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LeBlanc Build Guide by Kay00ga

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kay00ga

LeBlanc = GG

Kay00ga Last updated on November 4, 2011
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LeBlanc = GG

Hey guys this is my first guide and i have worked out this build for LeBlanc that has never let me down in the ranked and normal games so give it a go and then rate it after you have tried it out for yourself. From the very first time I have been playing LeBlanc I have noticed that she has an undoubtedly early game dominance over alot of other champions.This build works well with all sorts of players and once you master LeBlanc you will be able to recognize the dominance of this build.

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    Early game dominance
    Good escaping ability through Distortion
    Abilities are easy to learn and use
    Silence helps prevent getting stunned and disabled
    Insane damage!


    Squishy early game
    Mainly single target damage
    Can be affected by cool downs

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My rune build is majorly based upon ability power to maximize the damage output with a few extras.


3 of these quintessences are a definite requirement because of their huge damage output that helps LeBlanc through out the entire game and gives you that extra damage output for pushing lanes.

9 of these are a necessity for Leblanc due to its massive effect onto every ability that LeBlanc has. It also helps with dealing with those champions that are trying to stock up on magic resist.

I would recommend 5 of these leaving space in you seal section for some cool down runes although if while playing LeBlanc that mana tends to become scarce easily then it would definitely be worth stocking up 9 of these.

I have found these to be personally very useful because there are times during every game that LeBlanc can be vunarable to cool downs that could make it difficult to escape and in some cases also gives an opposing champion a chance to get away. So if you use 5 of Greater Seal of Replenishment then the remaining 4 spaces should be taken up by these.

These are very helpful in giving LeBlanc an early game advantage. The advantage given through filling up the 9 Glyph spaces with these can lead to giving LeBlanc a very good start and help her pick up some easy kills very early.

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The mastery setup is 9/0/21 which consist of experience boost, ability power, mana regen etc. I have experimented with a few kinds of masteries and found this one to be the prevailing one and is caters to most of the areas that LeBlanc needs.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is very useful for LeBlanc especially because majority of the time you will be in mid lane. It is a great help in games where you are getting harassed constantly and need to recall to heal; having teleport lets you do this without too much trouble and without falling behind in experience. It can also help in getting around the map in-case you are needed for a gank.

Ignite is very important for a successful LeBlanc player as it helps you pick of many kills when your burst combo doesn't quiet get to killing the enemy completely. Through my experience of playing LeBlanc I have noticed that it can be very annoying to see the enemy champion get away with only being one hit away for a kill. Ignite helps with these situations and can also help LeBlanc get those extra kills that will put her on top through out the entire game.

These 3 summoner spells I have found can also be useful within lane as clarity can give you an extra harassment advantage due to the extra mana although I have found that later in the game this spell doesn't prove to be very useful as mana is not so much an issue later in the game. Flash and Exhaust can help with getting in range and catching up to enemy champions in lane to cast that extra ability when they are making their escape but i have found that LeBlanc's Distortion skill already has this ability.

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For my item build I start off with Doran's Ring which is easily the best starting item as it caters to all of LeBlanc's needs which is provided by the 100 health to reduce the squishy start, the 50 ability power which grants the extra damage and the mana regeneration that help keep LeBlanc harassing the enemy champions.

After Doran's Ring i move onto Sorcerers Shoes which are very improtant in giving LeBlanc a successful early game as they not only help with catching up to a fleeing champion but hey also provide 20 magic penetration to help maintain damage output and break through the opponents magic resist.

Next up I pick up Catalyst the Protector as this grants LeBlanc with extra survival stats through granting her 290 health and 325 mana along with the restoration of health and mana upon gaining a level.

Rod of Ages is the next crucial item that should be purchased as it helps LeBlanc by giving her an amazing survivability due to its stats of granting 630 health, 725 mana and 80 ability power. On addition to this the passive of gaining health, mana and ability power with time gives LeBlanc an edge.

This item purchase is pretty straight foward of Needlessly Large Rod as it directly grans ability power which helps maintain the damage output as the game progresses.

