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Lux Build Guide by Dystinct

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dystinct

Lux, the end of the rainbow.

Dystinct Last updated on February 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

Guide Top

proof that it works

Welcome to my Lux guide! I play her as a mid lane glass cannon AP carryish person. And she was the first champion I bought when I started playing LoL.

please note that the 15/2/25 that I lost was due to an intentionally feeding Zilean, and the 3/11/12 was a 4v5. I don't feel like redoing this a thousand times so that I get all wins because I think you guys can just trust me instead.

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1.0 Saturday, July 9. 2010
-published guide.

1.1 Sunday, July 10. 2010
-lots of small fixes and notes
-added to a few pages
-prepared for update 2.0

2.0 Saturday, July 11. 2010
-did a major overhaul! :D(I won't state the smaller things I did because it would take forever)
-fixed various images not showing up.
-Added section: Why Abyssal Scepter?
-added section: Elixer of Brilliance
-added section: To do
-added section: Situational Items
-added 3 other various sections
-mixed quintessences and runes around
-overhauled "Basic Combos"
-removed a TON of the unnecessary pictures and colours
-added a picture to simply summarize the entire explanation for some categories (ie combo order)

2.1 Tuesday, July 12. 2010.
-added photo of my match history as Lux
-added section: alternative Summoners
-added section: items
-changed colours of some sections that were overly-flamboyant
-added acknowledgements section

2.2 Wednesday, October 5th. 2010.
-changed clarity to flash.
-started section on dominion.
-updated to do's

2.3 Saturday, November 26th. 2011.
-Updated for new masteries
-new way I play
-different items, etc

Guide Top

To do:

-Laning + Laning combos

-make a video

-better match history screenshot

-add edited photos with arrows etc. To make it more visually comprehensive.

-finish Dominion section (also plan to make a new build clickable along the top for dominion at a later date)

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about me + how I'm qualified

This is my build about Lux, the end of the rainbow. It's gathered with ideas from my friends, both experienced level 30s, one of which has played Lux since the beginning, and from my own experiences over time. I should probably give credit to Shm0's guide: as I used his summoner ideas. (At this date due to the change in the meta game during ranked I use flash as oppose to clarity, and grab a few mana potions earlier in the game)

I started playing Lux as the first person I could afford to buy. At first I sucked, of course. Seeing as she was all skill shots. And my friends raged at me incessantly. But then eventually I started listening to him and doing what he said and it finally started working out. However, once or twice a game he'd tell me to do something, and I'd try it, but it'd get me killed and not be worth it. So I decided to start doing what I thought I should, not what he said. Even though everything I did was based off of him. And that's how I learned everything I have now. And if he read this build, a year or so back, I'd say it's changed enough that he wouldn't recognize it as his own.

anyways, enough about me. Let's get this party started! =)

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Why Lux? =)

so where to start? She's awesome. It's fun to ks people first of all. (Not that I'm saying that's a good idea. Ksing is a horrible mean thing. Never ks. And if you do ks, it's okay. Cuz u say DEMACIAAAA!)

It's also really awesome when you get those blind snipes, though even if you miss most of the time, those three or four times that game you get a blind shot on that escaping ammumu with no health, or a triple kill with your Finales Funkeln , it's a great feeling :D

she can also do a metric ***ton of damage late game if she's played right, and also save a lot of people, depending on how you play her.

OH ****! He's dying! *goes and kills the person killing him*

OH ****! He's dying! *goes and snares the person killing him, then shields the person running away, then slows them with her Lucent Singularity, then tanks any skill shots with her shield.

and of course she also has some pretty neat mechanics. A double snare is something that's wonderful early game with your Lucent Singularity and even later game with your Lazor. It's fun to be running away, then as soon as it comes off cooldown, double snare the people chasing you (experience may vary. Not recommended for mundo) and then Lucent Singularity, and proceed to PEW their faces off.

oh and it's also pretty nice to say: Shhh! I'm charging my lazor! in a bush with your friend before you DEMACIAAAAA and get a penta.

