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Lee Sin Build Guide by schanzus longuss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author schanzus longuss

Lee Sin AD bruiser MID Guide

schanzus longuss Last updated on August 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, my name is schanzuus longus and im currently @Gold V in EUW. This is my first guide on mobafire so feel free to write comments:-) . Maybe you are asking yourself: why should i play ad lee sin mid? Well i think that Lee Sin is one of the best ad bruisers mid atm because of his high dmg output in early, mid and late game. At level 6 you probably outdamage nearly any ap mid champ and you have to get kills in order to get strong, but when you get them, your dmg output will be INSANE;) .

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there are some different combos with Lee Sin:

1.(Without Hydra)
(With Hydra)
you can leave out some AA's if you can't do it.

(harder to execute)

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Pros / Cons

1. high mobility
2. high dmg output in early-late
3. high sustain
4. high skillcap( you can do some crazy plays with him)
5. he is a blind monk with a skillshot, 'nugh said

1. high skillcap( you have to train in oder to do crazy plays)
2. falls off a bit in late game

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so why do i start red pot? with AD Lee mid you need some early kills to get strong. I ususally kill my enemy @lvl 2 or 4 and then i start snowballing hard but if you dont get those early kills, NO PROBLEM, you can roam very good with Lee Sin becuase of his mobility.
And why do i rush tiamat? With Lee you need to farm to ofc and with tiamat+E your wave clear is just IMPRESSIVE.
You can get a warmog or so instead of GA too but i prefer going GA.
Boots: you can get ninja tabi i the enemy team is full AD, and as a defensive item you can get
Mercurial Scimtar to counter their cc, but this doesnt happen very often.
Ionian boots: you can get those but i really prefer mercurrys.

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Farming is very important with Lee. If you have a long range enemy (f.e. Annie) she will try to outzone you, but with red pot and your shield sustain you shold be ok.
After you get your tiamat/Hydra your wave clear will be awesome! just press E>>Tiamat/Hydra>>AA and a wave should be dead.

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Early Game

For me early game is lvl 1-5
Lee Sins early game is pretty strong, you should be able to nuke squishy people easy if you hit a q. You should go all in as you start with red pot, so i you land a q, dont be afraid to use red pot and follow it up and try to kill your enemy. If your oponent plays passive, just farm and w8 till mid game to roam a bit. But dont be too greedy as you have no wards.

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Mid game

For me mid game is lvl 6-11

As soon as you get your ult you should be able to nuke nearly every mid laner so dont be afraid to go balls deep.
in mid game there will be some litle fights at drag. Lee is very good at those litle fights, as he will probably outdamage the enemy mid laner. In those fights at drag, try to get to their adc, as you will nuke him nearly instantly.
And of course farm and try to get as many kills as possible

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late game/Teamfights

Lee Sin falls off a litle bit in late, but he can still do the assasin job. In fights you are NOT the initiator!! You have to get to the backline and nuke the ap/ad carry, your job is NOT to go in first, you are the ASSASIN not the TANK. You can lose games by mispositioning yourself, so be careful and w8 for the right moment to jump in.
Lee sin is a good splitpusher because of his wave clear, so feel free to splitpush in lategame.

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Thank You for reading my guide, as i said it is my first guide and it isnt that good, so feel free to post some productive comments :-).
Btw i dont play Lee in rankeds normally, so i dont have many games as Lee in my ranked stats;) .
I hope you liked it and Good Luck in YOLO-Q :) .