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Tahm Kench Build Guide by Rendido

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rendido

Long Live The King

Rendido Last updated on August 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My Reasons For This Insanity

Honestly, recently there were many people I heard say Tahm wasn't a good champ, I find this to be a lie. This build is focused on Tahm's W ability. Not seen to be a big deal, because the long cool down on it, However built right this changes at max level to six seconds, and does tons of damage, based on health, its a tank killer ability. For squishies, its still hell. Another thing to consider is his natural tankiness, with a little assistance from items, Tahm tanks like a boss and still does the deeps. His E ability not only gives utility, but with the right items gives great sustain and damage reduction. As well as timed right makes a great fail safe against turret dive teams, or a go in for turret dives as well. His Q ability is the least important in this build and play style. It does offer utility in its slow, and some damage, but still not note worthy like the other two abilities. His ultimate is great, passively it builds damage based on health, which is why this build focuses on health. Roughly you will find this build is not for the meek of heart, this is an all or nothing build, requires knowledge of the game and the flow of combat.

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Play Style

The main focus is CS the items in this build are rather pricey. but these items give Tahm everything he needs, from tankiness to utility, and my personal favorite the massive damage. in the early levels, focus on CS and wait for ganks to use the combos that will be discussed later. When possible use your W and your Q to harass your enemy. By mid game you should have the first few items built, which give you the ability to now be aggressive. The biggest part of being aggressive is timing, get to a position were you have quick access to melee the enemy, you need three stack of your passive, to W the enemy. Once devoured carry your the enemy into your minions. This is for two reasons, one should you spit your enemy out and they decide to fight, they will aggro every minion there for extra damage, and the second reason is the minions block their path to allow you to get your stacks of your passive back quicker. With this build your W ability will get a cool down as low as 6 seconds. So if possible stick close, and use the utility of your passive and Q ability to keep them close by, you should be able to get two devours off in an engagement.

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The combos

Tahm has two combos in this build and play style, the first is the easiest, lead in with a Q and follow up with two melee hits straight into your W, carry back to your minions. Its simply nothing fancy, but affective for roughly 45% of the enemies health. The second combo requires more skill. devour a minions, with the help of your Rylia's Crystal Cepter, the W will slow, before launching your minions land a Q ability, then launch the minions you devoured. during this combo move closer to melee, by time you melee to get the last stack of your passive, you should have your Q ability back, use it and stun your enemy, by time the stun is done, your W is off cool down, devour them, and bring them into your minions or farthest from their turrets. If you can do this, the damage output is unbelievable.