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Leona Build Guide by Uncle Jackie

Leona - The Iron Sunshine

Leona - The Iron Sunshine

Updated on July 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uncle Jackie Build Guide By Uncle Jackie 2,112 Views 0 Comments
2,112 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Uncle Jackie Leona Build Guide By Uncle Jackie Updated on July 16, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Hi and welcome to my guide for Leona - The Radiant Dawn. This is a build for a straight, let's even call it "pure" tank. No ap hybrids, no ad hybrids. In her currently state she is not valid to do any other job then straight tanking (at least not in my opinion).

Feel free to test it, rate it and comment.

Ps. This is somehow a "standard" tank rotation - what did you expected, silly?

At the moment build is in a "raw" form, way I'm using Leona in games. Optional setups etc. will came later.
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Pros / Cons

- Leona is very good initiator - Zenith Blade combined with Shield of daybreak and "blwoing out" Eclipse can do some harm and bring some chaos into enemy lines
- Chasing queen - same thing we use for initiation can be used very well to chase someone
- Stuns, next hit stun, aoe stun, stuns all the time!

- Leona is tragic farmer. She is like a melee version of Zilean
- Low basic armor/magic resistance leaving her a little behind other tanks for most of the time (Eclipse however pumps us up!)
- No damage. At early game you can hope to get a kill or two with QWE+R combo (if target was beated already) on late game just count assists. But hey, you're a tank man!
- Require good skill and timing to get the best of her
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Runes / Masteries / Summoner Spells

Nothing more to say in here - the most standard "tanking" runes, nothing much more to add.

You can try and swap "flat" HP runes into per level one's, if you feel like you dont need that much extra hp at start.


Why? One point in improved Exhaust in offensive tree will help us to shut down those enemy carries or to catch those running bastards.

21 points in defensive tree are kinda obvious, same goes for 8 points in utility (we want better ghost, we want some very small extra mana)

Ghost to ensure that we will hit with Zenith Blade or just to get into teamfight faster.

Exhaust to shut down carries etc.
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Skill Sequence

We are starting with Shield of Daybreak. Stun at level first may help us/our lane partner to get first blood or just to get a kill. Then we're going up for Eclipse that allows us to farm some better and/or zoning our enemies (and Leona is great at it!]]. Zenith Blade goes at level 3, so we can pop our combo, stun, damage and leave enemy to our partner. We are focusing with reaching max level of Eclipse, so we can zone, block some enemies ultimates (Caits ultimate, dragging Karthus into trying to kill you). Rest is more or less straightforward.
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We are starting with Regrowth Pendant and Healing Potion. Our next buys is rushing Mercury's Treads to get rid of those cc's and AP damagers. IF you have a very, very hard time with farming, before boots, build Philosopher's Stone for this lill extra gold income.

After we have boots, it is time to decide - if the enemy team is more AD oriented, first goes Sunfire Aegis. If it's AP oriented Force of Nature is what we want. If team is balanced, proceed with FoN then Sunfire route.

Our next item to build will be Frozen Hearth, so we get both the armor and CDR. Then Banshees and whatever is needed.

Our last items might be Thornmai or Guardians Angel for example. Just see what is needed and do it!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uncle Jackie
Uncle Jackie Leona Guide
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Leona - The Iron Sunshine

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