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Lee Sin Build Guide by Chubasauras

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chubasauras

Lee Sin the jungling monk

Chubasauras Last updated on March 28, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my guide on, Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. Lee Sin is currently a very dominant jungler in ranked play at the moment. His tankiness combined with his amazing ability to dart around a battle doing relativly high damage is what makes him so unique. He also has a great slow and the ability to reveal stealthed champions (Take THAT Teemo!) given a few kills he can easily begin to carry a team in the late game, hopefully this guide will make that happen for you more often.

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With the nerf to life steal I have found Lee Sin to be more effective with the cloth armor and 5 health potions although Vampiric scepter is still viable I do not recommend it. While ganking in early game you will notice that you are very squishy this is why I recommend getting and early Phage for the health bonus that is good enough to last you until you can purchase at least a component of your Warmog's. Trinity force... There isn't enough I can say about this item on Lee Sin. The Sheen proc is amazing in coherence with Sonic Wave causing it to do massive amounts of damage. Getting an early sheen maybe even before Warmog’s is viable but not recommended as Lee Sin needs to get tanky fast the way I play him. Atma's is relatively self explanatory, it goes hand in hand with Warmog's and gives you a LARGE damage boost. You will notice I left the sixth item spot blank, that is because that is situational and is never really the same. Options include Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel, thornmail for AD heavy teams, or force of nature for AP heavy teams.

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Skill Sequence

Lee Sin's skill sequence is not all that complex, although having three abilities that have two effects each can be a little intimidating lets break down how they work.

Q - Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike - "Lee Sin projects a discordant wave of sound to locate his enemies, If hit Lee Sin can then cast Resonating Strike dashing to the enemy dealing physical.

By far Lee Sin's most important ability, mastering this is key mastering Lee Sin as a whole. Without hitting this ability you are very unlikely to succeed in ganking or playing this champion. This projectile is not the easiest in the game to land, but if you do the payoff is usually pretty good, it does require leading in many situations, and is moderately fast. Speed up your jungle route by tossing this over walls onto creeps on the other side.

W - Safeguard/Iron will - Lee Sin rushed to target ally shielding both of them, if broken half spent energy is returned. After casting Iron Will can be cast causing Lee Sin to gain lifesteal armor and spell vamp.

This ability is very easy to pick up and get used to, but there are a few tricks that can really save your life using this ability. obviously the shield itself can save you and your allies from things such as Karthus ultimates, but more namely you can W to wards... This opens up a world of possibilities for on the run ward placement. Also Iron Will gives spell vamp, meaning Smite will heal you, this has saved me more times then you may think and I recommend when ignited after your shield is gone looking to try and accomplish just this on a neutral minion or creep wave minion.

E - Tempest/Cripple - Lee Sin smashes the ground dealing magic damage in an area around him revealing all enemies hit for a short amount of time. All enemies revealed by tempest can then be "crippled" reducing all enemies’ movement and attack speed for 4 seconds.

This ability is your main CC I love it the slow is great, and you only need one point early, not much to be said here other then watch your energy as it will drain it quite quickly if you don't get auto attacks in between. As a side note the ability does grant site of stealthed targets, so if you think a teemo might be hiding in the bush under you don't be afraid to cast this a couple times to check it out.

R - Dragon's Rage - Lee Sin does a roundhouse kick, knocking back his target dealing heavy physical damage other enemies hit by the target will get knocked airborne for a short amount of time.

If I had a dime every time I saw someone screw this one up... This next to his Q is the easiest ability of his to mess up, to make this at all useful you are going to have to get behind the target and kick them back into your team. Now this is easier said then done as there is a channel time AND it has a pretty short range. That being said if you nail it just right they are dead the second they stop flying. While this ability can be used as a finishing blow I don't recommend it as it will knock enemies through most walls allowing for easy escape. This does do heavy damage though so don't be afraid of using it after you land a Sonic wave following the kick up with a resonating strike.

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Summoner Spells

Smite - An obvious choice for all jungelers, you will have a very hard time jungling without this spell... Take it.

Ghost - This spell is one of the best on Lee Sin because he is so versatile without much flat speed untill Trinity Force. This can be used to close distance for an easy Q or quickly move from one lane to another to save a tower. He needs more help manuevering around fight to land abilities then closing distance. Thats why I prefer ghost. As a side not it is also a good escape tool if you blow all your cooldowns too quickly.

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Team Work

In team fights Lee Sin functions as an initiator. He is very beefy and though he is not a full tank he can soak up quite a bit of damage for his team while dealing quite a bit. In ganks he works well one on one and with other people, he lacks a stun so some hard cc always benefits him, but he is also one of the best duelists in the game, able to fool his opponent into thinking they have him killed only to get quickly bursted down and escape. This is not to say He is a bursty champion, though most of his damage comes from his Q once this is spent use his passive to its fullest and attack twice before another ability IF POSSIBLE. This is sometimes needed though as most of his abilities drain LARGE chunks of energy and if he doesn't restore him with his passive he is pretty much useless.

Previously I covered how his ultimate can be used to knock people into your team, well this target should exclusively be an AD or AP carry. We all know the people in back die first, and the easiest way to do that is put them at the front. Lee Sin's ult is one of the longest knock backs in the game, and it disrupts the enemy team in team fights on top of that. It can also be used to make sure you or your team escapes a bad situation unscathed by kicking back the closest person to the front, hitting as many people as possible.

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Creeping / Jungling

I used an odd jungle route and some people may have their prefrence, use what works for you I am just here to offer ideas.

Double golems> Wraiths (smite big one)> Red buff> wolves> First gank> First back.

After that you just go for whats is up when you are not ganking or covering lanes (which you should be allmost the entire time). His jungle starts off a little slow, but it will pick up after the first back, and his ganks are great. If you are wondering about what to do for ganks check out the Skill sequence section and the Team fighting section.