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Lux Build Guide by Gorilla671

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gorilla671

Lux, Time to get fancy. With rainbows

Gorilla671 Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When I play lux I start as a Support. My main focus is protecting the ad carry and looking for a chance to score a kill. Later in the game i morph into a second AP carry. This works for me. Sadly my Elo is not very high (1443 was peak) so if you dont want to listen to my advice i understand. I really just want ppl to understand Lux is a good champion for many reasons, and my play style.

Its been quite a long time since that fateful October morning. The morning where Lux walked into this noobish feeding blitzcrank player's life. My whole league experience changed. Here she was, a champion who was tailor suited to my needs.

-Insane Burst? Check.
-Skill shots that can make or break the game? Check.
-Insanely easy to KS and or Secure the kill? Check.

She was perfect, despite her flaws.

-No escape
-Super Fragile for most (if not all the game.)
-Burst champ (Meaning a simple silence can screw her rhythm)

Now, dont assume this guide is the bible. The beauty of Lux is that she needs little farm to reach her potential and she can be played in many ways. My way just shows you how I play her. This style of play was created by the lack of commitment and roles i have with my friends. It also changes the meta. DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU LIKE FOLLOWING THE META.

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Most ppl will say " support? lulz GG" and most of the time, they are right. Because they are talking about an average player, playing a less than average support. But we both know your no average player. Wanna know why? Because your looking at this build. And this build is anything but average. You know deep in your mind your taking a risk. But in the end, you must have realized Lux is a High Risk-High Reward champ. She snowballs easily, but she also gets shut down easily. This is why we are going to try and make it as safe has humanely possible to get fed. Now dont think that reading this guide is just going to make you better. because it wont.

Lux is a simple champ. What she needs is assists or Kills (if you absolutely have to get them)

Start with a and 4 sight ward maybe 1 .

If you are going against an annoying support who LOVES to stick in the bushes. place a ward in there. From early to mid game, you are support. You buy and place wards at Tribush and Dragon. You minimize dmg from other carry, but MOST importantly, you set up kills on the opposing lane.

Let me break it down
Push supports: These guys are annoying. All they do is keep the Ad carry topped to increase their creep feed.

Kill Supports: They hide in bushes , Harrasing and waiting for that perfect moment to initiate a kill

Be careful against the latter. They will be aggressive. So you use wards to counter their advances. which is why buying 2 sight ward on every trip back is a GREAT idea. Its why we have Philosopher's Stone and Kage's Lucky pick

As I said earlier.. you are a Kill support. So you will need to hide in grass. ALWAYS assume they will counter your advances with a ward. So at this point you can do a couple of things.

1. Buy a Vision ward to counter and stay in the grass to discourage their creeping. (Risky because of jungler. So always have river AND tribush warded)

2. Let them think you don't know there is a ward in the bush and try and set up a kill using their commitment. (Incredibly Fancy with a heal bait. But know their support will most likely have heal. So know your range with your Q and stay out of retaliation range. also communicate with your ad carry so he knows its going down.)

Stay in bushes and harrass the enemy ad carry. Be mindful of your mana (Never let it drop below half, if it gets close let the philostone do its work), and your warded areas (if you are doing your job well, know that the jungler will come down. ALWAYS have an escape route.)


- chances are you didnt even see him enter. Here is what you do. Do not be afraid to pop flash. I know its what HE wants you to do but with your Masteries it should be up soon anyway. Always assume he dropped a box on the most common path of escape, so what you do is attempt to snare him. If it hits make sure you can survive his burst and flash away. (W saves lives) Shaco is probably banned anyway.

- The main thing is dodging his initial q. If you can dodge that your golden. Some lee sins will want to get close to slow you first. ALWAYS MAKE DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND LEE SIN. use flash if you have to. That will force him to use Q, which with a little practice you can dodge easily.

- If you put wards in all the right places you will see him approaching. I know his ult can be intimidating. Trust me its probably the last thing you want to happen. If you get dashed to, when you see his fear placed on you IMMEDIATELY FLASH AWAY. Chances are he will spell sheild when he dashes to you so spamming a snare on him wont get you anywhere. THEN . Trust me it works wonders. Always W on your ad carry in every gank situation.

- now this is where you need to get fancy. If he comes at you and hes is going to get close to you, run into a bush so he cant use his ult. the trick is to snare him before he gets too close to he brush and run away.

- His ultimate will destroy you so you can either get a or always be watchful of your wards and snare him before he can get close to you.

- Thank goodness hes not used very much because he would run through everything. Just make sure you keep distance is all i can say. and dodge his axe. More than likely he will shift off of you and to the ad carry. thats when you strap on your support pants and keep him up long enough for to go down. then you blow him up.

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Why Lux support?

You:When it comes to supports why not Soraka or Janna?

ME:Valid Point.

YOU:Hell, what about Leona?

ME:Again Valid Point.

YOU:OK!?!?!? Then why?

ME:What Lux has that they dont have is versatility. Its exactly this type of Versatility that makes this build work. She is one of the only supports who does AP carry AND Support well enough to be able to make such a switch mid game possible. The Cold facts are that Lux, for all her frailness and Social Stigma of being a bad support, does not need alot of creep to do good damage. That is her saving grace. She has the CC, the damage, and the support to easily care for herself mid. BUT instead of that she can help BOT get kills while someone who is a stronger mid, well mid.

YOU:What are you saying? The reason she can do this is because other champs are better?

