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Lissandra Build Guide by SnowCornFlake

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnowCornFlake

Lissandra: The Frozen Nighmare

SnowCornFlake Last updated on May 2, 2013
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Hello everyone,
my name is SnowCornFlake and this is my Lissandra: The Frozen Nightmare guide. I hope that this guide will help you to get better results with Lissandra and make your Lissandra's playing more OP and funny. Your feedback, ideas and things that can make this guide better write into comments. Anyway thanks much for using my guide!


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Also I am working on better design for this guide so you can look forward!

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Basic info

Lissandra is a utility mage who can deal out damage while still being useful in protecting your team. Using her ultimate defensively or offensively can make or break a team fight, and ultimately the game. While there aren't too many complex combinations with her, she still has some decision making and is a very fun champion.

Now let's focus on positives & negatives of Lissandra. Her spells have really good ganking potential, offer great utility and with right build it's doing also pretty high damage. But on the other hand spells have long cooldown so you need to try to reduce cooldown (for this I am using Morellonomicon).


+ Spells offer great utility
+ Can save herself with good use of ultimate
+ Glacial Path gives unique escape and initiation potential
+ Can initiate well and has good ganking potential

- Ring of Frost could put you out of position trying to use it.
- Long base cooldowns on most spells

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Passive: Iceborn Every 18 seconds Lissandra's next ability costs no mana. This cooldown is reduced by 1 second whenever Lissandra impairs an enemy's movement with an ability (does not apply to movement-impairing effects from items). Iceborn will make your next ability cost no mana, and the cooldown is reduced whenever you attack an enemy that is movement impaired.

Q: Ice Shard Throws a spear of ice that shatters when it hits an enemy, dealing 75/110/145/180/215 (+0.65*AP) magic damage and slowing Movement Speed by 16/19/22/25/28% for 1.5 seconds. Shards then pass through the target, dealing the same damage to other enemies hit. Cost 85 mana, range 725 and cooldown 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds.

W: Ring of Frost Deals 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.6*AP) magic damage to nearby enemies and roots them for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 seconds. Cost 70 mana, range 0 and cooldown 18/16/14/12/10 seconds.

E: Glacial Path Casts an ice claw that deals 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6*AP) magic damage to all enemies hit. Reactivating this ability transports Lissandra to the claw's current location. Cost 80/85/90/95/100 Mana, range 1050 and cooldown 24/21/18/15/12 seconds.

R: Frozen Tomb On Enemy Cast: Freezes target champion solid, stunning it for 1.5 seconds. On Self Cast: Lissandra encases herself in dark ice for 1.5 seconds, becoming untargetable and invulnerable but unable to take any actions. Dark ice then emanates from the target dealing 150/300/450 (+0.7*AP) magic damage to enemies. The ice lasts for 3 seconds and slows enemy Movement Speed by 20%. Cost 100/100/100 Mana, range 0 and cooldown 130/105/80 s.econds

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Skill usage

    ► You can instantly use
Frozen Tomb on yourself by pressing the self cast key and the ultimate key at once (alt+R by default).
► Casting Glacial Path and then running in the opposite direction will leave your enemies uncertain which way you will actually go.
► Try to cast Ice Shard in a position where it would hit the most enemies to maximize the damage.
► In team fights, use Frozen Tomb at the enemy in the center of the enemy team to deal a decent amount of damage to them.
Iceborn cooldown will be 17 seconds instead of 18 if the spell it is affecting impairs the movement of an enemy.
Ring of Frost will reduce the cooldown on Iceborn by the number of enemies hit.
Glacial Path is a very good skill to pass through walls and run away from enemies.

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Build usage

Lissandra's abilities are shorter range than those of many mages. As a result, buying items that offer both ability power and defense, like Zhonya's Hourglass and Abyssal Mask, can be a great choice to help her both survive and deal damage.
► Cooldown reduction is very strong with Lissandra suite of crowd control abilities.
Iceborn combined with Athene's Unholy Grail passive Mana Font, Lissandra will almost never be manaless.
► Since all of her abilities except for Glacial Path has a movement impairing effect, Liandry's Torment passive will almost always deal double damage.
Morellonomicon will give you a decent amount of ability power, a high amount of cooldown reduction and some mana regen making it a rather good option to buy it.
► Unlike most mage champions, Lissandra focuses more on kiting and disabling enemies rather than dealing raw damage. Consider buying an Ionian Boots of Lucidity for some early game cooldown reduction and later sell it for a Sorcerer's Shoes once you have an item with higher cooldown reduction.
► Having a Zhonya's Hourglass can help you survive longer in team fights when Frozen Tomb is on cooldown.

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Items. The most important thing in game in my opinion. If you want to play any champion well and OP you need to pick up a great build. Here I suggested some items variations and also items which you can use situational depending on champions that you have on top or mid.

Start with: Faerie Charm 2x Health Potion 2x Mana Potion sight ward

Main Core: Archangel's Staff Sorcerer's Shoes Rabadon's Deathcap Liandry's Torment Zhonya's Hourglass Athene's Unholy Grail This is how ur final build should be.

Tanky ****: Guardian Angel Rod of Ages Rabadon's Deathcap Rylai's Crystal Scepter Liandry's Torment Sorcerer's Shoes - Alacrity

Core 2: Rabadon's Deathcap Void Staff Liandry's Torment Zhonya's Hourglass Athene's Unholy Grail Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard Second build if they build a lot of MR.

Situational: Abyssal Mask - If they have AP top and mid.
Void Staff - If their team is building high magic resist (more that 100)

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    ► When
Lissandra is ganking, keep an eye out for her Glacial Path as she can blink to its position. Stay clear of it as she can followup with her Ring of Frost to snare you when she blinks.
Lissandra abilities have a rather short range so try to distance yourself away to prevent from being slowed or stunned.
► In team fights, Lissandra plays a big role. If you think you're a high priority to the enemy team avoid being stunned by Frozen Tomb.
Lissandra relies heavily on her abilities to survive and be useful. Duel with her when you're sure her abilities are on cooldown or simply silence her instead.

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Lissandra's full gameplay by Pawnce.
Champion Spotlight.

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Thanks much for using my guide. It means a lot for me if you used my guide. If my guide is useful feel free to share with your friends or whatever :) Thanks much again!