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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slxiii

Lux: CC and Team Support

slxiii Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lux is an amazing champion if played correctly, however many Lux players seem content to just spam their Ult in an attempt to get(or steal) a kill. This guide focuses primarily on utilizing Lux as a viable team support and CC/Burst champion.

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Most of the items in this build should be self explanatory. Doran's Ring still gives a good value for starting off, though wanting to get a less well rounded starting item is definitely acceptable. Kage's Lucky Pick is the first step to the late-game Deathfire Grasp as well as a good supplement to your farming efforts. Fiendish Codex is the next part of the build, and it gives you AP, Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction- all of which are very good things for Lux. I next usually get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, though sometimes it is more advantageous to get Sorcerer's Shoes. Rod of Ages gives you survivability, AP, and Mana, plus it will scale with you over ten minutes, making it absolutely essential. Rabadon's Deathcap is usually my next item, followed by finishing off Deathfire Grasp for a bit more kick. If the game still continues, Void Staff will help you get the most out of your damage, and Zhonya's Hourglass gives you a tad bit more survivability.

A note: Do not buy a Mejai's Soulstealer . Yes, it is a lot of AP, but it is also expensive, and it is only POTENTIALLY a lot of AP. If you're getting enough kills to make it useful, then you don't need it, and if you aren't then it isn't effective.

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Skill Sequence

Start out by getting Light Binding. This skill will save your life, save your teammates, and help you get kills. It prevents early game ganks against your team and sets up early game ganks on the enemy team. Use this skill sparingly, it is not a harass or farming tool.

Lucent Singularity Is your next skill, and your most important early-mid game. The reason you don't want to max it out early is simply for conservation of mana. Use this in conjunction with Lux's excellent passive for farming and harassment.

Finales Funkeln Is your ult and main asset as far as damage goes. Very good AP scaling makes this ability very powerful, very fast. Use this in conjunction with Light Binding to make nearly any champion feel the pain. It's long range lets you pick off low health enemies who think they are safe enough to recall as well.

Prismatic Barrier Is an amazing skill with many uses. I have this as the last skill to max on this guide because it's duration never increases beyond 3 seconds. Around mid game when team fights start to become more common, you should definitely pick up this skill ASAP. Use it to assist a fleeing ally, mitigate damage in team fights, or save an ally from a tower shot.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ghost Exhaust because it is a good all-around combo for helping your team to pick of fleeing stragglers and get your own *** out of the fire when things get rough. Many times if you are getting focused in a team fight, you can ghost out of the immediate area, then re-enter the team fight when your pursuers choose a closer target.

Other spells you may want to take:
Flash - Not my favorite. It's a good escape tool, but Lux doesn't have too much of a need to use it offensively.
Teleport - A very under-appreciated skill, however it doesn't synergize with Lux well.
Heal and Clarity - These just aren't my cup of tea. Better to avoid damage and not spam spells than waste a Summoner Spell.
Clairvoyance - another underestimated Spell. Always good to have intel on enemy movements. This spell also has a very short CD compared to others. Again though, not synergistic with Lux.
Cleanse - A good spell, but if you're being stunned it's either in a team fight or because you're getting ganked. Lux is already very squishy, so I don't think it changes her odds of surviving either way.

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Team Work / Ganking

Ideally Lux should take mid or top solo, but your team composition may make it more advantageous to lane with a partner. Partner up with a beefy melee character if possible, Malphite, Sion, Taric, Amumu are all great laning partners. Lux is a very enticing target for the enemy team, so try to use this to your advantage by baiting them into a gank. If you are up top with lowered health, call up your mid or jungler to help gank. All you need to do is chill in a bush and Light Binding when the enemy comes to chase you. Auto-attack quickly for the passive, then Finales Funkeln. This alongside your partner's damage can take down any single target and usually heavily damage or kill another.

When on the winning side of a group fight or gank, throw down your Lucent Singularity to block off enemy escape routes. When on the losing side, use Lucent Singularity and Prismatic Barrier to help get yourself and teammates out of the fire.

Use Finales Funkeln in group fights whenever the enemy is clustered up, or whenever you can hit their squishies. Even if you don't get a kill like this, you can cause their CC and support to back out of a fight, leaving the rest of their team damaged and outnumbered.

When you go for a fight with your team, stay aware of where all of their team members are. If you notice their Sion is missing, watch your team's back during the course of the fight, as he may be coming up behind you or to your sides. Light Binding will lock them in place and keep them out of the fight long enough for your team to mop up.

Always use Light Binding to throw a wrench in your enemies plans. If an enemy is fleeing, Light Binding and Lucent Singularity can slow them enough for your team to finish them. If the enemy is coming up for a gank, Light Binding can freeze up to two champions, allowing for an escape and an occasional counter-gank.

Use Lucent Singularity to check bushes on your flank, to scout Baron and dragon from safety, to check for the locations of the enemy.

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Around mid game you will want to participate in some light jungling. using Lucent Singularity and your passive can mop up wolves and wraiths nicely, and you can always assist your team in getting dragon. If you're going for Baron however, keep your eyes on the enemy's position at all times, and scout around to check for a gank. Your damage output to Baron will not be missed, but your team will love you forever if you Light Binding 2/5 of the enemy team as a distraction.

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Lucent Singularity is your ONLY farming tool. Try to throw it behind the melee minions so that the edge touches the caster minions. Detonate it, auto attack the caster minions, then last hit any remaining minions. Finales Funkeln can clear an entire wave of minions, however this should usually only be a side effect of you aiming for a weak member of their team.

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In short, Lux is an amazing team player with a very good damage output. She has one of the most fun skill combos in the game, and her Ultimate is practical and entertaining. Please leave a comment before voting, and add any constructive criticism you find necessary.