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Lee Sin Build Guide by Nemolo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nemolo

Lee Sin, flipping monk!

Nemolo Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Hi summoners.
I came up with this build of Lee Sin after trying and trying quite every build present in mobafire. They didn't suited me, so after some efforts i found the perfect build (for my game style).
I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

(please try it before vote)
**work in progress**

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Pros / Cons

+ You can catch someone who is running and take him down easily
+ You can help teammates and gank at low level.
+ You have spell to "flash" from one place to an other(if you have friend minion or champion)
+ Lee Sin is the funniest Character!

- Requires some experience to use him good
- If you miss the Sonic Wave, you don't do damage.
- You can't escape if you don't have some allied around.

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Gamestyle: Early Game

Ok now, how to explain Lee style?
First, as every character, you have to farm like hell! Use your ability freely (you don't have to worry about mana, energy is fast to rebuild) and when an enemy comes in sight, shoot him with your Sonic Wave and if you have friendly minions around, activate Resonating Strike. After that, dash back casting on a minion or your lane mate.
If you want to regain some Hp(few), activate Iron Will and hit with Tempest among the minions.
Remember that Resonating Strike damage is due to target missing health, so if a low health character is about at 50%HP you can kill him easily: hit him with Sonic Wave, Dash to him with Resonating Strike, a couple of normal hits(50% faster thanks to )damage more and slow him down with and if is not enough, go with .
If the enemy is good, stay more in the bush and damage them prudently with Sonic Wave.

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Gamestyle: Mid Game

It's time leave the lane and gank someone. I usually do a gank after i get and level 6, in Mid if possible, or the other line. Stay in the bush until you are sure to get the enemy with then knock the enemy back with then hit like a noob together with your mates to finish him. If you are not needed elsewhere, go back to your line and take the tower.
When you are hitting the tower, remember to use an ability every 2 hits, so that is always charged up.

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Gamestyle: Late Game

When the battle becomes an "all mid 5vs5" things get difficult. You have to move around and watch out: if you are stunned, you are dead. Sometime you can save youself with or , but you are not very tough. Spam Sonic Wave and when the real fight begin, stay ready to help your mates:
- slow enemies' attack speed with
- kick away dangerous enemies' ultimate with
- protect an ally that is running away with
- stay ready to catch the running enemy and finish him
and in the meaning time, hit the common target with all you can.

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Of course the items i suggested are good for avarage games, but there are different needs in different games, so let's see some examples:

How good are you? if you think you will not die, and gank a lot, take instead of at first, so you will charge it up and do a lot of damage. But watch out, you still have to get soon, or you'll have less health: the risk of dying is higher.

+ Offtank needed? You are not properly exellent, but with these items you will be tougher and do quite the same damage, take these instead of if you want more heath. The only problem is that you will not have life steal and you will need more money to get 2 items.

Many high health enemies? is the answer! I reccommend to let someone else to take this ( , , ), becasuse you'll have to revisit half of the build and gain a lot of money to be effective. If you have to take it, buy it after the , and you'll need also to increas your attack speed. Then, in a far future, take and

Enemy Ad problem? is always the answer, get it after and you will have less problem! Slow the enemy with and you will have no problem!

Enemy Ap problem? You should not have many problems thanks to . I think that this is a really good choice for Lee because it gives you some attack damage, some magic resist, and more than that, it gives you an automatic shield that in collaboration with will save you in lots of occasion (enemy are often angry with me :D ) However if this is not enaugh for your need, change with and you'll be ok.

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If you a Lee user and read this guide, please tell me what you think about it. I want to max Lee potential with your help.
Every feedback is welcome. :)