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Lulu Build Guide by Willstar07

Support Lulu,Welcome to the Glade!

By Willstar07 | Updated on January 17, 2013

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Bieng me, I accedentally hit the publish button, and never bothered to finish the guide. I'm currently working on it again, and hope to release the final version soon.
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Inroduction: Lulu, What kind of champion is she?

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Glade...

This is my Guide to Lulu, the Fae Sorceress, and just a word of warning, This guide may not work for everyone! This guide does have a lack of Aura abilities, and at first glance the Items may not look so good, but it is what I have been playing with this build. More options will be given in the Item section of the Guide.

Like I said, this guide may not work for everyone, and every item has a purpose for a different situation.

My History On Lulu

When I first joined the League of Legends scene, I was already an experienced battle arena player, so all I had to learn was the unique mechanics that made this game unique (Let it be known that the previous game I was playing now sucks in comparison). My second game I turned to Lulu (who just happened to be free.) and started picking up wins with her valuable support plays, and I've been player her ever since. This guide will help teach you how to be a total spam the unique powers of Lulu, in all stages of the game, and how to become basically a support carry.

Now for all who wish to enter, get ready...

Lulu is a support champion whose spells don't have a massively high damage output compared to supports like Zyra, Blitzcrank, or Leona, and doesn't give as good of buffs as Nunu, and has no heal at all. As I find counters that do well against Lulu I'll post them, but as of right now I have found only Soraka to be a major threat.

So the big question is, how can Lulu possibly be good? the answer lies in using the spells you have to buff allies and nerf foes. (See Ability Section for the breakdown.)
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How this build works:

Lulu used a combination of her spells and powerful activation items to do the most "damage" to her enemies. There items include things like Shurelya's Reverie, Shard of True Ice, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Michel's Crucible. One or Two Aura Items should obviously be thrown in, and don't forget dem lovely wards!


I like to use this build when I run Lulu, It's effective and often times can cause problems when your team decides to push. Although this build is okay in retreat, Shard of True Ice is quite useless when running, especially from ranged ADC champions, especially Vayne and Kog'Maw.
[*] Has hunt ability between Shard of True Ice and Shurelya's Reverie.
[*] The Locket of the Iron Solari gives every champion on your team more survivability.
[*] You are never on Cooldown, the only thing that can stop you is death!

Although it is true that you cant do any real damage, you can provide your allies with the buffs to do the killing, something that only Nunu rivals effectively.

This build follows a similar route of the original, but is more defensive with Makaiel's Crucible and Runic Bulwark instead of Shard of True Ice and Zeke's Herald. The Makael's choice build is all about the team fight, unlike the original. Makael's Cuicible is saved for when your ADC get's targeted, The Runic Bulwark is a great Aura, and everything else is played the same, but with Shurelya's as the initiation.
[*] More powerful team fight ability than the original.
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Pros / Cons *S*

[*] Lots of options for different situation.
[*] Low cool down time for continuous ability use.
[*] Not as squishy as other supports, like, SHES A FREAKING TANK!*
[*] Excellent Escape ability.
[*] Decent crowd control by late game.
[*] Whimsy will remove a critical, High damage target from the majority of a team fight.
[*] Good early game damage for a Support
[*] Makes a fully stacked Cho-Gath look like, just, your opponents will want to run okay?

[*] Mana will be drained by the end of 1 major team fight, or 2-3 small fights. (Depends on ability usage.)
[*] Low offensive power late game.
[*] Shut down easily if stunned then focused down, and they will want to focus you down! (Supports are just weird that way.)
[*] Difficulty, Playing this build effectively takes time, Pro Lulu's are made, NEVER born! Even if it already looks like your really good.
[*] Your opponents might not run from the Monster-Gath you can create, plus you might not get one every game!

*Careful, she has no armor, she dies way, WAY faster than a tank. Lulu should still be treated like an extremely squishy champion!
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Lulu's Combat Spells

Using this skill on a target location will cause both Lulu's coolest weapon, and essential for escapes and early game pressure. Glitterlance loses effectiveness as the game goes on, so it's a good idea to maximize it while it's still effective. This will slow your opponents down by a considerable amount, however the duration is rather short, meaning a flash will obviously undo the damage you just did.

Later in the game however, this spell is most effective on minions, and major bosses. After all, if you use Glitterlance instead of Orianna's Q and W combo to clear out a wave, its nearly as fast, and your APC has more mana than they would have had. Also good if your trying to be a ninja and go for towers yourself, but you get the point.
Lulu's most powerful ability, it has the ability to seriously buff out an ally or remove an enemy. This ability is always maxed out second, regardless if you pick Help, Pix! or Glitterlance to max out first, simply because you need the damage output in the early game. This ability's use is basically the same at any point, to zip around the map or help get the advantage in a fight.

Please note how cute the Fizzy creature from hell is, adore it while you can, because it wants to kill you!
The ability that I often refer to as the "Pix Bomb" (Duh, it sounds cooler!) this ability I find to be best effective in two situations, although good in others as well.
1. Early Game Escapes: At level 1, Help, Pix! is a shield that can save a life from an ignite or poison effect, and often times i'm using it to do so. The shield at this level SHOULD NOT be used as a primary deffense, as it is only really for surviving poison and ignite effects, and isn't effecttive until at least level 2. However, the damage output is still that of a level 2 Glitterlance at level 1, provides vision for a short time, and can give you a really weird Glitterlance angle!
2. Late Game Shielding: In the late game, you would think that this ability would seem to be more effective with Locket of the Iron Solari in play, but saving this ability until the later half of a team fight, when the shielding effect is gone and champions are starting to weaken or die, this shield can actually help an ally pull of a kill by giving them that additional 50 HP that they needed to kill an enemy, which is obviously good when the death timers get really long.

