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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaintSatan

League of Legends for dummies

SaintSatan Last updated on August 13, 2011
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So since this is my first actual contribution to Mobafire, there will be mistakes, and loads of space to learn and improve in. But to the point.

I was hoping this thread could act like a rule book, for what you can do and cannot do, in the fields of Justice. I will in this thread share my experiances, and how i think you can improve your basic knowledge of this game.

If anyone should have anything they think would suit this guide, please feel free to comment, and tell me what you think this guide should teach new players.

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level 1 - 20

Some things you might notice when you start playing League of Legends is Runes, and Masteries.
But from 1-20, these doesn't actaully matter too much. It would litterually be a waste of valuable IP to start buying Runes before lvl 20, cause you want to end up with the tier 3 runes anyways, and having a decent amount of champions at your disposal is alot more disirable in these early lvls of the game, as a good knowledge of more than one character could easily lead to victory, especially in the lower lvls. So from 1 - 20 just try alot of characters, and see what type of guy or ( wishfull thinking ) girl you are.

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The laning, and how you will win this phase

The foundation of a good fight lies in the laning phase. It usually lasts from the start of the game, and till around 20:00. This is also where you get to use your brain to counter your opponent by not just going for you tipical core items like a lap dog. But the most importent thing about the laning phase, is the creeps/minions. Getting last hits on them is absolutely essential for your late game. Many characters are powerfull through the set of items they collect, and may seem useless early, but will shine late game when their build is shaping.
Note that when i say minion kills is essential that doesn't nessecerily apply for killing enemy champions. A lot of the time i find myself tempted to just go all out on the opponent in the lane, but most of the time its actually better to try and avoid them, in favor of minions. Not feeding is actaully more helpful than being fed, cause it allows player skill to decide the outcome of the fight, and you will also see that any match can we won through team work. If you however do start feeding, you will have a snowball effect on your rear end, and then the team flaming will commence and you might aswell surrender, when everyone starts flaming, and loosing focus.

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Positive attitude

Being possitive and friendly goes a long way. League of Legends has a nasty reputation of having a bad player base. It is commonly known that racism, and trolling is not in short when you are on the fields of "justice". Staying possitive can turn the game, i know this for a fact.
I will give you an example to this.

I was in game where it was 45/12 to the enemy. Naturally my team mates flamed each other, as we LoL players do best, but i managed to coninvce to come togther for one team fight and we won. And everyone on my team ended up apolagizing. Admitting your own mistakes is the first step to victory.

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Being level 30

When you hit level 30, you will start getting matched with veterans, not that is makes a huge difference cause since you are new you have properly encountered a lot of "smurf" accounts. However at level 30 you should start chosing a few characters that you will practice more than others. I suggest you get a Carry, a tank, and a support so you are versitile on the team. and when i say carry i mean an actaul carry. Not like a jungle Warwick, or a ap Alitstar. I mean a carry like Corki or Annie. Now when you reached this state in the game and you have chosen your "main" champions, you must immidietly start gathering runes together, and study propper rune pages for these champions.

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Being on edge of the game

There are a few easy ways to always have an edge over your opponent. One of those is the before mentioned last hit. I mean last hitting and easily ensure your victory if you just refrain from feeding whilst getting those last hits. Another Edge is having map awareness. When i say dont feed there is a simple way of doing so, and that is looking at your map. When you make a push, or an attack on your enemy laners, make sure to check your map to see if your other lanes are missing any enemies, cause you can't depend on solo que players telling you. One thing that help with your map awareness, and also can win a game is getting wards, and placing them at key points. Doing so can get you ganks, and at the same time ward you against enemy gankers. Knowing where your enemies are located is a godlike-knowlegde. Another thing that you want to do when you are laning that if you dont have someone jungling, you want to make sure that when you have time, and the items for it to always take the neutral buffs, this gives you an edge, and the sooner you take them, the sooner they respawn for you to take again.

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Now as a new player you might not be too familiar with this term. And to cut it short, being a "jungler" means that you farm the minions in the forest, and when you see an opportunity to gank, you do so. Now its not every character that can jungle, but there is quite a few. Some of the more remarkable ones is Warwick, Amumu, or Nunu. These three are very well known for their jungle capability, but note there is many more, too many more than i can bare to list.
Jungling gives quite an advantadge to your team. It gives you two solo lanes which means that both these solo'ers gets the chance to level up quickly, and get farmed. Another good reason to why jungling is very usefull is because, those lanes where you have a solo guy ( preferable top lane ) will often be very pushed, and that means the enemy will be in perfect position for a gank. This means good communication is absolute key, when you have a jungler.

However for jungling I'd advise for you too look up on guides and videos before you start jungling, cause it can be abit tricky, when you figure out that the wraiths are killing you, and you dont know why. Also dont go ahead and choose a jungler unless your team can support a jungler's needs. If you see a chracter being picked that you know is a strong solo, ask him if he is up to the task, and if he is you can go right ahead and jungle, and hopefully bring your team many good kills.

Champions known for being tipically good solo:
Lee Sin

Now these are just some of the easy ones to solo as, in theory every character can solo, but these are very safe to solo as, and tend to be very good when the ganker comes in to also help catch the pray.

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Summoner spells

Your summoner spells can be key for many early kills, and late game survival. However not all of the summoner spells available are of equal importence, for an instance some are usefull on most champions while other will never be used on any. I will make a list of that tiers down the summoner spells that are considered most useful, and lesser usefull, and useless.

Most commonly used:

Decent ones but not as atractive:

The ones never used unless you troll:

Now the first list is the ones that you will often see in use, and are also very great and will help you alot ones you get them fully rutined, however those from the second list are also usefull, and Smite is definetly a needed ability if you jungle, however I would refrain from using it if you are a laner.

The reason why the ones from list number three are considered so bad is because they are not really good compared to the others. Take Revive it sounds over powered at first but if you think about it it just is not what it says. Think of right after a team fight, where all your team mates are dead, would you really wonna use it and run out and face two plus enemies alone? I certinly wouldn't. Thinking of Rally i cannot see why Ignite couldn't just replace it entirely, cause the added bonus from Rally is far infrior to Ignite's damage output even at level one. The only time Rally was used was back in the time Shaco was over powered, there was a build that sort of guaranteed first blood. But since Shaco's nerfs he isn't so viable anymore.

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I hope that this has been somewhat helpfull to those who have read this, and that it may help you out of the low levels with a possitive view on the game, instead of a hatefull revenge kinda feeling. If you think something is missing or have anything you want to add, please say so in the comments, and i will look into it.

Have fun on the fields of justice!


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