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LeBlanc Build Guide by iHonor

LeBlanc, the real way to mid lane!

LeBlanc, the real way to mid lane!

Updated on November 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iHonor Build Guide By iHonor 11,781 Views 4 Comments
11,781 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iHonor LeBlanc Build Guide By iHonor Updated on November 26, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Credits go to : League Of Legends Wikia

Hello Mobafire,

This is my first build and I'm trying to make it as best as I can. I've chosen for LeBlanc because I love to play with this champion, alot of people think it's OP, and I actually agree :D
With a good build, I garantee you will own all other champions.

Greetings, iHonor. Comment & vote please!
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Runes is an essential part of a build, but I'm not so long level 30 so I'm not really used with these. I suggest these runes but there are alot other options in my opinion.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration +0.95 Magic Penetration x9
This will give you a big adventage over the whole game and this will help you hit more with your skills.


Greater Seal of Ability Power +0.59 Ability Power or Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power +0.1 Ability Power/level
You can choose between these, I prefer The potency runes because you have more adventage in early game play, but when you are level 6+ The force runes are better.


Greater Glyph of Ability Power +0.99 Ability Power or Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power +0.17 Ability Power/level.
Same explanation as the Seal runes.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power +4.95 Ability Power or Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power +0.43 Ability Power/level.
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I've chosen for AP boosting masteries and some magic resist and armor. Some extra mana isn't bad either, so I've chosen for 3x Expanded minds.
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Items are one of the main suspects of a good build. I've played quiet a few matches with LeBlanc and I've come to a conclusion of these items.

First we start of with buying 3 times Doran's Ring for the health and cheap AP bonusses.
Secondly we buy our Boots and later on Sorcerer's Shoes. For the magic penatration and movement speed.
After this I suggest you trying to get 1.6k G for an Needlessly Large Rod, but when you are in a bad game I suggest you buying the Blasting Wand first. Upgrade this later to a Rabadon's Deathcap.

Now it's your choise to build further. After you've got the Rabadon's Deathcap you'll be at a 15 minute gameplay. Now I've given you a suggested build but there are alot of other options at this point.

I suggest using Void Staff for the extra AP and Magic Penetration.
Now I tried Archangel's Staff for the extra health and mana and later on I went for some Magic resist.

Here you got some choise. If your opponent's team is mainly AP build, then I suggest you going for Force of Nature with the high Magic Resist or Zhonya's Hourglass for its decent magic resist and high AP.
If you opponent's team is mainly AD build, then I suggest a Thornmail.
If your opponent's team is mainly PD build, then I suggest Guardian Angel.
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Pros / Cons


Extremely powerful in 1v1 fights.
Deals high amounts of damage, even on low level.
Good combo skills.
Low cooldown on most of your skills.


Very squichy, which is a very negative point at teamfights.
Harder to farm minions at low level.
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Skill Sequence

Sigil of Silence

This is a long ranged, AP based skill which deals high amounts of damage and silences your enemy for 2 seconds. You should get this level 5 asap.


This spell gives you the oportunity to go to jump towards your cursor. This spell also deals damage and helps alot with combo's and especially with Etherial Chains.

Ethereal Chains

This spell shoots a chain towards an enemy and if you stay close enough for seconds, it hits twice.


Mimic imitates the last used spell and gives an 10%-25%-40% boost which is very useful on combos.
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Tips and Tricks

Main Combo

After you've unlocked your ulti, Mimic, at level 6 you are able to get some nice combo's out.
I suggest using this combo.

Distortion - Ethereal Chains (towards the enemy) - Sigil of Silence - Mimic - Ignite

Disortion is great in Team fights to charge, but you could also keep this for later if you might want to escape.


One of the pros of LeBlanc is definitely the escape route.
LeBlanc can use Distortion and with it's Mimic spell it can do this twice and if you didn't escape yet you could even use Flash. This is a great combo and can bring from tower one to tower two.
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This part is quiet obvious but I'll just clarify this part a bit.
At the early game you are required to care a bit and try to get all the last hits on minions.
At later game play you can easily use Distortion on the Wolfs and Wraiths in your jungle for some extra money.

Ganking on top and bot is defininatly a good way too, try to do as much as you can without loosing any health of your tower.
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Classic Skin

Prestigious Skin Cost : 520

Wicked Skin Cost : 975
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The Deceiver

Every city has its dark side, even one whose reputation is already of a questionable hue. Noxus - though its name is already invoked with a mixture of reverence and revulsion - is no exception to this simple truth. Deep within the winding dungeons that honeycomb the earth beneath its dark, meandering streets lies the real underbelly of this sprawling metropolis, a haven for all manner of malevolence. Amongst the cults, covens, and secret societies that call this labyrinth their home, LeBlanc, the Deceiver, presides over the Black Rose, a remnant from a lost, yet similarly unscrupulous time in Noxian history. Ruthless and seemingly ageless, LeBlanc and her ilk were a mainstay in Noxian political affairs during the era before the militarization of the Noxian government. In those days, this guild of powerful magicians met in secret to further their hidden agenda, and to hone a craft more subtle than that preferred by those currently in power.

While their exact motives have always remained mysterious, it was widely believed that the Black Rose was the true power behind the throne while the aristocracy still reigned in Noxus. When raw martial prowess became the ultimate determination of whose will held sway in the Empire, the Black Rose seemed to vanish overnight. Many believed that perhaps their time had simply passed, and that its members had put aside their quests for social and political dominance. When LeBlanc reemerged at the gates of the Institute of War, however, it became clear that these masters of shadow and flame had simply been biding their time, waiting for a new global authority to emerge: the League of Legends.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iHonor
iHonor LeBlanc Guide
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LeBlanc, the real way to mid lane!

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