This ability is Lulu's Greatest CC, and not just because it knocks foes into the air, but because an ally, (Preferably the melee champion who started the fight... usually) gets additional maximum HP, and appears very intimidating. This ability doesn't do anything to boost attack power, but it can (and usually will) disrupt the enemy team if placed well. At level 18 this ability with have less than a 50 second cooldown, which is shorter than the Item Cool downs! This means that you can freely spam this ability to save an ally, or help kill an enemy, the key thing is to spam it where and when you need it, but not recklessly or stupidly, after all, this is your ultimate spell!
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Activation Items, Chasing or Retreating spells

This is your teams major shield for the start of a team fight, as it provides a shield that gives 50 (+10 per level) life, which at level 18 is a whopping 230, which may not seem like a ton, but this is actually enough to stand up to one or two spells before going down, and this shield can actually save lives as you retreat. Here are the time that the Locket should probably be used, and this list starts obviously with the start of the team fight. The initial shield bonus is something that your opponents probably won't see, because they are too focused on the fight and whether or not the spells are working. One of the keys to this, is ether predicting a team fight a second before it is initiated, or at it is getting started, because right after you use locket, your probably going to be moving to your combat spells.

Simplified Version

[*] Provides Additional Health and Armor for more Survivability
[*] Provides a Shield that can help your team survive anything from small skirmishes to major team fights!
[*] Provides a 10% cooldown reduction.

Shard of True Ice is an item that has many, many uses, and its relativity cheap to get as well! It has the lucky shadow, which gives you an additional four gold every 10 seconds. If we do the math on this, saying that you get Shard of True Ice at the 25 minute mark, and saying that the match goes on for 55 minutes, your looking at an additional 720 gold! Okay so that might not be so impressive, but the two other effects are definatly worth your money, because you provide an aura that allows all nearby allies an additional 6 mana regen per 5 seconds, which is obviously very good for after a small skirmish with foes, or just using your mana for clearing waves. The other effect, which is the main reason for me picking this spell, is that you can buff an ally with a blizzard which for 4 seconds, slows all enemy champions movement speed by 30%, and combining that with a slow from Glitterlance and with Shurelya's Reverie Will ensure that no enemy escapes you.

Simplified Version

[*] Gives a small gold boost, at 4 additional gold every 10 seconds.
[*] Provides a Mana Regen that effects all nearby allies.
[*] Upon activation, the selected ally champion creates a blizzard that, for 4 seconds, slows all nearby enemy champions.

Shurelya's Reverie is obviously a very useful item, as it has been used by supports for the longest time! This items gives both health and mana regen, gives a 10% cooldown rediction, and most importantly, provides a 40% boost in movement speed for all nearby allies upon activation! It's the perfect item to rush to a critical target that would normally be unreachable. Getting from your base to your opponents base with Shurelya's Reverie takes only about 15-20 seconds with boots, which is obviously pretty fast!

Simplified Verson

[*] Gives an additional 250 Health
[*] Additional 10 Health and Mana regen per 5 seconds.
[*] 10% Cooldown reduction, so you can spam your combat spells more!
[*] Upon activation, you an nearby allies gain 40% more movement speed for 3 seconds!

Other Activation Items

This is an item that I really don't like very much, I mean sure it's powerful in theory, but it has a few major flaws:

[*] It would be in place of ether Locket of the Iron Solari, or Zeke's Herald, and would be in front of Kage's Lucky Pick in the Stage 2 part of the build.
[*] You cannot use it on yourself while you are stunned, silenced, taunted, or under a fear effect, leaving only root and slow effects left.
[*] Most silences and stuns will be on more than one target at a time, and you would have to pick one in the short duration of the effect.
[*] It takes up critical combat time that could be used to Whimsy or Wild Growth a target.

In short, there are are better items more worth your time, but I encourage you to run this item if it works for you.
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Other Items in the build

This is one of the core items of any support build, after all, for only 1300 total gold, it can save you hundreds of wards if you buy it early on, which of course is how the build is designed. The advantage to Ruby Sightstone, which only allows three wards up at any given time, as opposed to five sight wards, which can all be out, is the free cost every time you go back, and the three-hundred Health that the item also gives. So, in short, this is why Ruby Sightstone:
[*] Wards are re-stocked every time you return to the spawn for free.
[*] Gives 300 additional Hp, ad opposed to the 0 for regular wards.

These are the boots you are going to want, and for one reason, cooldown reduction. The more cooldown reduction you have, the more you can spam the combat spells. Some might run Boots of mobility instead of Ionian simply because there is already so much cooldown reduction in this build already, and sure you can run it, but between Whimsy and Shurelya's Reverie, you have the speed you need, so the extra cooldown will get Whimsy up faster after using it to boost your speed.
[*] Gives 15% Cooldown Reduction, SPAM DEM SPELLS!

The item that will support your AD carry very well, this item will provide any ally near you with a 10% life steal buff and a +20 damage buff. This will mostly support your AD carry, and will have very little effect on an AP champion at all. However
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