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Leona Build Guide by dadrewes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dadrewes

Leona - CC, CC and some more CC!

dadrewes Last updated on December 3, 2011
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First I want to say that this is my first build and i'd appreciate any criticism.

So let me ask you a few simpel questions :

    Do you want to tank?
    Do you like CCing people?
    Do you like being unkillable?
    Do you like giving your team Ace's?
    And do you like to be hot? (both ways :D)

if your answers to these questions were yes then you should consider buying :

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Pros / Cons

1. Very, very tough
2. has alot of CC
3. Can stun / slow the whole enemy team in one ability
4. Has a Passive which needs your team to be used.

1. Can be a bit slow
2. Has a Passive which needs your team to be used.
3. Has a low damage output but if you use her passive well it easy to make up for.

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Skill Sequence + Skill usage

I start with maxing Shield of Daybreak because of the stun it gives you and the cooldown reduction every rank gives the spell

At level 2 I get 1 rank of Zenith Blade so you have a way to get close to your enemies

As second spell to max I chose Eclipse because of the armor and magic resist it gives you
its a nice way to survive a team hacking into to you, because the bonus it gives you at max level really does help alot.

Just chose Solar Flare when ever you can and max Zenith Blade at the end.

if you want to gank on your lane try and get the enemies close to your turret so you have more time to CC them the longer it takes for them to get to their turret the more Damage they take.

try and stand in a bush to pop your Eclipse unseen (but this isn't necessary) then use Shield of Daybreak so when you land Zenith Blade he's stunned and he takes damge from Eclipse then just keep him stunned whenever you can, and land Zenith Blade whenever you can because at the moment you land it the enemy is immobilized for a short moment, and if its needed use your Solar Flare abit infront of him so he walks into the stun zone instead of the slowing part. if you got a high damage dealer on your lane that needs the CC to deal much damage you schould be able to get kills if this is executed properly.

In teamfights try and get asmany enemies in Solar Flare as possible and CC the most important enemies, like High damage dealers such as Xin Zhao, Anivia etc. Leona is one of the best initiators in the game because she can use her Ulti from a very long range and stun the whole team, and when you pop Eclipse when you are being focussed you are a very tough enemy to kill

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Marks : Greater Mark of Magic Resist
it gives you a nice Flat Magic resist to begin with and because of the magic resist per level Glyphs you will have a significant bonus throughout the game.

Seals : Greater Seal of Evasion or Greater Seal of Armor
the dodge and the flat armor gives you good protection agianst AD characters and I personally don't really care which one you use.

Glyphs : Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
like I said, the combination of the flat magic resist and the magic resist per level makes it a good combination

Quintessences : Greater Quintessence of Health
The flat health makes you hard to kill in early game and are just nice for more survivability. They are one of the best quints imo, but feel free to experiment with all runes.

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Summoner Spells

My choices are Teleport and Flash

Flash :
It can be used as a good Escape and or can be used offensively to get into range and pop your ult or to get in range and use your Zenith blade. flash is the most usefull summoner skill imo.

Teleport :
With teleport you have alot of Map dominance when your teammate gets turret dived you can TP and save him with all your CC or when your turret gets destroyed you can TP in and save or you can use ward to suprise you enemies.

other suggestions :
Cleanse - as a tank you don't really need it but sometimes it still can be very usefull
Clairvoyance - personnaly i think this is more of a support skill but if you are good with it it can sometimes win the game
Exhaust - another CC is never bad and you can disable the strongests AD with just one click.

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Start with a Regrowth Pendant and then make a Philosofers Stone out of it, then buy you boots, do they have heavy auto attackers like Gangplank, Xin Zhao, Master Yi then you should definitely buy Ninja Tabi, because you can change your Philosofers stone into a Eleisa's Miracle for the CC reduction and if they do not have Heavy auto attackers just buy Mercury Treads. after that buy Aegis of the Legion and if you still get to much damage get a Sunfire Cape for the armor or for the magic resist a Banshee's Veil , but if you do not need more armor of magic resist atm buy a Frozen Mallet, you may think a Frozen Mallet what does this guy Smoke? but it gives you a nice amount of health and you can CC everyone to the death! they will never ever get away again. from this point it pretty much dependable what items you take but if your enemy team is 100% AP then you should buy alot more magic and just dump all the armor and get magic etc..

one more thing NEVER EVER BUY Guardian Angel ON A TANK!!! it just doesn't work, the enemies will most likely not focus you because you are the tank but when you have a Guardian Angel you will never be focussed.

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I hope you find my build usefull and like i said i'd appreciate any kind of criticism.
And as a tip, which items you should buy is also dependable on the enemy team (setup and such) so before you blindly follow a this or any other build always check out what kind of damage the deal.

thank you for reading my guide.

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