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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rhino22


Rhino22 Last updated on March 26, 2011
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LUSTY SHOTS is a build about SPEED and DAMAGE.

The items are really cheap.
Your damage and attack speed are surprisingly pleasant.

I have destroyed other AD characters with ease whilst having weaker and cheaper items.


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Doran's Shield: Regen and armour allows you to last longer than if you had Doran's Blade

Boots of Swiftness: Miss Fortune has a base speed of 300 which is really slow. it doesnt matter that she has a bonus passive speed because during a team fight you are bound to get hit and this way you are more likely to escape than if you had movement enhancement 2. i find that having these boots usually saves my life a few times and gets me kills a few times so its well worth having over the other sets of boots. but personality applies here. whatever floats your boat.

Vampiric Sceptre: this item is a must because it will keep you healthy and farming for early to mid game. I feel lost without it

Malady: Malady is a wonderful item i've discovered. 20 extra damage and -6% magic resist stacks. as i have said before the magic resist reduction builds on the impure shot magic damage and the malady magic damage. The build is central around this item as getting to 4 stacks with this item and impure shots maximises your damage. so getting to those 4 stacks quickly is really important

Wit's end: this item is another treasure in my chest of items. mana burn, Magic resist and attack speed, enough said. this item also feeds off malady's resist reduction

Blood Razer: This item is a must. the magic damage here is YET ANOTHER piece of magic damage that will be causing pain. You'll probably see whats going on by now. i'm stacking all the magic damage with impure shots and speed to expand my dps

Hextech gunblade: This item is an excellent addition to the mix. Besides the awesome slow activation it has spell vamp aswell as lifesteal bonuses. it is a great survivability item

Trinity Force: love this item, it is a great all round item which benefits everything

Infinity edge: This item i use to replace Malady if im rich enough to afford it.

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Why is this build so beautiful?

WHY is this build So Beautiful?

I shall take an example of one play session the other night.

Consider this all items are on attack speed i had about 2 attacks per second.
Physical Damage: +- 150
Malady:20 magic (-6resist)
Impure Shot: 12,24,36,48 magic
Wits End: 42 magic
BloodRazer: 80 magic (4% of 2000hp)

1st Shot
(150,20+12+42+80) -6 magic resist (used excel, magic resist reduction =3%(100resist)-7%(0 resist) increase in damage)

2nd Shot

3rd Shot

4th Shot
(150, (20+48+42+80)*1.09)

5th Shot and from then on
(150, (20+48+42+80)*1.12

304,321,339,357,363,363...... This damage is 50/50 magic physical. you will punish their weaknesses no matter what

And its just amazing watching 5 lines of damage text floating above your opponent.

TRUST me, this build is Great fun.

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Play Style

Early Game
Mid is desirable for early resource gathering (experience and money). But i find that Miss Fortune is better top or bot since she is not strong soloing verse some of the better solo classes .i go Doran's Shield just because of survivability. I tried Dorans blade or vampiric sceptre to no obvious advantage. I have more health with the shield and can focus on last hitting.

Mid Game

As you develop your items you should have Malady and Wits end & bloodrazer(if lucky) by now. Dont be silly and start fights because you are too weak.

Its ideal if you join fights a bit late so you can unleash your damage without being targeted. you should be hurting quite a lot at this stage so take advantage of the team fights. Make sure to activate Impure shots for attack speed and make it rain to slow opponents. Dont use Bullet time for a team fight unless you can hit all the minions too. For this build it is a farming only spell. And during team fights you are much better off shooting than casting that spell. For 1 its so easy to dodge and 2 it makes you an easy target for stunning or killing. And what if you hesitate and bail early because of the second point? You have totally wasted your ulti.

Good uses of bullet time is when you are behind trees and shooting into a battle. Or shooting from a distance at your opponents attacking your tower. Usually these 2 situations guarantee that your safe (most important) and you farm the creeps hitting your tower.

Late Game
I always find that late game once you have bloodrazer and hextech gunblade you do crazy amounts of speedy damage, but as usual you are a soft glass gannon so dont be too audacious. just go in and claim the kills that everyone is trying to get but lack the dps.

I find that you can take on other Dps champions quite easily. Maybe they have infinity edge, blood thirster and armor penetration. So what!? You attack 3 times faster than them. And with lifesteal and magic vamp you are easily going to do twice the amount of damage and steal more life. Ive had people jaw dropping after losing to me. Its funny. And the best part is that my items were cheaper :D
Be careful nonetheless, tanks, dps and Ability power champions can kill you quickly so be sure to be in a team fight not in a solo fight. As long as they are hitting something else you will have free reign to kill them in about 8 shots. Which is not long considering all the attack speed items

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Farming with Miss Fortune is Bliss. use MAKE IT RAIN when there are a fresh 6 pack of creeps. Always pick off the weak minion mages at the back first.

Whenever there is an opportunity use your ulti BULLET TIME on all 6 creeps. you arent wasting it. Miss fortune's ulti is so easy to avoid and its much better spent farming because during team fights you will do more damage shooting than casting that spell. I can easily hit 200+ creep kills every game(much harder when losing) my personal best is 336.

Always be killing something(jungle or laning). And Reduce going back to base as much as you can.With Boots of swiftness doran's and vapiric sceptre you wont need to go back.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence

The skill order is Impure shots and Make Rain until level 6. I don't choose double up because it isn't and effective spell for the mana it uses. Rather save the skill point and save the mana for Make it rain. This will make you a better Farmer. Impure shots is a great early game spell since the passive is increased damage which is always nice plus the build is central to this ability. Use Impure shots active if you can to hit your early opponents when they are using a health potion. this is great to keep their health low. Also the active is an awesome attack speed boost and should always be used before going into battle.

Rune Choice
I chose Attack speed and move speed to boost the obvious. These assets are always nice and work well with the 'get to 4 stacks on malady quick' theory.
The Vitality boost is there to hopefully increase your survivavbility. Your Best Defence is a good Offense. If you dont kill them first you will die. so this helps the player kill first
Magic Penetration is great because half of her damage is magic damage. This will strongly boost her magic damage and thus her ability to slay noobs
I also chose a quintessance for mana regen as Miss fortune's mana supply is an issue. but hopefully if you play smart and dont waste mana on Double up you should have enough to do your usual abilities