'Course I've never done that... But the time will come... It will...

it's kinda like you have the chance to get a million dollars and you decide to have some ice cream first :)
(and if you ever do that, Chocolate Chunks is the way to go)

Guide Top

<(-.-<) abilities (>-.-)>

Psv: Illumination.
Places a debuff on every unit hit for 6 seconds. If Lux attacks it, it will deal magic damage to them and remove the debuff. Late game you will most likely not be popping your passive the majority of the time. At around level 4 or 5 with this, you can Lucent Singularity a caster minion wave and one hit them all with auto attacks

Q: Light Binding
your light binding is a double long range skill shot snare. It's used to save allies, snare for your ultimate, save yourself, and everything else snares can be used for (snaring at turrets, snaring for your passive (early game) and even for the damage itself.)

W: Prismatic Barier.
throws a shield in one direction, shielding all allies it hits for a few seconds, then comes back to you and shields them again if it hits them, refreshing the shield, not adding on to it. This is good late game for defense against ults like Karthus' or nidalee spears, or else Lux could just be 1 shotted and there's no fun in that. It's good early game for shielding allies and yourself from minions when chasing, or from ignites and in fights when you have the mana.

E: Lucent Singularity
this one is a thrown aoe spell that slows enemys that go through it and lasts 5 seconds or so before detonating automatically. Lux can detonate it whenever she wants in between when it's cast and when it self detonates. It also provides vision. This is good for scouting, scouting so you detonate your passive on enemies in a bush, slowing chasing enemies, bursty damage late game, and farming.

R: Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln (what I call: Mah Lazor)
Lux charges a long ranged lazer for half a second, a red line appears where it will shoot. It hits everywhere on the line at the same time. This is her main damage paired with her Lucent Singularity. Once you've harassed them low enough with Lucent Singularity, you should be able to finish them off with one combo and a Finales Funkeln at the end. But if you're in a teamfight it will be mainly used at the start when they're grouped, and at the end when they're split up, to snipe a weaker runaway.

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Pros + Cons


very bursty late game
has awesome shift1 and shift2
extremely short cooldowns late game
long ranged ultimate
long ranged abilities in general
can use ultimate for harass and minion farm
can use ultimate to steal buffs and/or baron/dragon
can use ultimate for the lulz
can just plain old use ultimate. (I know, boring, right? But someone had to do it :P)


very squishy
easy to damage
can't carry *DIRECTLY* very well
not much health
reliant on team
can't take much damage b4 dying
takes, *gasp!* some skill to play
easily killed
no good skins (IMO)
did I mention she's squishy?

now I know when I say Lux can't carry, I'm stepping in uncertain ground, as many guides, including the top rated ones say she can, and they say anyone who says she can't is stupid. Well I'm telling you what I know from lots of experience and she can't. at least not directly. Sure you can shoot all your abilities and deal a TON of damage but you most likely won't be getting more than 2 kills each team fight. The chance that everyone will be standing in one spot for all your aoe spells is so miniscule that skill doesn't really matter in this case.

however it is very likely you will do a ton of damage. Possibly 3 and a half people worth, if you're doing well, allowing your team to finish them up, and remember, this IS NOT CARRYING. It is indirect. If you have an ad carry, they will probably get most of the kills in the fight. You should be attacking when the enemies are all grouped, not when there are a few stragglers all split up, and that's usually at the start of the fight. Once the fight is over and the stragglers are running, that's when you whip out your ultimate that just came off it's 24 second cooldown and own their faces with a LAZORRRRR.


Guide Top


personally, I hate all this rune ****. And items too. I just like to do the playing part. But it kinda does make sense that you have to counteract fed opponents and go different paths with your character. I guess. :(

well my entire build is basically based on flat ap

(except for zhonya's, but that's okay because it keeps you alive long enough to use your ap :O) so for runes I go Greater mark of insight (because who doesn't want it?)

