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Lulu Build Guide by AelorasTheBlack

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AelorasTheBlack

Lulu, your building WHAT!?

AelorasTheBlack Last updated on March 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings all! This is my very first guide so please keep an open mind and at least attempt the build before trolling :) Lulu is an excellent support just by the nature of her abilities alone. DPS Lulu however is definantly a force to be reckoned with. Once you have a hero in your grasp its quite difficult for them to get away.

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This rune setup allows you to easily maintain a lane fairly well with mana regen and typical magic pen, flat AP just for a bit of oomph to you abilities and cooldown reduction as Lulu's cooldowns aren't LONG but they do have a moderate cooldown time.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Is a very good spell in pretty much any situation. Allowing you to run or catch an enemy.

Ignite - Despite your wide array of slows there will be times the enemy will almost get away. This spell prevents it and adds to your overall dps.

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At the beginning standard Boots of Speed 3 Health Potion's and quickly farm and build that into a Malady. I know, yes i do, people will be automatically raging at the build but the Malady is there for a few reasons. 1: To proc Pix, Faerie Companion quickly and to get that bit of dps in. 2: a bit of cheap ability power as even when this and boots is all you have, Glitterlance hurts like a mother. Use this to your advantage. Since a lot of her spells are single target damage Rylai's Crystal Scepter Does get the full slow. Nashor's Tooth Is basically a Malady on steroids. Giving more attack speed, and a decent amount of AP and some very nice cooldown reduction. Rabbadon's Deathcap speaks for itself.

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Pros / Cons

Pros - Great dps, wide array of cc, excellent against carries, she has a frikin FAIRY!

Cons - Once cc'd she can be bursted quite easily, difficult to splitter Glitterlance in different directions, Help, Pix! shield is quite weak till late game.

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Skill Sequence

Max Glitterlance first as this is your main nuke but dont take a point in it till level 2 as Whimsy Has more utility. It can increse your movespeed if you are ganked. And cc and enemy with surprising efficiency. Take a point in Help, Pix! at level 4 instead of Whimsy Just for positioning rather than damage. If you read Glitterlance Pix and Lulu fire the bolt of energy. It doesn't have a very long range and Pix can help with that. I will talk more about Pix and the ability positioning later in the guide. Her ultimate Wild Growth is insanely good. It can save allies, and you. Say a Karthus is going to ult and you can get killed by it. Ulti up. A friend is going to die in a 1v1? NO PROBLEM! theyre getting away!? They won't get far! So remember your typical combo. Q, W, E, Q and remember if its a tough opponent that can easily burst you before you get your combo off, ult.

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Significante Lane Opponents

Please remember this section is a work in progress and i will be putting more significant lane opponents soon. Please tell me what you think in a comment. Thank you again for reading!

Heimerdinger - I need to start with this guy as he is by far THE MOST DIFFICULT i have had to deal with mid lane. Though he is difficult, he can be beat. His rockets do out range your Glitterlance quite easily. Remember how this whole guide i have been harping on Pix positioning? Now's the time for the little guy to shine! Place Pix on a minion closer to Heimerdinger and Glitterlance him to the ground. If you can get an ally to get you a blue buff it can turn this chore much easier. Just remember to keep your distance and passively farm. If hes low on mana, you shouldnt need Pix to use Glitterlance. If hes low on HP but trying to stay in lane, as it will inevitably be pushed, ulti up, and flash into range, and use your combo. Q, W, E, Q. And remember if Glitterlance is off cooldown and Help, Pix! is still active on him, go to where Pix is with your camera, and kill him with Glitterlance.

Brand - Another difficult laner, Brand will attempt to get you with Pillar of Fire just keep on your toes and if your in a bad position, Whimsy yourself as you losing some mana is better than losing a lot of hp. If he is running and slowed and you are attempting to auto attack him to death, keep moving. Attack, move forward, attack, move forward. This will make it more difficult for him to land his combo on you and stun you. Do this even when 1v1ing him. Dont stand still. It is NOT in your best interest. In a 1v1 your combo should work easily.

