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Lucian Build Guide by Purification

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Purification

Lucian The Purifier (Diamond Marksman Guide)

Purification Last updated on May 4, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Corki Corki´s really easy to play against all you have to do is time you E against his Q(Phosphours bomb) Its a delayed AOE damage ability that takes to load. So when he uses it on you you just use your Dash into him and outtrade him WARNING, Take care IF HE has package GTFO :D He can easily 1v1 you if he has package UP. (Its every 7th minute starting from minute one so 7 14 21 etc. You will hear a warning ingame if he has the package.
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Hi everyone i´m a diamond marksman(adc) that has played League of Legends since 2013. I´ve mained adc since i started playing i just fell in love with the role. Being able to do the most consistent damage and making the plays is just so much fun.
Btw this is my first guide so would be nice with some feedback/criticism

My first season i got platinum ranking (season 3) season 4 i got to diamond mainly playing Lucian heres my stats with Lucian back in season 4 (2014) With an winrate of 60%. I have played ALOT of Lucian by ALOT i can easily say that i have played over 800 Lucian games since season 3 if not 1000. The picture is only one season tho so :p Its my most played Marksman(adc) because i just love his playstyle and i think hes the funniest ADC to play.

Back then Lucian was way stronger but Riot decided to nerf his attack range. Right now hes probaly one of the top 3 adcs atm just because hes good at everything and Essence reaver fits very well into his build. The main reason CDR on Lucian is good is because of his E you can always reposition in teamfights/skirmishes. So im gonna go more in detail later in the guide. This is my first guide btw so im abit of a noob at stuff like this sorry if im bad at it :P, i hope you enjoy. ALSO if you have a question or want to say anything please just dont hesitate Message me or make a comment and i will respond. Even feedback would be great. Thanks:)

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Pros / Cons (Pros=Things that are good) Cons (=Things that are

Pros: 1.He has a bit of everything he is a jack of all trades.
2. Fun to play !
3. His burst damage
4. He can dominate lane if played correct

Cons: 1. Low range compared to other adcs.
2. Hard to master his passive. And use your rotation of ability right.
3. Is okay late game but not the best.

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This is the page i mostly run on adcs. I do weird rune pages and mastery pages sometimes but this is my standard one.
The only thing that might stick out is running MR per level.

The reason for this is because of the 6.9 patch, Theres alot of AP damage coming in this patch and the scaling MR is really valueable. Especially ON a ranged champion. If you didnt know ranged champions on league doesnt gain MR per level as a stat so i think adding it is just good.

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Skill Sequence

The thing about Lucian which can be abit hard is mastering his passive (Lightslinger) Which always you to do 2 EXTRA shots after every ability you do. It takes time to get used to how fast he does it and things like that.

You wanna maximise the value you can get out of this ability by using 1 abiliy then do the double shot then do another. The most most effienct rotation of damage is doing this

Keep in mind that this is only a combo that is best if they are in range. If u wanna trade in lane. Like walk up to them Starting off with W is the best cuz then it buys time for u to do the passive and then Q.

A very important factor that you HAVE to know if u wanna be a good Lucian player is that ALL your abilities goes off instantly so you have to use the passive and taking this to advantage.

When you do the combo i told you earlier you have to basic attack, AS SOON as that basic attack has gotten off you instantly Q and then do the double shot, AS SOON as the doubleshot went off you need to W as fast as you can. And yeah this takes times to master your passive.

If someone or maybe 2 people are there the dash in is good ofc.

I will go into teamfights with Lucian later on in this guide.

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An important fact about Lucian is that ur Q(Piercing light) is not a skill shot but at the same time it is. sometimes you have to aim it.

In lane you can use your Q through minions and poke the enemy botlane.
This takes practice but most of the time the enemy adc or suppotr wont expect it that you snipe them with the Q.

The easiest way to start a trade not trade back. Is that as soon as u come in range for W (Ardent blaze) You use it and then u proc ur passive for most Effiency and the Q.

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Different Item paths depending on the game.

#1(Essence)If u get BF first back and have enough money for boots you should get those.

