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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Dendrassil

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dendrassil

Lady luck is smillin' AD CARRY

Dendrassil Last updated on May 30, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First of all by the time you picked him you are going to be flamed by your team mates, that's a fact so you have to deal with it XD. BUT lets get serious Twisted Fate ADC is really good choice because with his W and E can provide a lot of hybrid damage and can destroy all opponents he has. Therefore you need to be good with Twisted Fate at farming and potitioning your self in teamfights and ganks if you wanna be effective for your team. With your passive you can get extra gold so you can be ahead of the enemy carry and build your items faster.

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Pros and Cons

1)Amazing Ganker
2)Great CC
3)Great Mobility through Destiny
4)Not mana dependent at any stage of the game
5)Grate Laner
6)Great Pusher
7)Passive Gives Extra Gold

1)Difficult to Master
2)Fairly squishy at all stages of the game
3)Potitioning will make you or destroy you
4)Low Movement speed without proper runes and masteries
5)Low mobility without Ultimate

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Laning Phase

Laning with Twisted Fate as AD carry is not hard. All you need to do is go to your lane and FARM simple as that. Your passive is like an Aavarice Blade. It can give you random gold ranging between 1-6 by last hitting any unit (minions,jungle creeps etc). ADC Twisted Fate is all about farming and kills, but in laning phase is better "freezing" your lane by not pushing with your RED CARD and just farm minions. If you get any kills by ganks or because your opponents attacked you and started a fight this could be awesome but remember focus on FARMING.

Also to stay safe use your trinked in bushes so you can have vision for river and stay safe from ganks. Used it in bushes in lane to avoid harass from offensive supports. Example hooks from Thresh / Blitzcrank , prisons from Lux/Morgana. Just stay behind friendly creeps to avoid skill shots and always have vision.

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At early levels especially in ranked games your jungler or enemy jungler will ty to counter jungle. ADC Twisted Fate could help out with ganks especially when he is level 6 and has his ultimate. He can appear in the scene out of no where and with strong cc with his W can help to win the gank.

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Blue Card

With the Blue Card in the lane is really good to help you last hitting but remember your ADC so don't wait to last hit only with blue card your auto attacks are strong too. Blue card is really good to brining back the mana you used before for other spells. Also its the card that do the most damage.

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Red Card

The Red Card is the card who will help you to push the lane, especially if you use it with your passive E you will kill minions in no time get the last hits and extra gold form your Passive

Another use of the Red Card is when you split push use it with your Passive E, Statikk Shiv's proc Statikk Shivv and item Runaan's Huricane Runaan's Huricane so you can clear out all the minions and push the lanes very fast.

And last and not the least use of Red Card you can use it for escaping multiply enemies with the aoe slow it provides. You need to be very carefull though because if the enemy have graps, jumps, pulls. Better not to use it for escaping if you are not sure and use Gold Card Instead to Stun and Run.

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Gold Card

The Gold Card provides you with a stun of 1-2 sec depends on level. This card can give you a win when you are fighting an enemy. You can use it to take out squishies enemies you stun them and with your burst and attack speed you destroy them. Also you can take out heroes with strong cc and last and more fun when they turret dive you simply stun them in turret range and they stay there taking tower damage :)

A small trick is while you're casting your ultimate to teleport you can start using W and lock the gold card and by the time you arrive you can stun the target you want so its a sure kill.

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Cards Rotation


If you're at Blue card you're 1 card away from Red card, and 2 cards away from Gold card
If you're at Red card you're 1 card away from Gold card, and 2 cards away from Blue card
If you're at Gold card you're 1 card away from Blue card, and 2 cards away from Red card

Also a got farming and pushing rotation is RED - RED - BLUE the reason to this you can use aoe to farm and get mana back with your blue card.

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Why max E - Stacked Deck

Twisted Fate ADC is not focusing on any of his abilities other than his passive E and with the attack speed it provides plus the attack speed from runes and items you can deal extra magic damage very fast with your auto attack and do a lot of damage especially against squishy heroes.

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Blade of the ruined king - Statikk Shiv - Runaan's Hurricane

All these three items are very good for Twisted Fate. They got very good passive and procs that works perfectly with Twisted Fate's passive E. Statikk provides extra damage , Blade provides an active slow good for ganks or escapes and 8% of target health as damage (good agains tanks compine with last whisper its deadly) and Runaan's provides aoe damage because you can hit 3 enemies at the same time wich makes your passive E to pop up much way faster.

So to sum up these items provide you extra damage wich procs perfecty with your E and extra attack speed to apply this damage very fast wich makes you nuker!!!

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Supports To Play With

Leona - Have a lot of cc wich can help you to get a kill or avoid kill. She is tanky enough so she can stand between you and your enemies and keep you safe.

Braum - Have slow , stun and shield with his stun and slows you can stun lock the enemie and get an easy kill.

Nami - She can disable enemies with her bubble so you can engage for a fight or she can use her bubble to save you. Also she has a heal witch is very good to keep you alive in lane.

Sona - She has great sustain cc with her ultimate, buffs and heals. You can stay in lane with her for long time so you can farm very easy and she can be offencive support or defencive.

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Situational Items

Oracle's Lens - Its my favorite Trinket against Stealthers you can activate it and you can counter any stealth champion Twich / Shaco / Rengar/ Evelyn / Vayne

Mercurial Scimitar - Is good when you want extra dmg and remove cc with the active of Quick Silver Sash really good if you wanna avoid stun locks.

Frozen Mallet and Trinity you can use them if you want to be more resilient. You can pick them instead of Guardian angel and Statick Sivv. So the build would be

Good for extra damage and life steal

Good for pushing and split pushing

for extra movement speed per attack good in team fights juking enemies.

permanent extra movement speed good for potitioning your self in figts and split pushing.

Trinkets are situational depends on what your team really needs but always upgrade it.