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Leona Build Guide by Harlegar

Leona - Better than a tank !

Leona - Better than a tank !

Updated on July 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harlegar Build Guide By Harlegar 1,891 Views 0 Comments
1,891 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Harlegar Leona Build Guide By Harlegar Updated on July 19, 2011
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Hi everybody, for second guide, I choose Leona, the new female tank, I really like this char, and feel your team depend a little of you, when you are well stuffed, you are unstoppable !

I will show you how I stuff Leona to be the more effective possible in the team as a tank.
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Pros / Cons

Cons :
- early game can be boring
- not very fast (she's got big shield btw)
- hard to farm gold early

Pro :

- Nice to engage
- Mid and late game very interesting (you are stuffed)
- 2 stuns(include 1 AOE)
- Team fight depends now of you
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Runes are classic for a tank, I choose magic penetration marks to make some damage, you might be a tank, but if your opponent laught at you when you hit him, it's not a good thing.

So you be able to make some damage with your shield (in fact it make a lot of damage :D)
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This masteries gives to you all what you need to be a main tank in your team.

AD and AP resistance, health regen, a little mana regen.

The point in "Evasion" can be put in an other place, depends of your summoner spells.
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- Starting with this pendant and a health potion will really help you, like I said, the early game can be boring, and you must be in front of the lane if you want farm some golds, so you are on the fire of ranged.

Philosopher's Stone - Their 2 items are the beginnig of your tank stuff, you will be able to really engage the fight with that, and I think the most important with this 2 items, its the gold earned...

- Then rush, the Sunfire, good AD resist and health, and it will help you to farm gold a lot on the minions et neutral monsters.

- Equilibrate you AD and AP with Aegis, it give to you AD an AP resist, it very cheap for the bonus, don't forget this item

- You become a real tank ! Lot of AD and AP resist, no one can hurt you ! In fact yes, but you feel nothing ! And you regen so fast !
Seriously force of nature is a great item for Leona, whatever thank's to the speed bonus... You can chase all your ennemies about now !

- Finish your Shurelya, it gives you more survavibility, and the cooldown reduction let you stun your ennemies more times, in a short delai.
The "active" bonus of speed are really nice to run after Master Yi or I don't know who !

- Sell your Heart Of Gold, from now, nobody can kill you alone, the Guardian finish your stuff, with that stuff and runes you have more than 3200 HP, and more than 70% reduction of AD and AP damages.

And you can revive !
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Skill Sequence

To be sure to do the maximum to kill an ennemie, and help at the maximum your partners, in my opinion, skill must be casted in this order :

- To come close to your ennemie

- - Cast this abilities, quasi in the same time, you will stun your ennemies and be sure that he takes the Daybreak.
I prefer cast Zenith blade in first, because if you miss it, and if your daybreak its activate before... you will lost it, and wait for the cooldown.

- Finish by Solar flare, if your ennemies try to run away from you, or just to keep him with you !
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Summoner Spells

I recommanded :

- In early game you are to slow to catch an ennemie or follow one, so slow them up !

- Same as Exhaust, you can catch an ennemie, or run away from one, it depends of the situation !
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Don't forget, you are the tank, you've got a lot of HP and resistance, but you really depends of your team, like your team depends of you, but if everyone do teamwork, it will be a marvelous tank !

Hope you enjoy my second guide, as the first, maybe light, but I think the most important is in it !

Don't be shy, vote and comment this guide ;)

Bye !
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harlegar
Harlegar Leona Guide
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Leona - Better than a tank !

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