Greater seal of Clarity because... Well... It sounds cool! :D
and because it gives you MORE MANA for MORE SPAMMING!
also, if you ever have a team that for some reason doesn't let you have blue every single time (GASP!) then this is nice too :P

and finally, greater glyph of force for that little boost of ability power. That no one really notices until late game but is still there :D

also, for the quintessences, I lied about the greater quintessences of potency.
to be honest with you, I'm stuck between 2 decisions. Deceptive health, or durp ap.
if you want first blood, go ahead and run in and get your bonus 14 ap. I'm sure it will help


you can get 3 quintessences that give 26 health each, giving you 78 bonus health which the other team won't expect. Especially because you have some from your Doran's ring also. So then they'll try to kill you and they'll be thinking: Glass cannon... Weak... One combo.. Then they'll do that, you kill them and get away with 78 health. Then in chat they say: LUCK! And you say, No.. Quintessences.. And my awesome build :D

so or ?

I guess ap runes makes the most sense but I'm still attached to that bit of health at the start to mess them up. So sue me for being different.

Guide Top

Masteries + summoners

gee I use smileys a lot...
that's better :)

so anyways. For a simplified version of masteries, I go 4/0/21
I put 4 for AP in the offense tree, and then leave that tree alone after that.
then I leave my defense tree empty because we're gonna play it safe earlier game and late game you should be killing everyone before they get to you, having your tank intercept them, and if he can't then using your . So you won't need defense.
after that I spend the rest on utility, grabbing swiftness and meditation, and runic affinity for blue buff along the way. If you're having troubles with mana early game just grab an extra Doran's ring and deal with it. It helps with mana, and especially for focusing down mundo. (he just never dies, does he?)

keep in mind I play mid lux most of the time as it works way better, but for supporting Lux you will want to consider not getting runic affinity, and getting Scout, greed, and wealth, as opposed to Swiftness.

and for summoners I go . Why? Dystinct? Why? Why not ! The wondersummoner? Or ? The... Oh wait..

I find ghost isn't that necessary seeing as you're already far enough out of most team fights, and you should have flash or zhonya's to back you up.

ohhh... And the . Ah yes. Well you may have noticed earlier but I did mention the following formula:

+ Finales Funkeln = dead.

This works supremely well early game teleporting to towers when someone tries to dive and gets away low health, and also very dandy late game for teleporting to minions and sniping runaway Mundos.

Scratch that last bit. Mundo doesn't run away O.O

Guide Top

Alternative Summoners

as I pointed out already, + Finales Funkeln = dead. I must have gotten something along these lines an average of once every game I play. It also forces people to commit. Say I teleport in top when someone is about to tower dive, if they notice right away they might be able to run, but then we 2v1 them. If they notice, and decide to tower dive because they know we can 2v1 them, then you can do one of three things:
1. Kill them. Binding at the tower is practically an insta kill if it's not a tank and they have less than half health.
2. Snare them and run. Easier said than done.
3. Shield your ally and tank any skill shots. I rarely find myself doing the skill shot tanking part, but every once in a while it does happen.

I don't think I have to talk much about this one. It's great for getting that mana back early game, and every time someone's considering trying to kill you because you're low mana, they have to think twice because you might have clarity up. And if they do attack you, and you do have clarity, then you can hit them with your full combo when all they thought you could do is snare. Also, tricking the other team into thinking you're oom then popping clarity when they jump you and smashifiscating their faces works surprisingly well.
(Note how I avoided a Mundo joke there)

Flash is nice to have around whenever you mess up in your positioning, or someone tries to take you down with them before dying. It's just generally an amazing summoner to have on anyone.

this is also a good escape mechanism when a singed is chasing you down or your team just got owned and you're the only one left alive and there's that one moment of awkward silence where everyone kinda looks at you like, she's so dead. MUST GET ASSIST! And your team kinda looks at you like, OMFG I'm so glad she got ghost not teleport! GOGOGO!