This is once again a straight forward purchase of Rabadons Deathcap as it grants LeBlanc a massive boost in ability power by increasing it by over 140 and a further 30% of increased ability power.

This purchase of Rylais Crystal Scepter can really make LeBlanc not only a huge damage dealer but it can also help your entire team as you abilities will slow enemies and prevent them from getting away grating your team more kills. In addition it will also give your health a huge bonus making it very difficult for the enemy to kill you. There are alternatives to this item and different preferences but this item can prove to be very useful in many situations.

Next up is Zhonyas Hourglass this is an amazing item as it grants a large increase in ability power and also armour.But what is really important about this item is the active that makes you invulnerable for a short time this can be incredibly useful in many situations especially when jumping into a losing fight.

Lastly i invest in Void Staff as it grats a bit of bonus damage along with increased magic penetration that helps during the late game when enemies are aware of the damage LeBlanc can cause.

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Other Item Options

Here are some items that can also be useful to pick up although the above list works great.

In certain situations picking up a Mejais Soulstealer can be very useful as if you are picking up alot of kills it would be helpful to get one of these as it would only increase your dominance. If you decide to buy one of these then you should get it either just before or diretly after your purchase of Sorcerers Shoes. An important thing to remember with this purchase is that if you die all your stacks are lost so later in the game if you lose your stacks then try selling this item as it will not be much use if there is not enough time to build up the stacks again.

Deathfire Grasp is another great item that can help with increasing LeBlanc's nuking ability due to its passive of reducing cool downs by 15% It also give you increased ability power which you can never get enough of. If you do decide to buy this item you should replace it with Rylais Crystal Scepter depending on your gaming style.

Abyssal Scepter is another great item of choice that can once again reduce enemy champions magic resist and keep up your damage output. If yo do decide that this item is necessary for your gaming style you should replace it with Rylais Crystal Scepter. But remember by doing this you are also reducing your survivability which in some cases can prove to be disastrous.

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This is LeBlanc's passive which triggers when she drops below 40% health she goes into stealth for half a second and then makes a mirror image of herself which last for up to 8 seconds but does not do any damage. This passive is incredibly useful as it helps distract the enemy in a situation if you are trying to escape.

This skill Sigil of Silence is an ability that shoots an orb at the target dealing magic damage and marking the target for 3.5 seconds. When the target is marked if it is damaged by one of LeBlanc's abilities then it deals additional damage and silences the target. This is the skill i max first as it is very important as it is your key damage dealer through out the game.

Distortion is a an AOE ability that moves LeBlanc to a target location dealing magic damage to near by units, if she activates it again then it will return to the original location. This is an important skill because it enables her to farm well and very hard to gank her as it gives her a great escaping ability.

Ethereal Chains is a skill shot ability that fires a chain towards a target and if hit, it deals magic damage and slows the target and if the target is caught in the chain for a few seconds it makes the target unable to move and deals additional damage.

This spell Mimic is LeBlanc's ultimate where she can cast the previous spell that she cast again but to deal additional damage to the enemy.

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Skill Rotation

LeBlanc is extremely reliant on her skill rotation as its the timing and execution that makes the great LeBlanc players stand out. Here is the skill sequence that I use in most almost all situations although sometimes it is a judgement call and the use of Distortion and Etherreal Chains can differ slightly.

I start of with Sigil of Silence which marks the target. Quickly while the target is marked I jump to the target location using Distortion where the marked target is standing to silence him and deal damage. If the the target is kill able I use Mimic which will have distortion on it to jump further where the target is and deal even more damage. next if the target has health left I either use Ethereal Chains to do more damage and stop him Which should probably kill him or i just use Ignite if it will take him down.

So basically it goes:

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Final Points

LeBlanc is an incredibly powerful champion and can dominate most games once mastered. It may take a while to completely work out the skill combos properly but it is definitely rewarding. Don't forget to take maximum advantage of your early game dominance!!

So if you have any comments or questions about this build just leave them below.