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Soraka Build Guide by GodricBanana

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GodricBanana

Make your enemies go bananas with Soraka.

GodricBanana Last updated on December 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome - important facts

Hello my friends.

This is my very first Champion guide for Soraka my main support - champ. Soraka is love.
As u can see, this guide is not so super fancy like other ones, but trust me, u can not go wrong with my directions. I was really frustrated with Soraka after her remake - I loved the classic Sora, she was perfect. But now I got used to the new Soraka, she is definitely more of a challange to play now.

First of all I wanted to state the most important rules for Soraka players:

1. Don't die. Only die when there is no other way and you can save ur adc in the last second with ur W - then it's accaptable. It's super important to not die, every kill makes ur enemies stronger.

2. Connected to 1. - PLAY SAFE. Stay rather back and tower hug. Remember you have so much survivability with her.

3. Try to stay in lane as long as u can with ur adc. At least till u hit level 6. When you play safe, this is no problem.

4. After u turn Level 6: Observe your team members. This is the part where you can be the gamechanger with ur ult "Wish". Trust me this is so rewarding when u save the top's or mid's ***. People don't expect u to watch them, but you do it and save them. But remember! Don't lose focus on ur own lane! Multitasking it is :)

5. NEVER SURRENDER. As miserable as a game can start never surrender and play ur best and DO NOT FEED. There is always a way to turn around a game I have learned this multiple times. Trust me with this.

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Information on the abilites.

Q Starcall

I consider the starcall not that important like others maybe do. OFC it's still very important. You max Starcall as last: You only give it one point at the beginning. This one will save ur *** very oftenly. For instance when Blitz grabs u or Thresh, you don't flash back to your tower - u stay there and smack in a Starcall. It gives u life back - at the same time u cast Equinox. It will scare the enemy off. Ur adc should deal damage at the same time. Ur masteries and runes allow it to you to take some hits. Whenever u need life back to heal urself or ur adc, try to score a Starcall on ur enemies. Be careful with this - it's not always that easy. Try to prevision where ur enemies will go. So whenever you get in a fight put the Starcall on cooldown so you get life back!

W Astral Infusion - the Heal

With the right End-mastery you also put a short resistance buff on ur adc - like old-school Sora did it on a regular basis with her heal. :) So it's super nice when you heal infight. Always smack in a Starcall after u heal, so you get life back, don't forget this. ALWAYS keep ur adc's life high. With this ability of lifesteal (Q) and giving it on to ur adc per W you become a master of Soraka. :) This is the magic of Soraka. Practice this. You have to multitask. Always keep an eye on ur own health.(!)

E for Equinox

I love Equinox. This is ur harras ability in lane phase, that's why I love to max it early on. When both sides just def play and chilly farm - put an E under them from time to time. It will keep them back. But remember - better keep it for a fight, bc the cooldown is high.

But what is the real deal with Equinox?
It is super good to zone ur enemies or when u get followed. For example when u get followed by a Rengar - u can not escape and you are running. Put Equinox a few meters in front of you in the direction where you are running - you have to prevision if Rengar is following you in this direction. If he follows - he gets rooted to the ground and you can escape :) Sometimes you can even achieve a triple or even penta stun. It's not easy to master Equinox but with some practice u can do real tricks with it. :) For example when there is a teamfight always put Equinox under the enemies - try to find a place where can silence most of them at one time. :) If the enemy-team has a Katarina for example, save ur Equinox for her Ult, this is super important. Learn to master this cool CC and damage ability. :)


Please read Welcome section point 4.)

Ur Wish makes your team win. :-)

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Information on Items.

It is very important to go "tanky" with Soraka. OFC not uber tanky but with the regular support items.

Trust me - The Locket of the Iron Solari is sooo super OP on Soraka - just imagine the shield-power and in addition ur WISH. It gives so much survivability for you and your team.

It's okay to only get tanky items at the beinning till mid/end game. Ur Runes give you the AP Power you need for the beinning, trust me. You are no damage dealer - you safe lives.

Please read the notes in Item section.

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I hope you had fun reading my guide, guys :)

I really can't tell if this guide is for beginners or more experienced Soraka players. This is something I learned for myself from many many Soraka games.

And remember: You need some luck that you don't get team mates that are superbad or not open to learn. In my opinion League is kind of a luck game if you play by urself. It oftenly depends on how strong ur members and enemies are. But still - play always ur best and don't make your team weak because of you. SUPPORT TO WIN. :)