Guide Top


-some ap to start with
-a nice bit of health
-your ONLY mana regen this game
It mainly helps tide you over for the first while until you have enough to go back and buy your mejai's

-just regular old boots of speed to help dodge, chase, get to lane/blue buff faster, and run away.

why do we buy this first? Why not blasting wand?
-It will start stacking and give more ap than blasting wand, although you will be at a small disadvantage for a bit, which hopefully teleport and an elixir can make up for
-it gives MORE AP
-if you get it now, you should have around 6 stacks at the point where everyone else is getting their Mejai's giving you an advantage if you can tough out the lack of ap earlier on

-a burst of ap
-builds into deathcap
-and uh... well...
-there's really no reason for it other than MORE AP!!!! =)

-gives you one more move speed
-gives you magic penetration, now that you have enough ap to use it, and now that they have enough base magic resist that it's worth it.

-a square ***ton of ap
-if you're playing passively with your mejai's, the stacks you slowly generated are now worth 20% more, and if you did well, then your ap just skyrocketed.
-basically gives you an extra item slot worth of ap once you've completed your build, and even more if you ace your Mejai's

-helps against fed players and dps or anti-caster champions
-gives you a load of ap
-just awesome to have in general.
sometimes, if my Mejai's is doing well enough, but I'm starting to get really focused, rather then get my deathcap just as I lose all my ability power from my Mejai's, I'll grab Zhonya's instead so that I can preserve my stacks by staying alive for when I get my deathcap.

-if everything goes perfectly, and Zhonya's helps keep your Mejai's stacks, and your Mejai's is boosted by deathcap, and your deathcap loads you with ap, they all probably have some MR going down, and this will pierce through it like a knife through butter. Just make sure to check first, and if you don't find any magic resist, get a defensive item like Banshee's Veil instead.
-it gives ap too
-built from two solid ap items which will help you during the process of making it as well

-lowers their magic resist some more. Which will help your allies a bit more than it will help you, because you should already have a lot of magic pen from your Void Staff, unless you skipped that and got a banshee's instead.
-good ap
-good Magic Resist, and can be a substitute for a defensive item.

so as a conclusion, we are building solid ap, and every single item we buy gives ap, but if you take a look at Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's, we're given a decent amount of armor, and pretty decent magic resist, along with a good passive, and a life-saving active. So even though it's solid ap, there's still some survivability built in. Feel free to switch around the order of Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's, depending if they have a lot of attack damage, or ability power.

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Why Abyssal Scepter?

So a lot of people may question my choice in the last item in the build, which is . And This section is here to clarify that.

first off, what does do?

Well, it gives you +70 ability power. So in other words, MOAR AP!!!! :D

"Well why not get a defensive item like ?"

Abyssal Scepter actually gives you MORE magic resist than . (57 in comparison to 50)

"Durp it does! But what about it's passive? gives you a shield!"

You have for your shield already. You have your Prismatic Barrier for your shield already, and you'll be way in the back and safe from any damage that will last more than 2 seconds (ie and the rest of nocturne's combo) because you can use Zhonya's, and then your team should be able to help you kill him once you've snared and avoided the initial burst.

"And what about teemo shrooms? Those always get me as Lux."

Teemo shrooms also shouldn't be a problem due to your Prismatic Barrier and neither is Requiem, for the same reason. You should have enough ap (especially because you went for Abyssal Scepter, not Banshee's Veil.) to block the entire ultimate with your Prismatic Barrier. But even without Abyssal Scepter, avoiding Karthus ults is a piece of cake. It's the saving your ******* allies that are always running away from you part that's tough.

"But Dystinct! The passive on Abyssal Scepter is wasted! Seeing as you're long ranged! Isn't it?"

This is where it gets interesting, and this is where my friend questioned me. But I decided to stick with what works and here's what I found out.

I created a custom game with my friend, and we tested the range of Abyssal's passive. Since that is probably the thing you're worrying about most. Let's start with an overview.

range: approximately 950

range: 1000

range: 1100

Finales Funkeln range: 3000

so with these facts, we know you're almost always going to have the aura on for your Light Binding, unless you're hitting them at max range. And if you Light Binding them, and they are in range, then chances are your next attack, (Lucent Singularity) will be in range of your Abyssal Scepter as well. Unless for some reason you snare them, run, then Lucent Singularity them. Which I can't understand. Because if you did it would mean you'd be running away and you wouldn't need their magic resist to be decreased for the extra damage anyways.