#2(Berserker) Some people go CDR boots on Lucian. Personally i dont like it because you lose alot of you damage because of it and i get Death´s dance which gives 10%CDR anyway. The reason i go deathsdance i will go into more detail later on.

#3(Statikk shiv) The attack speed item (The one that builds out of zeal) is also a choise you do. RFC (Rapid Fire cannon) is also an choise. I change my attack speed item depending on how the game goes.
1. ---If ur losing > Go statikk for Waveclear.
2. ---If ur winning> Go phantom dancer for even more attack speed and more dueiling power.
RFC is decent too mix it up if u like but i think my losing winning build theory is correct.

#4(Infinity Edge) So in most cases you want IE as 3rd item. I switch it up from time to time. Im gonna do the same theory as i did with the Attack speed item for this item slot.

1. ---If your team has alot of damage dealers and by that I mean u have any of these>Jungler/Mid/Top
Like Zed/Graves/Ahri/Azir/Gangplank. You could get Death´s dance for a more defensive option you will survive in fights easier so you can sustain.

2. --- If you have alot of tanks on your team IE is probaly the best choise because it is up to you to deal alot of damage to the enemy team.

3. --- If the enemy team has ALOT of armor and that is according to my criteria if 2 or more has over 200 ARMOR, i dont go Lord dom if they only have 1 that has 200 armor.

5# (Death´s Dance) You can check further down below why i go Death´s Dance,
1. --- Theres 1 Lifesteal item i would go in some occasions If they have alot of HP(Health) Stackers i would go get Blade of the ruined king because of the the Maxinum health shredding of BOTRK.
If their team has lets say for example, Sejuani in the jungle Maokai top and maybe braum support. I would go BOTRK (Blade of the ruined king) 100%

6# The last item is almost ALWAYS different for me. Here are some defensive choices for Defensive items as an adc
1. --- If their team has alot of Stuns you should go Quicksilver Sash (QSS) Note that QSS doesnt work against Debuffs anymore so you cant cleanse an Zed ult for example. So their enemy team has to have alot of stun like Braum Lissandra Leona.
2. --- If their team has only AP ( Magic damage) You should get Banshes Veil, it has a nice passive that can block some of their Powerfull spells once in a while and gives you alot of MR ( Magic resist)
3. --- If their team has alot of AD ( Attack damage or physical damage) You should consider going for Randuins Omen. As it gives alot of armor and health, when they engage you in a teamfight you can active you AOE slow around you and use your dash to get out.
4. --- If the game is very even and i feel ballsy and wanna go FULL yolo i just get another damage item like another attack speed item like PD/RFC/Statikk/ even BT/Ruin things like that.

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Death´s Dance RANT

The big standout in my Lucian build is the deathsdance. Why do i go Death+s Dance.

So whats the difference between Bloodthirster( The regular lifesteal item you get on lucian) and Death´s Dance.

It gives 10% CDR. With Death´s Dance you will have 40% CDR The maximum amount of CDR that you can have, Instead of going Ionian boots( CDR Boots) That gives u 40% CDR which most Lucian players build. You just go for Death´s Dance instead and u get 30% Attack speed on top of that instead of nothing basically.

But what about the lifesteal u might wonder heres another reason why i think Death´s Dance is better on Lucian.
The lifesteal Difference between BT and DD is only 5% Lifesteal

BUT You get heals of your Q you will heal more then what you do with ur basic attack.

Also if you have lets say 5-75% Health and you use your ultimate and you hit it. You will heal MASSIVEly you will be suprised by how much you actually heal by using your culling.

ON TOP OF ALL THIS : You have a higher chance of surviving ***asians, because ALL the damage you take is taken over 3 Secounds instead of instantly so you have time to Dash/Lifesteal with basic attacks/Ulting.

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THANKS FOR READING IF U ACTUALLY DID XD Its my first guide so y, lea

I play on EUWEST and my ingame name is Puri Reformed if you want to add me.

I would love to knowhow it went with my build. ALSO if you have any questions just message me or comment down here in the commenct section :)
Thanks for reading and have a great day