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Ryze Build Guide by Inspiry

Late Night Laning Roll You Over Ryze

Late Night Laning Roll You Over Ryze

Updated on January 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inspiry Build Guide By Inspiry 3,572 Views 0 Comments
3,572 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Inspiry Ryze Build Guide By Inspiry Updated on January 20, 2012
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Hi my name is Inspiry (EU west Newb911)

This guide is my first guide so I hope you will enjoy it.
First of all:
This guide is focused on laning with Ryze - Giving tons of damage late game and have sustainability in team fights mid/late game. He will be squishy in the beginning if you follow this build so be careful. - My build is a build, it requires you as a summoner to have the skill to master Ryze completely. I will base this guide on a laning Ryze since I don't like being mid and I have come to the conclusion that Ryze works best with a partner, picking up kills for himself and/or an AD carry etc.. (fed AD carry is a great way to gain victory)

Let's get started.
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Why pick ryze?

1. Ryze is the closest you can come to an AP-carry since his passive lowers all his CD's by 1 when he uses a spell. With that being said Ryze really shines when having a team to back him up! So be a team player for the most part! This doesn't mean he can't solo fight champions but in my opinion he's better with a team or ranged dps due to his Rune Prison.
2. Ryze is pretty easy to get to know. His spells are pretty straight forward except for his ulti which is kinda UP if you ask me.
3. Ryze is old school!
4. If played right all champions will fear you!

- Ryze is one of the most frightening champions in LoL, if you ask me. Why? - becuase of his Rune Prison. If you are caught off guard by a Ryze and his AD carry friend, you will have seconds to react or simply no time to react and be dead within a few blinks of an eye. (of course if you are a tank it may take little longer) xD.
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For runes I take:GLYPHS and QUINTS:
Mana pr. lvl - why? because ryze is MANA HUNGRY! and his damage is based on his max mana!

Gold pr. 10 sec - why? because when laning you want to get lots of gold especially when laning with a ad carry. Furthermore, Ryze's Base Attack Damage is very low which makes it hard to last-hit with autoattack. - It really makes a difference especially if you get only a few last-hits now and then.

Magic Penetration - Pretty straight forward for a mage.
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Offense is to get the magic pen. - Using Heal as summoner spell you don't have to waste a point in Summoner's Wrath .

Utility: Well, I take the increased mana. Movespeed since Ryze runs slowly. I take gold pr. 10 sec see RUNES if you want to know why. Spell Vamp for extra healing when you pop your ulti. CD reduction because ryze has fairly long cooldowns, even with his passive. The rest is basics I would say.
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Summoner Spells

Here's what makes my build differ from many other ryze builds!
I don't think I have to explain flash, since it's pretty basic. - BUT USE IT WELL!

Heal: Heal has due to its buff become really good if you ask me! I can't count how many times I've baited myself on 50% hp making myself an easy kill and turning the tide with a click on HEAL. Also it's good for laning. If your AD carry, tank, support etc. is being ripped apart you might be the only thing that can save them with a HEAL and perhaps a Rune Prison - Same goes for you, if you are being pinned down/ganked/jumped HEAL might be the thing that saves you.
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Ryze revovles around 4 core items:

First: Tear of the Goddess - increases maximum mana and upgrades into Archangel's Staff
Second: Sorcerer's Shoes - Magic penetration and movespeed ( Ryze is slow)
Third: Glacial Shroud - Mana, armor, cooldown reduction and upgrades into Frozen Heart
Fourth: Catalyst the Protector - Mana and health and upgrades into Banshee's Veil that gives magic resist.

These items gives you TONS of mana increasing damage and your defensive stats as well. Win-Win.
If you are laning against and AD harasser and heavy AD team you want to get Glacial Shroud -> Frozen Heart to counter the damage.

Laning against AP harrasers and a heavy AP enemy team you get Catalyst the Protector -> Bashee's Veil.

But mostly it's situational and you choose what you think is best for the game you are in. But don't skip these 4 core items.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is optional as is Will of the Ancients though i recommend these items.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter slows enemy champions preventing them from fleeing or cathing up with you. This is also good if your team is having trouble catching runaway-opponents.
Will of the Anicents is good because of the spell vamp which makes you heal a lot on you comboes and combined with Ryze's ultimate you will have 50% spell vamp.
If the enemy team stacks MR or you they have lots of AP you might want consider to having a Abyssal Mask.
Guardian Angel is also a good choice for good survivability end game.

But these items are situational.
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Skill Sequence

I max Rune Prison first! Why - becuase as I said in the beginning I prefer laning. Caging people allows you and your team mate to get in closer range which might be enough to pick up a kill or force your opponent to recall making them miss out on xp and gold. Rune Prison is also excellent for keeping mellee champions from farming early game and it leaves them vulnurable to any ranged attacker.

I max Overload as the second spell for damage output when you cage your opponent.

I take Spell Flux at lvl 4 for the CD reduction you get when you cast it. This will allow you to cast two Overloads in the same combo without waiting too much on cooldowns.
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Let's go, let's go!!!

Now all you need to do is practice, and go out there and show them who's boss!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Inspiry
Inspiry Ryze Guide
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Late Night Laning Roll You Over Ryze

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