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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tryptoch

Mage Vs Mage Solution

Tryptoch Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Have you ever signed up for a solo normal game, decided to rock out a Mage only to find another team awaited you that was full of magic damage? After experimenting with it I came up with a way to give you the advantage. With this build you get the magic resist to brush off their attempts at you while not sacrificing your own AP.

What this isn't: A play-style guide.

What this is: A recommendation on how to overcome a high AP team (which can only be determined once the game starts).

When to consider this: Team has 3 or more magic damage heroes. (Don't forget some item's likeandall deal magic damage as well).


Notice*** I tossed up 5 glass cannon style mages. Also, I've only "built out" Anivia. Those are only examples who you might have picked when the other team rocks out the Magic Damage, but you're better off, because you've read this guide. This could work out for plenty of other mages as well, experiment!

Notice Duece*** On the Anivia build it only lists 381.96 AP at level 18, but it's not considering any passive, or the 4% extra AP from masteries. You'll be rocking around 600 (more for Veigar) AP.

Early Game:
Grab a Saphire Crystal, health pot and a mana pot for starters. Build it into a tear of the goddess. Then, go for boots. After boots we finish our. Now, I know what you're thinking, right now, we aren't anti-magey at all!!! Well, don't get your knickers in a bunch. Early game noone should be doing OUTRAGEOUS damage, and this is good because it lets your angel staff grow.

Early-Mid Game: Time to start building Banshee's. Now you're argueing with me on the opposite side right? That's too tanky an item to get so early right? The answer is no. Wny else would I put it in my guide. You start off going for, for a few reasons. Most importantly it gives you health and a larger mana pool and also the other team might be looking at your items, maybe to counter you, maybe they're curious, and maybe you're just doing really awesome and they wanna mimic you. They could be thinking that your going Rod of Ages, but naw, we're more prepared for that. So, yep, just finish this guy when you can and I'd consider that your core. Done. Simple. Complete.

***What doesdoes bring to the table?
1. Health
2. Magic Res
3. Spell block (making it worth it on it's own)
4. Mana - which synergizes (400 mana plus Angel = 12 AP x 1.25 ((zhonya)) = 15 AP)

The next 3 items can be built in no particular order. I will demonstrate what each one brings to the table and when you can/should build them.

1. 70 AP :)
2. 57 Mag Res :)
3. Reduces THEIR magic res??? Awesome

So, this is an item to consider getting 4th when, A.) Their team has a metric F*** ton of magic damage and you just want to shut it down ASAP. B.) Your team has 1 or two other Magic dealers. Be a sport, help the team. Works really well will spells that put you right in the action, like Karthus's aoe, or fiddle and morg's ults.

Lichbane (Name just implies "kill the mage")

1. 80 AP
2. Mana (350 = 11ish AP)
3. Mag Res
4. Damage Proc?

Between Abyssal and Lich this has the lower amount of Mag Res, but it does have over 20 more AP (thanks in part to Angel's) It also has the ability to add 100% of your AP to your attacks. In a game where spells are being thrown back and forth why not also throw in some really big unexpected punches? As a rule, most mages tend to be "le'squish" and if you can add another 500 damage to an auto attack, buh'bye! This is also an excellent item to help you take down turrets and inhibs, just cast an arbitrary spell and beef your hits on the structures, really nice is tower pushing is something you lack as well.

Oh Zhonya's

This is for pure pow! No other item comes with such a bang. It's the highest AP grossing item in the game.

1. 120 AP XD
2. 25% AP increase XD
3. MC Hammer Usage (can't touch this!)

Let's just get right down to it. A.) You want a big AP buff, no waiting around because the mages on the other team suck. B.) You are doing really awesome and just wanna make the other team cry. C.) You are of the paradigm where you get this early just to make your following items better on the spot (user preference) D.) You keep getting focused in team battles and want to eek out a few more seconds of living.

Now Note: IT HAS A USE, so USE IT!!!! People always forget this and die when they don't have to. 2 seconds can buy you a lot. If you're alone on their side of the map and find yourself in a 1v5 situation, don't bother but!!!! if you have teammates around and are getting focused or it's a close match and you have a way to DPS while not being able to do anything (Karth AOE, Heimer Turrets, Big Turret) then go for it. Also, let's say that you just avoided a blitz grab or morg's root with your banshee's and now Karthus is trying to ult you.... wait a moment and before his channel is done, pop it. Who's the bish now?

So in theory you've gotten all of these and the game is nearing completion. Let's recap what allows you to own that Magic Heavy team:

1.) 174 Magic Resistance - brush of their blows
2.) 600ish AP you still hurt
3.) Sheen proc - your attacks hurt as well
4.) Spell Block - they just wasted mana because your still at full health and not cc'd
5.) As if you were a famous black rapper, they cannot touch this, or you thanks to zhonya's invulnerability.
6.) the mana regen to not have to port back home

My hopes for you:

I hope you find this useful and please please remember that this is a situation that you won't find yourself in until "it's too late," but not really (b/c you've read this now). Do you best, don't feed, rape face, link to your friends who love playing mages, and experiment yourself.

If you give the guide a thumbs down, please leave a comment, I'm always learning too.



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