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League of Legends Etiquette

League of Legends Etiquette

Updated on May 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 13 3 9,360 Views 8 Comments
13 3 9,360 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 Updated on May 31, 2021
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Champion Build Guide

League of Legends Etiquette

By Tauricus2017
Welcome everyone to my stupendous guide on one very overlooked problem of League of Legends - the Etiquette. It is important to obey the principles of good conduct. Seriously - League of Legends is considered the game with one of the worst communities in the gaming industry. But can we change that? Can we actually make League of Legends a better place for everyone? Well probably not, but we can do our best anyway, right? So everyone - sit on your chair upright, enjoy the guide and have a ravishing day.
About me
My name is Lord Tauricus from high royal house Dayne.
I usually play only noble champions like Kayle or Garen. I like well served caviar, stiflingly set table and waving at poor unfortunate souls from my marvelous castle.
League Of Legends - The Game Of Hate
"In spite of these findings, harassment is quite frequent and should give the industry pause.
Seventy-four percent of adults who play online multiplayer games in the US experience
some form of harassment while playing games online. Sixty-five percent of players
experience some form of severe harassment, which includes physical threats, stalking
and sustained harassment. Alarmingly, nearly a third of online multiplayer gamers have
been doxed (29%).2
The games in which the greatest proportion of players experience
harassment are Dota 2 (79% of players of the game), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (75%),
Overwatch (75%), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (75%) and League of Legends (75%)." ~ An ADL Servey
In Queue
Before you even start finding a game, it is important to make sure If you want to make your room private or public. It really isn't the nicest moment when you want to play a game with your best friend from high-school only, and suddenly all random people from your friend list start joining your game and calling you on discord and you have to explain them that you just do not want to play with them now. It is not pleasant for your best friend, it is not pleasant for you and it totally is not pleasant for your friend list group. So make sure you always set the room in private mode to avoid awful social situations

Alright now that you setted up a room mode, you should decide who/if are you going to invite into the game? Make sure your friend who is already in the lobby is OK with that. No reason to have a bunch of people in the same game that just hate each other. Also make sure you won't invite someone who has got a less priority ban, or you can potentially invite him/her but only If the rest of the crew is willing to wait 5-20 more minutes before the game starts.

In draft mode, make sure you all are happy with the primary and secondary role you chose. No reason to scream at each other because you just all want to go mid. If this situation happens, try to find the solution. Maybe you can split the crew into 2 separate rooms, or maybe you can try to convince your whole group to pick FILL role so everyone has a chance, or you can maybe do a little compromise... 'I mean I can play Yasuo on top lane too, it is gonna be a little harder then on mid lane but at least I will relieve tension in my group'

Now you can start a game, during the time you can start a basic conversation so the voice channel will not stay silent. Make sure you don't forget to tap Accept when the game is found so you will not make your friends wait.
In Champion Selection
Now that you are in champion select, choose a champion you want to play before the BAN phase begins so your allies won't ban your champion, make sure that you don't pick a champion someone else wants. If you are below that person, just pick another champion, do not try to confront him and accept your faith, If you are however picking before that person you have to make sure you won't make him/her upset about it. If he/she is your jungler leaving him/her upset is not a best way to win the lane and enjoy the game. I recommend you to be nice to him/her and offer a helping hand in game.

Once the BAN phase begins NEVER EVER BAN A CHAMPION SOMEONE ELSE WANTS TO PLAY!! It is a horrible way to express your frustration and it is never a clever idea. If you do this you basically condemn your whole game. The jungler maybe will not gank you for the rest of the game, the support won't heal you, ADC will try to steal your kills on purpose, and eventually you will get heavily reported. Is this even worth to you? Is a such a pathetic attempt to hurt your allies worth a bad game and lower priority lobby? I don't think so. If you accidentaly BANed a champion someone else wants to play - well then you are in serious trouble. I recommend you to make a big apology, pick a bit more supportive champion and help that person for the rest of the game to excuse your mistake.
In The Game
Every game should be started with some nice words, so make sure every game starts nicely. Phrases I recommend you are:
  • GLHF everyone <3
  • I wish you all a beautiful game!
  • Good Luck everyone but mainly have fun!
  • Nice skin Ashe, had to take a lot of effort to get...
  • Somebody once told me the world is gonna rollin

but feel free to create your own, as long as the positive aspect remains. You can even add a bit more fun to it by saying something funny relative to champion you play, like:
  • As Kayle against Morgana: Still copying my hairstyle, sister?
  • As Yuumi against Vel'Koz: Make your shinylight glow, Vel'Koz! I wanna chase it!

As the game starts, make sure you help your jungler with buff. I know that you need to farm but so does he/she :/. On the other hand jungler s should always please and thank for help - The help is not the matter of course! As the game starts and you get to lane show some positive emote to empower the good mood of the game. If you are a support playing on bot lane, make sure you will not steal farm from your Marksman , it is really mean when you do that on purpose and you should always apologise for big minion steals.

As the game goes on, make sure you always treat good players in your team. Telling them lines like 'good job buddy', 'wow that was epic!', or simply 'gj Jinx' will make them feel a lot better. On the other hand make sure you inspire the worse players on your team. And I said inspire not flame. Telling them lines like 'Why Yasuo feed, WTF?!?', 'youre just useless uninstall lol', '**** Zed 0/2/1?!?!', 'report for feeding' will not make them better in any way. Make sure you do not act like that and you help other players that are attacked instead.