ME:Not exactly. What does lux bring to the table?

YOU:Snare , Harass & Scouting tool ,Decent dmg protection , Low CD high nuke semi global ulti Finales Funkeln.

ME: You see, thats exactly right. She has Great tools and great burst WITHOUT needing TO TAKE CREEPS. Now instead of having a champion who doesnt need creeps take a solo lane. Give it to a VERY Good scaling AP and put Lux bot. Not only will she not be hurt much by the decision but she will also be giving a chance to give the AD carry a chance to get fed of kills. Simple.

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My runes are generic ap carry with some mana regen.

x 9
x 9
x 9

The Blues and reds guarantee me the ability to harass well and scale well into late game. While the Yellows + Philosopher's Stone allows me the regen i need to always be ready to help my ad carry.

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Team Work

I have gone over this earlier in the guide but allow me to explain it clearly.

As you gain more experience playing Lux you will find out she has quite possibly the most "Bullying Potential"

Bullying is exactly what is sounds like. It is so incredibly easy for a character to gain lane control that is is almost as if they are bullying the other champs. It is true that Lux is a big bully and that she can almost always establish great lane dominance, but remember that she is fragile. One wrong step, one mishap, one moment of lowered map awareness and it could be the end of you. The minimap is YOUR BEST FRIEND make it a habit to glance at it.

Now its not exactly news that 's rotation goes as follows:

--> AA --> --> AA or detonate -->AA

With the new Lux buffs (Minor as they are) they do slightly favor combo more. And if you can land consistent combos you can really hurt the opposing team. If the FULL combo seems impossible to land in some cases the simple -> AA will suffice. As long as you Bully them. Explain to your partner that if you should land a snare to blow a combo on them as it will incredibly dmg the opponent regardless of who they might be.

It can get rather boring , but at 6 is when you will start having alot of fun. Should you land a snare what you want to do is burn EVERYTHING on them. If your partner is paying attention it will work out beautifully. Allow me to explain what you do with certain AD carries.

- If she is your partner you are going to have a tough time. She is easily counter by most Ad carries because of her reliance on (Her stun). Also she has really short range compared to other ad carries. But if you can get her kills and creeps, she scales INCREDIBLY well

- Simple Lane. All you need to do is snare for MF and she will do alot of the work. Not that complex and not very fancy. Bare bones but efficient.

- SUPER FANCY LANE. Also major poke. this team is designed to keep the ad carry away from thier creeps from 2 sides. Not to mention the Cait traps will provide good synergy with the Lux snare. And on the RARE chance that you kill one but another gets away, you have the Double ult to look forward too.

- Most Lux Lane comps are going to be super bursty, but none of them provide the amount of burst that graves can help create. With both of you and your instant AOE ultimates you basically and blow everything on them as fast as you can. incredibly simple. incredibly Fun, incredibly powerful.

- Passive lane. Its up to you to keep them away from your little Ashe. Because we all know how bad she is early game. You wait patiently until lvl 6 and then.....the game changes. From super slow paced to a very easy kill lane. Talk with your ashe, pick a target, and prepare to nuke her down as fast as possible. ALL the other lanes i have explained rely on YOU and your skill with your snare. But what makes this lane comp unique is the amount of power you get at lvl 6. You know what im talking about.

DAT !!
Easy to land, and even easier to follow up with. A Guaranteed kill. Incredibly potent stuff. Rocky until 6, but then you become one of the best Lane comps.

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Item Choices

As I previously stated, my lux starts as a support then morphs into extra ap dmg. Is it different from the meta? Yes, but not by much. I will explain my item choices.

Philosopher's Stone & Kage's Lucky pick - Standard Support items. Since you wont be getting alot of creeps you need some GP5, Dont build them into anything as they are only there to supplement your gold income. Sell when needed unless you want a But that is up to you. Build Philo FIRST.

- Build after GP5 items. This + your runes and masteries should give you good ap.

- Standard Boots. They will increase dmg in laning phase. Build before finishing 2nd GP5 item

- Great item for your burst. That Magic pen from boots and runes coupled with this should cap you out or close to. you will notice a significant increase in dmg.


- Great item if you have enough for it. A good buy.

- If you have alot of AP and you dont want to be focused and have it all go to waste. Buy one of these. ALWAYS a smart Purchase.

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Summoner Spells

- Lux has no escape so it would be best to keep this little tool around.

- With the nerf it was given, i wouldn't recommend taking it. Although if you really do enjoy using it i wont discourage it.

Now this baby is something you should have. Great for baiting or those clutch moments. Nice to have and it saves lives. This is Definitely recommended.

& - if your AD INSISTS on not taking heal because he or she has it. These are your replacement SS.

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Lux's Ultimate

Now her ultimate Finales Funkeln is very unique. It is VERY GOOD, dont doubt the laser.

Thing's NOT to do with the laser:

1.) DO NOT Kill Steal if an ad carry or the original ap carry has obviously got it under control.
2.) DO NOT WAIT to use your ultimate as a finisher. The CD on it is so low that it will be up VERY SOON. DONT BE AFRAID TO LASER IF YOU CAN GET 2 or more ppl with it.

Thing's you NEED to get a handle on with the laser:
1.) Stealing buffs/map bosses. Practice. go for it, if you miss dont let it get you down.
2.) When stealing anything with the laser take into account thier dmg output and the priming time for the laser. IT TRAVELS INSTANTLY IT DOES NOT FIRE INSTANTLY.