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Lulu Build Guide by Zlacks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zlacks

Lulu full support

Zlacks Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Welcome to my Lulu build, please note that this is a support build and you will NOT do much damage using it, so if you like doing "Tons of damage" don't use this build.

This is my first build, so please leave a comment and tell me what I can do better, then Ill be sure to take a look at it.

UPDATE: Since my build has been getting some nice feedback i will continue updating it, thank you everyone for rating this as one of the best Lulu builds out there!

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Pros / Cons


Good slows
Can shield
Can give an AP buff
Can silence enemy AP carry
Good AoE stun
Good babysitter
Can use Help, Pix! on enemies to make them visible for a short time
Can make Cho'Gath even bigger!!!


No heal
Can be squishy
If you don't play right you can be an easy target (REMEMBER YOUR CCs!!!)
Very slow movement

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This is your passive ability, every time you shoot an enemy with an auto-attack Pix will fire 3 bolts that deals magic damage. The bolts are homing but will damage anything in their way instead of just going to your target, this is VERY good when babysitting as it can be used to damage 2 minions at a time without using any mana as shown on the picture. (Picture coming soon!)

This ability is very useful when helping the team chasing or while being chased. Remember that if you use your Help, Pix! on an enemy, you can actualy make Pix shoot his Glitterlance from the enemy his at, use this on enemies in range combined with Glitterlance to slow enemies further away.

This can be used on both allies and enemies when cast on allies it will give them AP and movement speed for a short time. When cast on enemies it will polymorph the enemy so that they cannot use abilities (summoner spells still usable though). You should use this ability on the enemy team's AP carry, or use it on yourself to get movement speed and help secure a kill.

This is a very important abillity since you have no natural heals. It shields a target ally, or does damage to an enemy and grants you vision of them(enemy). This ability is very useful when trying to gank someone like Shaco, but be sure to cast it quick. In teamfights you should use this abillity on your AP carry since they are very likely to be targeted.

This is your ulti, it is cast on an ally to increase their HP for a few seconds when cast it will knock any enemies nearby into the air, and slow anyone near your target. This is very useful in teamfights if all of the enemy team is standing together your tank can easily run into them without dieing and your team can nuke them while stunned. Note that this abillity CAN be used to heal an ally (they keep the HP they get), but i don't think its a good idea in most situations.

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Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Quintessence of Gold
For runes I use: armor marks, mana-regen seals, magic resistance glyphs, 2 flat HP quints and 1 gold per 10 seconds.
I use these for some early armor which is very important if playing against strong ADs.

Greater Seal of Replenishment I use these because you need extra mana regen so you can use your abillites more often.

I these for some protection from strong APs.

These are very useful early game because you can be very squishy.

This is a very nice rune for supports since you shouldnt get any kills, this makes up for some of the gold you would get otherwise.

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Summoner Spells

This is the spells i recommend you use. Clairvoyance is very useful to check if the enemy team is taking Baron or reveal the enemy jungler. Heal is very good for Lulu because she has no natural healing abillities. There are a few other spells that can be used, but i recommend Clairvoyence and Heal.

Other possible combinations:

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Early Game (1-8)

Sight Ward

Get your items and go to bottom or top lane (you should go to the lane closest to enemy blue buff) and go place your ward at the enemy blue buff, you should ask one or more mates to go with you to prevent ganks. When the ward is placed go to your lane and keep an eye out for the jungler, if he goes for blue buff you should gank him with your lane mate and mid. When fighting in lane, you should shield your mate everytime he/she gets into fight with enemy champs. When you reach level 6 and get your ulti, you and your mate should be able to get a kill as it will help you catch the enemy, Lulu is a very good lane partner and should secure your mat some kills, in one of my first matches i played with a Renekton and we had 7 kills at level 8, so you should be able to get an assist or two :)

When you return to your base to buy first time you should ALWAYS buy Philosopher's Stone as it will give you more money so you can get your next items fast, also remember to buy some wards every time you go back to buy, as they will help you get dominant later on.

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Mid Game (9-14)

Philosopher's Stone

Now you should begin teamfighting. When you get into teamfights you should shield the one they seem to focus and use Whimsy on your AP carry or enemy AP carry. if the enemy team is getting to close to someone use your Wild Growth on him/her, when they get our of your stun you should use Glitterlance for a global slow. When not teamfighting you should ward.

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Late Game (15-18)

Philosopher's Stone orZeke's Herald

During this phase you should help your team get blue/red buff and help taking Baron, one VERY important thing in this phase is to ward baron with a Vision Ward if the enemy team tries to gank you, use Wild Growth and Whimsy this can turn a teamfight into your favor.

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Posible End Game item combinations

Recommended for most fights:

Shurelya's Reverie orZeke's Herald
Against strong ADs:

Shurelya's Reverie
Against strong APs:

Shurelya's Reverie orZeke's Herald

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You can use your Help, Pix! on enemies to make Pix follow them, when he is following them he will cast his part Glitterlance from that enemy this can be used to slow enemies pretty far away.

You can use your Whimsy on a champion like Nunu while he is using his Absolute Zero this will give him 60 AP more which will give his ultimate about 150 extra damage and secure the kills and some nice assists.

Help, Pix! is best used on an ally with high attack speed, as Pix will shot his bolts everytime the targeted ally auto attacks.

Whimsy can be used to get rid of ultis like Fiddlestick's Crowstorm or Nunu's Absolute Zero
(tip submited by Sleenky)

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2012-03-23: Released the build.
2012-03-24: Corrected some spelling mistakes and added the "Tips" section.