"Hmmm. Okay. So what about your ultimate? How does it help there?"

obviously this won't work with your Finales Funkeln, seeing as it's 3000 range, unless you're using it in your combo, or in a close ranged team fight. However, if you're not using it in your combo chances are the enemy is running away with low enough health that you can one hit them with Finales Funkeln anyways. Because if everyone ran away from the fight with more health than the damage your Finales Funkeln does, they'd all be running away with a ton of health left, and that just doesn't make sense...

So in conclusion. I find Abyssal Scepter to be more worth it in team fights, and with your normal combo, as your Lucent Singularity will nuke hard in team fights, and if you're in range of that, you'll probably be in range of your Abyssal Scepter.

it helps in the normal combo because your combo starts with your Light Binding, and if you're in range of that, you're in range of Abyssal Scepter's passive for the rest of your combo. Including that 3000 range Finales Funkeln.

Oh Right.. About that.. Well if you're using your Finales Funkeln from far away, then don't say: "Well the passive doesn't help now, huh?" It helps more than Banshee's Veil does, because it gives you ap, which does something. And you won't be needing a banshee's when you're at max range, out of danger. Tell me how Banshee's would help you when using your ultimate at max range.

So there you have it.


NOTE: Keep in mind, Banshee's Veil is very useful in certain situations we talk about in the next paragraph. But most of the time, Abyssal Scepter is better.

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Why Banshee's?

here are a couple exceptions where you may need banshee's:

-Karthus is super fed.
This happened to me recently and even with my Prismatic Barrier he more than halved my health with each hit. This is a good reason to get banshees, even though I didn't. Because I'm too lazy.

-Teemo has shrooms EVERYWHERE
Teemo shrooms shouldn't be doing much damage to you even if Teemo is fed. Now if teemo has a 15/0/10 score, then definitely grab a banshees, but most of the time, the problem with teemo mushrooms is that they slow you and give vision, so a banshee's veil helps for that if you keep dying because of the slow, not the damage.

-Nidalee is superfed
even when Nidalee isn't fed her spears hurt when you play Lux. But you should be able to shield or dodge the spear and not have to worry about it so much, whereas with Karthus ult and Teemo shroom you can't so this isn't as big of a deal. However, if you aren't super ninja at dodging Nidalee spears, or they have a lot of cc, go ahead and get a banshees. And if that causes you to lose, blame the lag, not the build. Thnx :)

other than these, I'm sure there are some other very good reasons to get Banshee's, but for me these are the top 3. However here are a couple more I won't go into and I hope you can figure out for yourself:

-annoying TF

-high CC team

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Situational items

Mejai's Soulstealer

This item isn't situational for me because I get this every game, mainly due to doing pretty decently as Lux most of the time, and the times that I'm wrong are made up for by the times that I'm right. However, Mejai's is only cost efficient if it has an average of 5 stacks. So if you're the kind of person that kills someone and dies for it, then don't go for mejai's. Because your stacks won't be adequate. The neat part about Mejai's for me, is that people say: Don't get it if the team is sucking! It won't help! But if you play this build as I'm telling you to, you probably won't be in danger of dying very much. So even if your score is 1/1/3 You could still have 5 stacks, even though you're hardly doing well. And the longer the game goes, the more stacks you will get, regardless of whether you only get the occasional assist. So long as you don't die.

Banshee's Veil

Sometimes, Banshee's veil is a nice item to have. I'd say 75% of the time i'd rather have an abyssal scepter, but for that other 25% of the time (see the section above) I would recommend banshee's. I'm not going to go into much detail about it here though because I've already covered it earlier :)

Kage's Lucky Pick

Kage's Lucky Pick

don't have enough money for a blasting wand? Already have your amplifying tome and boots? What should you buy? Nothing? Just let your gold chill there and make 13 gold every ten seconds for interest? NO WAY! Test your luck and grab Kage's Pick! It'll help you out with that boost of extra ability power and increase your income to a nice and steady 18 gold per 10 seconds. Now that's enough to make anyone a happy camper :)

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Elixer of Brilliance

your typical Elixer of Brilliance. Most commonly found in its natural habitat, chilling with that ant-eater looking dude back in the base.

