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Lee Sin General Guide by Swiftrock

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swiftrock

Lee Sin - Blindness Monkzs

Swiftrock Last updated on January 22, 2013
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Hello! fellow MOBAfire readers, here my first guide, on my main champion.

Lee Sin was my favorite champion about at 2012 halloween, And On christmas, I was a great lee sin player, and bought Muay Thai, and Dragon Fist. my favorite skin might be Traditional, because of Its low RP, and long hair. great huh?

Ok, well my first guide, I would really love suggestions for this guide, and some voteups. :) Now, go on, and read. :)

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Pros and Cons

Vision Pros

Deadly Spells
Great Juking
Kicks yo Arse
Plays every Role!
High damage and sustain!

Deadly Cons

Must land Skillshots!
Needs lot of skill
Lee Sin is Blind.

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Summoner Spells

Greater Summoner Spells

Ignite Was my favorite spell for any champion but not supports, I take Ignite and.. Flash most of the time with Lee Sin, they are both great spells, Ignite Is for taking those low health champions early game, and the heal reduction for late game! :D
Flash Was nerfed, with a really long cooldown, but still great for escaping, chasing, and other things, You could try using this on a gank, so you can ult them Into your turret/or teammates! and It will also give you 5 AP and 5 AD with Summoner's Wrath

Lesser Good Spells

Heal should be for tough top champions, such as Darius or Kha'Zix, I mostly take this on Draft Pick Games, so I know what top champion I'll be vsing with Lee Sin. Its also great to heal your team In teamfights! :)

Smite Is only for jungle lee sins, go read a other guide for Jungle Lee Sins! or Lee Jungle :P ..

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Masteries 21/9/0

Summoner's Wrath This will be for your Ignite summoner spell, so you get a small amount of AP and AD when Its on long cooldown, great early damage? right?

Fury Early attack speed, It will also help Flurry sometimes!

Deadliness Ok, It will help you a bit for early game, but you also get 12+ attack damage at level 18, just some small amount of damage at level 18.

Weapon Expertise The Armor Pen, will help you with your Armor Pen marks, Its also just to get some early kill help.

Havoc Now, this is like Deadliness so It will give you 3% of more damage dealt on tanks/sustain champions.

Brute Force For bruisers, and adcs, Wow 3+ early damage :) Might have like 80 early base damage! :D

Lethality You will get 10% critical damage with Lee Sin, because he melee! you might get 15% because he ranged and melee! hahahah

Sunder More armor pen, time to annoy.

Executioner Let Lee Sin chop some heads off? a great offense ability for people below 50% health!

Your Defensive Spells ...

Durability Who doesn't like some health? hahahhah

Perseverance Now, just 1 point for this, and you get 2 health regen per 5, It will be handy. trust me,

Hardiness Every bruiser, tank, and ADC needs this.

Veteran's Scars Dayum, 30+ hp? think of this as a Health Quint!

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Doran's Blade I would take 2 of these precious items early game, just for the sustain and damage and health!

Boots of Speed You will need this, for movement speed, escaping and mobility.

B. F. Sword 45+ Attack damage, also you need to farm fast when you got your 2 dorans, and boots of speed, to get this Item, and the scepter, to build..

The Bloodthirster Now, when you got the Scepter, and BF Sword, BUILD THIS! now, :)

Alacrity Get this on your Mercury Treads.

Mercury's Treads This will be for magic resist, and If they have high CC.

Ninja Tabi For turret damage, and armor on high damage champions they have.

Trinity Force Get this, after your BT. this will help you ALOT, because Its the Tons of Damage Item.

The Black Cleaver Get your brutaliser, and red crystal, help you a bit, than build the Black Cleaver Its now a really op AD item! :P Cleaver Op.

Warmog's Armor NOW! This Is for your high health and regen! It will help you alot late game, so you should save this 2nd last or last.

Atma's Impaler Get this If you wanna tank, and 200 damage.

Frozen Mallet Will help you; some great health and damage and a awesome unique effect for slowing.

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Thanks for reading, this isn't much, but I hope It Is for people, please give suggestions, and help and such. :) bye. Swiftrock out.


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