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Talon Build Guide by Radman12

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Radman12

Lazy Instakill Talon

Radman12 Last updated on July 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, and welcome to my guide for Talon. As the name of this guide implies, this Talon build is designed to allow you to sit back, relax, and open a nice cool can of WHOOP ***. When I first bought talon, something clicked for me. I began to do very well, and even dropped some real money for the dragonblade skin. Now I am extremely successful, and regularly have games with talon where I manage to go something like 30/12; 22/5; 18/2, etc, while doing very little work - 3 keypresses and the enemy is dead. I started out following a mobafire build, and realized after a while that i could improve on the build in a few ways. This talon is designed to be a mid, but can easily fill as a solo or duo top.

This is a breif guide, designed to be easy to read in a few minutes. For an extremely in-depth and far better writing on how talon is, please look at - I based my build off of it, and the changes are what I see as improvements. I want to give enormous credit to Vapora, who first showed me how to love talon.

If you are interested in talking to me, feel free to add my smurf account: notasmurfaccount12345 in game on NA servers and send me a message starting with something along the lines of "I read your talon guide..."

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Summoner Spells

Flash: the best summoner spell EVER; great for getting out of trouble (or into it!)

Ignite: Helping "the one that got away" turn into "the one that thought they were going to get away until I CRUSHED their hopes and dreams because I am an UNSTOPPABLE BEAST!!! Whats not to love?

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I prefer the boots/pots start for myself, as the boots help to dodge the spells of someone such as Brand or Xerath. as talon is not by any means tanky, dodging spells is important.

Brutalizer as soon as possible gives you everything you want in talon: ad, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction.

Bloodthirster is great, especially once you farm it up on minions, as it gives you amazing lifesteal and a significant ammount of pure attack damage. Black Cleaver is nice for its cooldown reduction, health, and damage, as well as having a badass armor penetration passive. Last Whisper is just ad and armor penetration pure and simple.

Once you have these three items, your burst should be quite good, giving you a chance to upgrade boots.

On boots, it is a matter of personal preference combined with the situation in the current game. you have anti crowd control OR amazing movement speed OR great cooldown reduction ( again, my personal favorite is the cooldown reduction, as an active ultimate means a guaranteed kill for me) Enchantments are personal preference, either extra move speed or spending less time at the base. i choose homeguard, as my talon play generally consists of: go roam, get a double or a triple or a quad, base, rinse, wash, and repeat.

The last two items are where I differ from the guide of my mentor.

I find Trinity Force to be better due to both of its unique passives, which fit talon extremely well. In addition, the extra damage from the spellblade passive more than outweighs the active from the ravenous hydra, plus, its more lazy as it requires no keypad maneuvering.

Guardian Angel to be an excellent final item - it helps you against attack damage, it helps you against spells, and it has a better Zhonya's Hourglass as a passive. Again, lazy here, don't wanna press buttons to save myself.

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Passive - Mercy. This passive is amazing, as it gives you a pure damage boost against targets which you use your preliminary E on, which you would use as a gap closer anyway.

Q - Noxian Diplomacy. In addition to having the most BADASS name of any ability in the game, talon's Q is essentially a melee enormous damage dealer and basically ignites the target for you. I cannot tell you how many kills I have gotten due to the bleed on this baby.

W - Rake. This spell is your perfect feed spell - once you have a bf sword (on way to bloodthirster) this one hits minons - it is incredibly good to get you that gold you so desperately need to snowball. In addition, this is a slow - making it great for chasing enemies.

E - Cutthroat. This spell is your gap closer, the one you ALWAYS initate a fight with - it gives you bonus damage against them for seconds afterward. In addition, the silence is crucial in stopping someone like an Ezreal from teleporting away.

R - Shadow Assault. This ability is INSANELY good, both as a extra damage dealer in a fight (double tap it) or as an escape (hit it and run while stealthed) it can also be used for extra move speed in a pinch.

E,Q,W,R,D - jump, silence, massive damage, slow/more damage, increased ms plus more damage, ignite. (the last three buttons are often not nessecary as Talon can be so BADASS that his first 3 buttons utterly RAPE ANYONE. The lazyness factor here is that E is a click on, Q is a activation, W is the only skillshot and is one that has quite the wide arc at that. R is a tap or double-tap, and D is a mere click-on.

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Attack damage, crit chance, a bit of life and health regen, armor penetration

all good on talon

need i say more?

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I take AD, ArPen, move speed.

Its that simple.

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How to Play Talon

Early Game: This is unfortunately the most micro-intensive stage for Talon and that in which the most could go wrong. Run around, dodge spells as much as is possible, and harass with your W. NOTE: do not overuse W, as you will find yourself out of mana pretty quickly. this being said, if you have a shot take it, and BE SURE TO GET CS. I cannot overemphasize the importance of CS here, because Talon if fed correctly early snowballs RIDICULOUSLY HARD Depending on how good you are (or how ****py your opponent is) I either go for the kill at level 3 (E,Q,W,and then Ignite) or at 6 (E,Q,W,R, Ignite) Immediately following the kill of the enemy mid, go gank top or bot, depending on whom is lower. This helps as your jungler doesnt need to cover mid for you and can gank the other side. Following your second (or if you are good AND lucky, third) kill, base and buy brutalizer immediately. this should get the timing just right to the point where you return to your lane as the other champ is coming in again. When re-entering mid, DO NOT go through lane, rather through the river. If you can pick up another kill here, the game is as good as won as the snowball will just grow and grow. At the very least, you should get the enemy mid sufficiently low to follow it with a kill a bit later.

Mid Game: Depending on your skill and how purely OP you are at this point, either push out the first or first and second enemy mid turret and ROAM. Talon at this point tends to become the one that everyone is constantly looking over their shoulder for. They should FEAR you, and for a GOOD REASON. Talon at this stage jumps in, gets a kill or two or three or four or even five, then bases, regens mana, gets more items, goes out and does it again. here the SNOWBALLING IS RIDICULOUS and YOU ARE A BADASS

Late Game: Finish your build as early as possible, and keep killing the enemy. Baron as necessary, and once you kill enough of the enemy team to feel comfortable push out all outside base turrets and maybe even an inhib turret. Kill the enemy more and more, and when enough of them are dead, proceed to take one or two or three inhibs. if you don't know WHAT TO DO after this, you, my friend, are STUPID.

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Thank you for reading my guide to Talon. I hope you enjoyed it, and learned how to play Talon just a little bit better.

Now, I pass the mantle of Talon on to you, so

GO OUT AND KICK SOME ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!