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League of Legends Build Guide Author SittingBear

Lee Sin: Hit n' Run

SittingBear Last updated on April 1, 2011
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April 2nd, 2011:

Lee Sin just came out, so all builds are unknown for him. After having tried the Phreak's build - the serious Champion Spotlight - I realized something could be done better, so I set on building my own build. Since the recommended items are pretty laughable for Lee Sin, some items in there are still useful. I tried this build in several games and it seemed to work incredibly well, compared to my previous attempts with other items such as Ability Power + CDR. Keep in mind, I do not jungle very often as lanes can be pushed very hard. From what I've seen, Lee Sin is an amazing jungler - I just prefer to stay out and help in my lane rather than jungle.

Note that this is also my first build, hope you like it.

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I'm not one to know the best Rune setup, nor do I ever follow the exact ones given in guides as I never have enough money to actually get another Rune page and fill it just for said Champion (I have 3 Pages, and thats enough for now). The ones listed at the beginning should be good-enough.

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Here, there are some basic necessities. However, depending on what Summoner Spells you are using is how you should set up your masteries. I like to personally use Exhaust and Flash, but for recommended or easy purposes I would rather use Ghost and Exhaust.

Feel free to mix-and-match, but as said above, for this build you would definitely want to get that last point in [Havoc] in the Damage Tree.

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I start off with Dagger and one Health Potion to keep me up.

I move on to the Attack Speed boots, and get that movement speed increase as soon as possible due to being a melee Champion. I might also grab another Health Potion or two, depending on who I'm up against [ex. Harassers such as Heimer, Kog'Maw, etc.]

Another boost for that movement speed and attack speed. Very useful for chasing, getting away and that extra attack speed with Lee's Passive Ability. If I'm taking too much damage and need more health then I would go straight for Phage and go back to get Zeal.

Great item overall for a cheap price that leads up to a very nice item later on and will definitely keep you in the game dishing out much more damage for much longer.

**Right here is where you might want to get your first defensive Item. If you seem to be taking too much magic damage even with Mercury's Treads, or if you grabbed Berserker's Greaves instead, then get Banshee's Veil right away. Otherwise continue on with the regular setup.

Finally you get some more lifesteal other then your double-tapped W skill bonus. This is wonderful to have, especially when chasing. Use the items Active skill as much as you can and whenever you can! Don't be afraid to use it, ever, as the range is very long.


Here is where you might want to decide whether you need another, or your first, defensive item. I prefer to get Guinsoo's Rageblade, but Guardian Angel will give you that wonderful overall Armor and Magic Resistance item as well as the revive.


or or
The final item is what makes or breaks your end-game. Rylai's Scepter will give you that slow to allow your teammates, or yourself, to massively beat up a target. However, if they are very melee heavy you will surely have to get one of the above defensive items. It's up to you which one to get. Randuin's Omen has a very nice Active ability that will slow their movement and attack speeds down drastically.

Other Possible Items

I never thought much of this item until I played Lee Sin. So far I have yet to use it, but it is a very nice balance between attack speed and ability power as well as a nice, but small, passive ability that penetrates magic resistance.

The lifesteal and attack speed bonuses for allied Champions as well as yourself is an absolute must if your team is very attack-speed heavy. I usually leave this up to others to get as it isn't that great of a boost for when you are alone.

I see this item in almost every melee champion guide, however I find it extremely expensive especially when you are struggling against a ranged enemy. This would be useful if you were fed and wanted a huge early game boost, or a nice late game attack or lifesteal bonus item.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence should be followed as above. As said many times before, feel free to change it around to suit your needs - especially for early game.

This is completely up to you.

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Summoner Spells

These are just my opinions on what I normally use with Lee Sin.


One of the most useful spells I have ever used. In combination with Lee's ultimate ability, it allows for an extreme chasing ability, escape ability or to kick them into your turret early game for an easy kill.

Very useful with Lee, especially when having the point in your Masteries.

Other Useful Spells

I tend not to use this as much, due to having the given movement speed increases given by your Zeal and eventually Phantom Dancer items.

This is a nice spell to use no matter who you are playing as. However, I never seem to find a time where my enemy gets away with less than 10% to 5% Health.

Again, always useful, but his W 'Shield Dash' ability allows him to escape to any nearby ally or minion or use it on yourself in hopes of escaping.

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Focus on killing minions and harassing the enemy with Sonic Wave.

Once you dash to your enemy using Sonic Wave use this right away to deal damage and then pop its secondary ability to slow them.

After using Tempest, this is great to dash away quick as a little hit and run tactic. Works wonders every time to escape many abilities when cast at the right time (i.e. Veigars 'Cage', Poppys 'Slam', Ryzes 'Prison', etc.). You can also use this in mid-combat to save one of your allies from near-death or to give you an upper hand while fighting as well as using the secondary to give you life-steal, armor and mana drain.

Wonderful when getting either a last hit or kicking somebody into a tower, to your allies or stopping them from getting away before you can get enough damage on them. Try not to kill the enemy with this as sometimes it will allow them to get away with very low Health - and it's never fun when you aided your enemy in any way.

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I've used this guide and referred it to all of my personal friends, and they've had great results. Since there is no other guide really out I'll at least give the courtesy of showing you the match history once I started using this build.

I will upload a video of a match with possible commentary once I get an External Hard Drive to store some nice 1080p uncompressed videos on. This should be within the next week or so. Note also I still haven't hit level 30, but as it stands right now I am level 29.

Please let me know if this guide helped or hurt you. It being my first guide, my hopes aren't high at all.

Thank you,