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Lee Sin Humor Guide by i lovelittleboys9

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author i lovelittleboys9

Lee Sin - Immortal Monk

i lovelittleboys9 Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Greetings! Lee Sin is broadly regarded as the hardest champion in all of LoL. He is without a doubt the champion that takes the highest degree of skill to play.

So you may ask yourself; whoever shall master such a hard champion? Whoever shall tame this magnificent beast? Well, I am glad to say that I have the answer to both of your questions!

Ladies and gentlemen, your Lee Sin Master awaits you; it is none other than the legendary summoner, illb90!

So I have proven already that I am the best Anivia and Nunu player of all time in the writing of two of my former guides. These SuperPro guides can be found here:

Soon you will realise that after reading this guide, I have also become the best LoL player of all time.

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Important Notice!

Before you read my guide, you must forget everything you know about Lee Sin because the chances are; it’s all wrong.

The way I see it, is that I don’t know you and you probably don’t know me, so without my knowing you, I doubt you know how to play Lee Sin the correct way. That is because this is the very first time I have gone public with this guide.

Now, let’s talk about the current so-called ‘guides’ of this site.
Firstly, the top-rated guides are a laugh; all they do is get you to build your champion the cookie-cutter way and feed the opposition.

And the format, do not get me started about their horrific guide formats...

All the Pro guides usually begin with this douche-bag saying, “blahlbahlbah. I am the best. Just listen to me because all that I say is right. I have 1800 elo so therefore I am pro and you should listen to me. Blahlbahlblah”.

First of all, whoever is saying they are the best cannot be the best, because there can be only one person who’s the best, and obviously that is me.

Secondly, 1800 elo is cannon fodder, as my elo is 2600. I basically have such a high elo that the match-making system cannot find me a proper game. So usually I have to wait days just to get into ‘Character Select’.

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Lee Sin - The Misunderstood Champion

Now onto the most atrocious error that all the current Lee Sin guides share in common; all of them classify Lee Sin as a ‘tanky dps’.

The way I see it, Lee Sin is more so a tank than a tanky dps, and that description isn’t even remotely accurate. I’m only calling him a tank because I build him tank-like but he is so much more than that.

So if anything, I’d classify him as a ‘survivor’. My reasoning behind this aptly name is Lee Sin’s stats and skill set synergises to the survivor play-style like no other.

All of his skills contribute to nothing more than his survivability, and that is how games are won, you out-survive the opposition because know this; the losing team ALWAYS has more deaths.

To put it another way, there is an extremely high chance of your team winning if you avoid dying the entire match. If you did not die the entire match but somehow your team still lost, then there must’ve been something wrong with your team; because you fulfilled your role as a survivor while they probably fed the opposition.

This guide will hopefully shed light on how to play Lee Sin as a survivor and most importantly, winning matches all the time.

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The Survivor's Code

The Survivor’s Code:

Do not kill or be killed.

What is a Survivor? Its meaning is simple: your goal in every game as a survivor is to survive!

That being said, your number one priority is to remain alive. The safety of your team mates is none of your concern; it doesn’t matter if they die, so long as you don’t.

It’s okay if they die as they do not possess the role of a survivor.

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At the very start of the game buy Ruby Crystal so you can later upgrade it into Heart of Gold. Head to a duo-lane then farm till you have 350 gold. Warp back to base immediately. It doesn’t matter what the current events are, just warp back to base. You will need Heart of Gold ASAP to build up a respectable amount of gold by end game. Since you are a survivor, your team mates will be picking on you for not killing anything. As a result, your gold farm will suffer heavily without Heart of Gold.

After Heart of Gold, buy Mercurys Treads. This should give you sufficient MDEF + MSPEED for now. The next purchase is Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak. Your first big item is Warmogs Armor so buy it once you’ve farmed enough.

Don’t think about upgrading your Chain Vest and Heart of Gold into Randuin's Omen. Trust me, it is not what you want as you’d be way better off buying Thornmail. The active on Randuin's Omen is useless for Lee Sin because it slows surrounding enemies. That effect could mistakably help your team mates out of harm’s way.

You don’t want that. You are the survivor, not them. Let Life take its natural course and if they will die then so be it. It is not your right to interfere with Nature’s way.

Thornmail and Banshees Veil should prevent the enemy from focusing on you. I buy both of them after Warmongs Armor, depending on the assembly of the opposition.

I usually leave one item slot open so I can buy a surplus of Sight Ward. You will need them as I will explain later on.

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Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Lee Sin’s most useless skill. Barely any escape potential, as this skill can only be used on the opposition. Use it as an enemy repellent and misfire it. You must intentionally miss with this skill to make your enemies think twice about attacking you.
Max Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike last.

W Safeguard / Iron Will

Great skill. This skill is what defines Lee Sin as a survivor. It’s a free Flash with a low cooldown + bonus shield. The problem with this is that it can be casted only on allies. Purchasing several Sight Ward should more than suffice for this one flaw.

Do not use your Sight Ward for map awareness. Use it for escaping and escaping only. You are the survivor; your Sight Ward must be employed for special purposes. Let your team mates plant their own wards for map awareness. It is their duty after all.

Max Safeguard / Iron Will first.

E Tempest / Cripple

Lee Sin’s Area of Effect skill that also acts as a heavy slow. This should more than compensate for Lee Sin’s slow MSPEED.

Max Tempest / Cripple second.

R Dragon's Rage

Good damage and great knock back. You may ask yourself; I am a survivor, so why would I want good damage on my ulti? The damage is good, but not great. Granted, it will not kill anyone but it should hurt them enough to prevent them from further pursuing you.

Use Dragon's Rage on enemies who get within kicking range and at the same time, also try to kick them away from you and into your team mates; because that is how it should be. You are the survivor so the enemies should not be focusing on you. They should be directing attacks towards your team mates. If they aren’t then make them so.

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Don't die. Guide Concluded.


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