Ahri - Ahri has excellent survivability through her passive and her Orb of Deception she can deal a massive amount of damage in a short amount of time. Be wary of her Orb and Charm Fox-Fire does deal a significante amount of damage but not something you cant take. At 6 Ahri can and will get away from you if you are getting her low with her Spirit Rush. Let her take the fight to you in the early stages. If you get your hp low and have to tower hug she will attempt to Spirit Rush in most likely. Once she does, Ult immediately. Use Whimsy before Glitterlance , E, and Q again. Granted you only want to do this if she is going to dive you. Be wary of the Orb of Deception’s she will be constantly hurling at you. And keep minions between the two of you as Charm will be your undoing.

Caitlyn - is an overall ***** in lane. Shell lay traps, and shell keep shooting Piltover Peacemaker’s at you which do a pretty large amount of damage. Once she has a Headshot ready DO NOT ENGAGE UNTILL IT IS USED UP! This can be the difference beween surviving and dieing horribly. Keep firing off your Glitterlancees and keep her guessing. As with Pix’s positioning you can fire it from nearly everywhere around her. So keep her guessing, confuse her with where the other lance is coming from. When she tries to ult you or an ally now is a good time to Whimsy and stop her in her tracks. If shes out of reach and enemies are guarding her block the shot if you can. And look out for those traps!

Karthus - Karthus isn’t particularly difficult, just remember with Brand. Keep on your toes to avoid his **** he'll be throwing at you constantly and you can easily pick him off. The only real thing of note here is that you can cancel his ult with your Whimsy. Be ever vigilante and pay attention to your ally health bars and watch Karthus for his ultimate and once he gets a second or two into it Whimsy him immediately. This should buy enough time for an ally to recall back to base.

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Lulu is an excellent ganker. She has an incredibly wide array of cc. The only problem is having someone who can close the gap between them and an enemy is key. As your main ganking tool will be your ultimate, Wild Growth. Tell one of your allies to start attacking the enemy, once that happens immediatly ulti them up, particualrly if they are low hp and Q, W, E, Q. If you need some more dps ignite is always useful.

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Getting Ganked

As you know there are several great gankers in the game and getting ganked as Lulu can be odd. She can easily get away from gankers only if you can get the combo right. Most people turn around and use Whimsy on the ganker and the person who was in the mid lane, like Ashe for example, will turn right around and use Frost Shot pretty much disabling your escape, and Whimsy at this stage does not last too long which will buy time for the ganker to get un polymorphed and you get bursted. You have to keep your cool in ganks and remember Whimsy yourself as apposed to the ganker. This can generally get you in a better situation as Whimsy gives you a pretty significant move speed increase and Help, Pix! gives you a minor shield should you need it. Always remember your ult in a worst case scenario.

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Tower Diving

Another thing that is extremely easy with Lulu, except maybe someone with an intense cc. Such as another Lulu or Sona. Ulti up someone who can take a beating, dive in, and keep casting your combo. Remember if Glitterlance isn't in range, use Help, Pix! on an ally or an enemy minions and shoot off a Glitterlance for the slow.

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Using Pix

Pix is Lulu's faerie that just kinda floats at her side adding damage to her attacks as she does and is the sole purpose of her E, Help, Pix!. I like thinking of using Pix as I would Orianna's ball. Pix can be placed on enemies AS WELL as on allies. remember that Glitterlance is used by both Pix and Lulu. Which means if Pix is on an enemy and they are getting away, fire off a Glitterlance from Pix's perspective and stop them in their tracks. Same with allies. Pix can help them with catching someone or dpsin them down even if Lulu herself is out of range.

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In conclusion, Lulu is a powerful dps champion who can play a decent support role as well should you desire. Personally, I think she has too much dps output to be played support, but if its what your team needs, go support. Thank you all for taking the time to read my first guide and hopefully of this goes over well i will make another :)

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Proof you say?

Please disregard the teemo game ^^