So this is good for if you have a tiny bit of gold but not enough that you'll regret spending it on an elixer later. It's more of laning item (as in earlier in the game) so that you can win your lane. But it can also be used if your team is about to push mid, then you can grab this elixer for the cooldown incase your blue buff wears off, and because it will probably add around 400 damage to your full combo, which could make the difference.

now lets talk about laning elixer. Say you got first blooded, it's 8 minutes in the game and you notice since the first blood you've slowly been losing your lane and getting denied. Then you need that little boost to get back up to snuff and show them who's boss. First of all the elixer should surprise them, and once you attack them with your allie's help, pop your first health potion. You'll do more damage than they do (however it's not permanent so if you don't deny or get a kill it won't have been worth it) and you can take 1 or 2 of them down, push the lane and get your experience and gold back. And there you go. Now your TF that was saying GG in all chat at 8 minutes through will be biting his tongue and giving you mean looks for the rest of the game.

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Skill Order

Finales Funkeln

So there's not much to say about this one. Start off with your Light Binding, just so that you can snare them, and your ally (most likely an ad champion or tank) can hurt them a bit. If your ally does no damage you can feel free to start with your Lucent Singularity, but it's always nice to have a snare incase it backfires and you have to GTFO! :O

after that then level up your Lucent Singularity as much as possible. Then after that your Prismatic Barrier. And finally, upgrade your ultimate whenever possible.

if you want to go anything else it'd probably be something extremely circumstantial. As in, if you have a very squishy ally that takes a lot of damage but they do a lot in return, and you have a jungler that ganks a lot with low health, feel free to max your prismatic barrier. Say they both are ignite happy, maybe toss in an extra level. I can't understand why you'd want to level your Light Binding past level one since it doesn't scale well at all and your main damage dealer (other than your lazer is your Lucent Singularity so you shouldn't be maxing Light Binding for the damage.

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The way to play: Early game.

I used to start by grabbing my item super fast (as it's the recommended) and zipping off to the middle of the map. However now I normally wait around for their support to clairvoyance, and then after it's gone I take my item(s) and head off to protect our jungler. But you don't have to do that. You can just stick around by your tower. That's cool. If you don't want to live life on the edge, that's okay.

Anyways, once you've done that feel free to play kinda passively or kinda not. If they have a jungler, I wouldn't recommend pushing (durp) because junglers come in from behind so you can't get your skill shots off when they're split up like that. Also because Lux is a glass cannon, and on top of that, early game she's just the glass bit. Not so much the cannon. :( especially with this build.

I can't really say too much else about this part. Just stay back, then when they don't expect it, jump on them with a ton of damage and then waddle your way back to farm some more with your Lucent Singularity. When i'm low on mana I check the cost of my abilities to see what I can do so I know which combo to use if we get in a fight. Ideally it's q, then auto attack, then e, and pop it as you run, and just as they get out of the slow. But that's mainly because I'm being conservative.

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The way to play: Late game

Late game is your battlefield. This is where the team fights happen. This is where your buffs are easy to get. This is where the enemies group up, and this is where you OWN.

the idea of this one is pretty simple actually. It's the doing it that's hard.

-stay alive-
if you can do this, your mejai's will pay off. Then you won't have trouble staying alive cause they'll all be dead.

-get blue buff-
blue buff is your life. Spamlux is the way to lategame, because you can mercilessly harass with your ultimate now. And if Annie tries to take it, use your lazer to steal it from her. She doesn't deserve it anyways.
Yeah, I went there.

-shield allies.-
every time it looks like a fight is going to erupt, them. Try to get them on the way out, and the way back, for twice the duration.

-do your combo.-
one or two people, Light Binding first, auto attack, shield whoever they were attacking, or Finales Funkeln them, or Lucent Singularity them, or auto attack them, depending on their health and how long you have etc.

