speed, more dmg, and just overall more bang for your buck. Many won't agree and believe rushing bloodrazors first is the most promising way to build Kog Maw' however they don't realize that Malady's add's 20 additional damage onto your attacks as well as lowering the enemies magic resistance, increasing your 'W' effectivness much more that bloodrazors would. This is your primary "Shredder" item.

#3: Kitae's Bloodrazor
After completing Maladys you can now go for that additional % Dmg on your attacks. Bringing your 'W' to a new percentage of 8.5% per hit. As well as giving you more attack speed and AD for your crit chance and overall damage output.

#4: The Black Cleaver
Now that the magical portion of your attacks is complete your going to want to transition into pure AD from now on. Black Cleaver is your secondary "Shredder" item reducing the enemies armor by a whopping 45. Increasing attack speed even further, as well as increasing your AD for crit chance and overall damage output.

#5: Vampiric Scepter
At this point your going to want to sustain yourself outside base, so you don't have to keep returning to base when your health reaches low.

#6: Frozen Mallet/ Infinity Edge/ Entropy/ Last Whisper/ Ionic Spark
After completing your core "Shredder" build this is the slot where you can choose your final item based on the situation at hand. Build more life + a slow 'Frozen Mallet' if the enemy team has nukers such as akali, talon, le blanc or annie, that keep focusing you, or you can become an OP nuker by picking up 'Infinity's Edge'. Take Enthropy if you want a mix between the two. Last Whisper if they are an extremely tanky team. or Ionic Spark if there all relativly squishy this also pushes your attack speed to it's cap of 2.5 attacks a second. I personally like Infinity's Edge as my 5th item slot however sometime it's not the best choice for the overall outcome of the game.

#7: Sanguine Blade
Lastly. to complete your build your going to want to finish your Vampiric Scepter into a Sanguines Blade for the increase Life steal and more AD for your crit chance and overall damage output.

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Lets talk Boots

All boots can be used on Kog and all have their own special place depending on the enemies team and your own. I personally love boots of mobility for Kog on Dominion. simply because you need to get around the map quick and theses offer you the highest speed of all. However, Beserker's or Sorc boots are also viable options. Tabi's and Merc's are for those who feel unsafe. But I have this to say. Kog is squishy. super squishy! If you get jumped your probably going to die anyways so why not just boost your offensive capabilities.

Ninja Tabi
The dodge is very nice if the enemy team as mostly Physical DPS champs, Xin, Tryn, TF, Teemo, etc.

Berserker's Greaves
These are one of the more perfered boots, the attack speed may not be so apparent early game, but later when you've picked-up Maladys, Bloodrazor and Black Cleaver, plus your passive on 'Q' you'll see that your attacking noticablly faster than if you were to go with a different pair of boots.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
These are probably the worst of all the possible boots for Kog'Maw, most of Kog's skills are already short cooldowns so grabbing these expensive boots is a waste.

Mercury's Treads
Again like Tabi's these boots are nice but you would rather increases your offensive capabilities, because if you get ganked your going to die anyways.

Sorcerer's Shoes
These are an alternative to Beserker Boots increasing your dmg output on all your moves as well as making your 'W' much more effective. It's really just a battle of which you perfer. More attacks per second or harder hitting attacks. Either way you will have about the same damage output late game IMO.

Boots of Mobility
My Personal favourite on Dominion because getting around the map is very important. If you can get to a control point and cancel an enemy from channeling with your ult, the better the long run of your game will be. As well as getting to a battle much faster.

Boots of Swiftness
These are along the same lines of Mobility. If you feel you need the extra speed when in combat then by all means pick these puppies up. However after much practice you'll know how to position yourself well enough so you won't need the extra help. And can widdle this option out as well as merc's and tabi's.

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Tips & Tricks


Setting yourself up for multi-kills from behind:
Flash + Void Ooze + Caustic Spittle + Bio-Arcane Barrage + Living Artillery

Taking down a tough guy ( Garen, Xin Zhao, Mordekaiser, etc):
Exhaust + Caustic Spittle + Bio-Arcane Barrage + Living Artillery

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Kog Maw is the end all champion. There is litterally no champ that can defend against Kog Maw's long ranged barrage of attacks if he has a good team around him. Kog Maw just obliterates everything late game. So once you pick up your 3 core items the game is pretty much yours as long as you play smart and don't get ganked every where you go. It's not hard to get 15+ kills with Kog Maw' in Dominion. As well as #1 for most matches.

Kog Maw's major weakness is his inability to escape deadly situations. He is a slow champ and his only method of escaping other than running is his slime ball. With that said, Kog Maw is an especially hard champ to master because of his squishiness. So making sure you dodge attacks and generally know what the enemy will do is a big part of keeping yourself alive. Map Awareness is everything in LOL and don't you ever forget that.

Kog Maw greatest strength is his devistatingly large range, capable of crippling the oponent long before they even have a chance to react. Using his skills in successive order to take down opponents, Slow, spittle, barrage, and ult for the final blow when they begin to flee. There is never a reason for you to be in the opponents face, so do your role and stay behind the more tanky champs and just dish out ranged damage.

One very common mistake that I find even myself doing from time to time is miss-clicking an enemy champ and running in close right into melee range. This is a BAD! idea. Always try and right-click the enemy correctly and keep your distance or you'll find yourself chasing them with your after-death explosion passive alot. Another all to common mistake with most Kog Maw users is they don't know who to target in team fights. For the record the best target will always be the enemies support champion, followed by there heavy hitter champs or carries and lastly their tanks. Tanks do the least damage, so leave them for last. Their are exceptions of course but those are battle specific.

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