When someone kills you make sure you treat your opponents aswell, telling them 'nice outplay' or 'wp Jinx, nice Rocket' will definitely take better effect then saying 'Thresh hitbox broken' or 'WOW now kill me 1v1 coward'.

When your jungler slays the Dragon or Baron or gives you blue buff, thank him for additional stats he gave you or treat him for stealing those objectives from the enemy team.

When someone is attacked by other player, stand up for him/her. Ask them why they want to report him, he was a pretty strong opponent but he just got unlucky. Tell them there is no reason to be so rude and just help that poor unfortunate soul.

Do not give up too early, every game can suddenly turn around

When the game ends type 'ggwp <3' into chat NO MATTER HOW THE GAME HAS ENDED. Also do not say 'ez' it is really aggressive towards everyone else and it kind of destroys the good mood of the game.

As you could see, there are a lot of magic words in this guide. Use them in the game!
When The Battle Is Over
As the game ends make sure you honor someone for being nice, skilled or courageous. It is not good nor a nice idea to skip the honor phase. Keep in mind that by honoring someone you get a honor progress points and for that reason honoring someone is the best thing you can do to get a honor orb or to just express your satisfaction with his behavior.

When the reporting time beggins take a close look at what you can report others for.

So Let's take a closer look at this:
  • Negative Attitude - This point stands for griefing your teammates. But what should be considered as a grifing and what not? This pretty much depends on the person you are. For me, players become griefers when they repeatedly attack other players in chat, ban champions someone else wanted to pick or being generally vulgar.
  • Verbal Abuse - This point is a lot more clear then the point before. I usually report others this way only when they are repeatedly vulgar to other players or are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar or obscene in general.
  • Leaving the game/AFK - This point is pretty clear, though in my opinion we should not report others this way If: They come back to the game at some point and they apology for their mistake.
  • Intentional Feeding - This seems also pretty clear, right? Well it is not. You have to pay serious attention to the word 'intentional'. Intentional does not mean that your allies feed, are too gready or just do not have their day. You can not report others for this. Intentional means, going straightly into the enemy tower repeatedly. Intentional does not mean 1/11/3 but 0/21/2. KEEP THIS IN MIND!
  • Hate speech - this one is pretty clear. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc. are all reasons to report someone for this. Just try to divide bad jokes like 'Hah gayyyyy!' from serious hate speech.
  • Cheating - League is a very big game and thus a very secure one. For this reason there are very little to non-existent cheats. There are however scripts. How can you find a scripter? Well scripters rather 1) Dodge every single ability or 2) hit every single ability. Scripts can not increase stats in game. When someone just one shots you with just a single spell - this is not a cheat nor a script, this is just your opponent with Dark Harvest. There are more scripts out there, like Kalista jumping one and much more, but those are almost impossible to reveal, so forget about them.
  • Offensive or Inappropriate Name - This one is pretty self explanatory. However do not forget that this does not mean - just a vulgar name. Every name that is falsely indicative of an association with Riot Games, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable or name that contains personally identifying information falls into this category.
For more information about reporting click here.
Friend Or Unfriend?
When you want to add someone into your friend list try to avoid this please, it is a serious problem:

Make sure you are always 100% sure that you will want to play more games with this person in the future.

I personally recommend adding into your friend list only people you really know.

You should learn the basics of gaming slang so you don't look like a fool to your friend when some deep converstation

Seriously guys. Do not do it. It is very rude and it will probably make your allies mute you soon and then when you will seriously need help, they will not hear you.
Do Not Complain
Complaining is a very common thing that League players do. And let me say this straightforward: NO ONE CARES! Is it a treason to say the truth? A bitter truth but no less true for that.

Complaining is very bad habit. And is it even worth? I mean, since no one actually cares, why should you even bother typing things like this on your keyboard? Ask yourself which one off the following dialogs has a higher chance of happening:

Master Yi: WTF I was in alpha?!?
Master Yi: Fiora balanced lol
Master Yi: 1v1 me noob, you nothin without your jg

Or this one:

Master Yi: WTF I was in alpha?!?
Soraka: poor Yi - *uses Redemption on Master Yi* here enjoy the Redemption as a compensation for your destroyed feelings :(
Orianna: Oh poor Master - you wanna help with blue?
Vayne: Yi, come bot, free kill for you
Master Yi: And Fiora is not balanced, her stun just instakill me
Soraka: I know there is no real way how she can stun you but she is just too lucky I guess, here. *shields Master Yi with Locket of the Iron Solari*
I know it is a big wall of text - what have I written So what are the main things you should remember?
  • Say thank you and please
  • Inspire others, don't put them down
  • Don't complain
  • Don't report others for feeding or not being good at the game
  • Keep the nice mood in the team
  • Stand for other allies and enemies
  • Pay attention Who do you add to your friend list
  • Say GLHF at the start of the match and ggwp at the end
  • Do not try to ruin the day of others around
  • Do not flame nor be toxic - keep the frustration to yourself
  • Treat your allies and enemies for playing well or being nice
  • Make comromises
Any Ideas?
I talked about a lot of things, but I definitely missed some. If you have got any ideas or anotations, write them down into the comment section. I want to do my best to keep this guide as informative as possible!

Have a ravishing day!
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