-do your combo again.-
the entire group there? I throw my Lucent Singularity into the fight. It slows them down. Dandy for people trying to escape. Next, shield your allies in danger, then pop your Lucent Singularity when you think it's good. Funkeln them all as a group for the damage, or if they're running and going to die, single out one or two people not being chased, them, and finales funkeln them for the kill.

Guide Top

Things to remember.

good players will try to dodge in advance. Consider the dodge, and lead them. It's also good to force them into a wall, even if you miss with your Light binding, just so you know where they'll be for your next ability.

Lead your Lucent Singularity early game
No one understands this one. And I'm so glad they don't. Any of you that have experienced this know what I mean. When a lux throws her Lucent Singularity at you, you run away. Et voila. But if you LEAD YOUR LUCENT SINGULARITY (as in throw it a bit behind them), then they run away, directly into it. And you activate. This is extremely tough to beat, and a simple habit to get into. Just place your Lucent Singularity a bit behind everyone you want to attack and they'll most likely run into it. I can't stress this enough.

this is an AP ONLY BUILD.
Don't buy any of the tome items other than . Morello's Evil Tome gives you cooldown reduction and mana per5, which you don't need. You already have max cooldown reduction, and you don't need mana with . Defensive items? You have Zhonya's Hourglass. If they have teemo shrooms, or karthus ults that keep getting you, then go get a Banshee's veil, sure. But if you stick with your team and get enough ap for your Prismatic Barrier who needs a banshee's? People will be flocking to YOU for the shield when Karthus ults.

Your abilities have a longer range than you think.
If someone is being predictable and just sitting there farming, just out of range, try your Light Binding from the bushes anyways. It goes a bit father than it looks, and can catch people by surprise.

aim your Prismatic barrier purposefuly

if you throw it in front of you and run into it, you will get your next shield sooner, but it will last for less time. So if you're running away from an ad champion, throw it ahead of you, cause they'll break through it pretty fast. But if you're running away from ammumu and all he has is his Despair, then throw it behind you so that it lasts longer before your Prismatic Barrier comes back and adds more time.

auto attack early when activating Illumination
a useful thing to do with your : auto attack before you activate it. Someone's running away, but you need that last second of a slow to get in range? Auto attack first, then as it's traveling, your can activate, dealing the damage, and placing your passive on before your auto attack hits.

give them a second before you activate your Lucent Singularity
some people will see you throw your Lucent Singularity, run away, get out of range, then run close enough to your Lucent Singularity again. If you think they're too far away, don't activate it immediately. Just wait for a second and see if they run back in range. Once again, it has more range than it shows, so it works a surprisingly large amount of the time.

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There's nothing they can do about it. If you save your ultimate until they flash away and are escaping, it's an easy snipe kill. If you're in a situation where you can hit 2 or 3 people, use it, but normally if I could only hit one person, I wait until they run away, give them a couple seconds to think they're safe and set a straight course to run in, then take them out with my Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

YES, your does give vision. USE IT.
If I know my enemy is hiding in a bush, I like to throw my Light Binding into the bush first, if I have mana to spend, then throw my Lucent Singularity in so I can have vision to activate my passive, then auto attack again with the vision before activating my Lucent Singularity so that I get 2 passives with it as oppose to none.

Why not Lucent Singularity first for vision? You ask.

Most of the time your Lucent Singularity will scare them away, so you won't do ANY damage. as oppose to throwing your Light Binding in first, which actually gives you more of a chance that you'll hit them, due to the line instead of the aoe. And then, because then they're stuck in place for your Lucent Singularity and double passive you can get off a lot more damage.

plan your abilities.
I don't smartcast things because it takes me a second sometimes to figure out what they're going to do next, check the minimap for stuff, and check for DOT on the person, along with allies in range that could kill them without my Finales Funkeln, so it's nice to be able to hover over them with the skill shot for a second before using it, as it's more accurate. But smartcast is up to you :P

know their summoners.
if someone is nearby but you think you're okay because you have a snare, think again. They have . BAM you're dead. Sure they die, but when you're thinking: Seriously? every time I'm in a fight they suicide to kill me. It's so stupid. You'll look down in the chat and see them saying: Worth it. Then you'll look farther up and see they just got $500 gold for icing your killing spree and then curse yourself for being so stupid. Then after that you'll probably look to your items and see that you didn't use either.

let them think you're done for.
this one is SO important. So many times I've gotten kills by not using my abilities when I could have. Your after a team fight, it's not going well, an udyr see's a squishy glass cannon running around in circles not using abilities when she could be snaring the udyr and goes to get a free kill, then it turns out she has all her abilities up, she snares, ults, uses her e and udyr = dead.

tell your Sona to .

lots of people recall with low health at very standard places. The grass near the tower, in the small gap by the tower. A bit behind that gap. get your support to clairboyance and if they do it right, the person might already have their shopping tab open and wont be ready to run when you PewPew them.

get 2 every time you go back below level 8.
I even do this sometimes at level 12.


I'm gonna have to say that that's not true. I've escaped so many times from and when people think: Oh! This will do just enough damage! And then I whip out my and foil their plan. Grab a mana potion too if your clarity is off and the other team is weak so you feel like spamming, but you won't need to do this later game.

ward their blue buff
also ward your blue, or dragon, depending where on the map your blue is. (Dragon if your blue is near it, because then you can see them heading to steal it, and gank them. Your blue if it's not near dragon, because then you can steal blue with a lazer)
then once you steal it from them you can take a screenshot of their rage in chat, post it on youtube and get 1000 likes :)

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Standard combos

Early game
Finales Funkeln

Late game
Finales Funkeln

here are a few combos you can do.

you have an ally with a stun/snare

. By now the snare will be over but your ally can stun if they time it right. then I wouldn't suggest activating the passive, I would just Finales funkeln. HOWEVER. Leaving the on and not activating it during your ultimate works wonders, because they'll be slowed so if the snare ends, they won't be able to run away in time. Then activate your Lucent Singularity after you Finales Funkeln and at the same time as auto attacking to activate your passive

ally without cc:

, , <--(if you need that last bit of damage) Finales funkeln,

if you don't need that last bit of damage and you don't need to conserve your abilities; , Finales funkeln, , passive.

no ally:

, , Finales funkeln, activate then if you have time. If you don't then gtfo. Unless they're low health. Maybe lead the if you think they're going to chase you so that they run into it not thinking, get slowed, and you can activate as soon as they're about to get out of it.

here's a key for you:

Standard combo late game
Finales Funkeln then throw your Prismatic Barrier and dish in your Light Binding whenever necessary.

Pressed for time?
Finales Funkeln

Maximum damadge in short time
Finales Funkeln

saving ally
Finales Funkeln

You have all the time in the world.
(But don't activate) Finales Funkeln now pop your and

NOTE: For early game versions of all these, just use illumination more often. The reasons for this is that there's less likely to be another enemy nearby that will jump you, so you have more time to dish out damage.

also, remember to dodge after you use illumination. When they are snared they will still be able to use abilities so if you have caitlyn snared, you can activate illuminate, then dodge to the side a bit before you use your next ability in your combo, or else you're a sitting duck for her Piltover Pacemaker.

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thanks to Frostsurf for teaching me how to play Lux in the first place, and for being ever criticizing about every post I make on this guide.

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It's time for the finale. <-- wow. That was lame o_o

so thanks for reading my guide!

I hope you're not all going to troll. This is from many games of experience and once I figure out how to add pictures and stuff I will spice it up! :D I hope this gets you a lot of good games as Lux and I'll be sure to post my match history full of victories with her soon.

once again, thanks a lot for reading about Lux, The End of the Rainbow. It took quite some time to make, so as always, rating and commenting is EXTREMELY helpful, and it lets me know that I'm not just spending all these hours working on a guide, just to have no one ever see it.

I hope it helps you in your endeavors to PWN some NUBS


all the best, Dystinct