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Malphite Build Guide by StuffiestZane

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StuffiestZane

Malphite AP Mid

StuffiestZane Last updated on December 15, 2013
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Hello This is My first guide

Hello this is my first guide i have won many matches with malphite and carried being able to turn team fights completely around combo this with a oriana, j4 or a mf ult and you have won the team fight.

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For Runes i recommend 9 Magic Pen marks, 9 Armour seals and 9 Ap glyphs. The 9 Magic Pen is used for very early magic pen as in low elo everyone uses magic rest blues and AP reds, the early ap pen is very versatile. I use armour because malphite is very rarely going to be in lane after 6. The teleport ganks to bot and top lane are amazing and they usually are ad and low elo with no armour pen as well.

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Skill Sequence

Max your e, q then w i recommend not getting a point into your w until you have finished maxing your other 2 abilities. The reasoning is mainly because your e is very effective in team fights going in and using it since its a AOE that stop atk speed champions and could easily win you the team fight. If you choose you could max your q win your lane and then bank a lot but i recommend maxing e every time.

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Ignite flash or teleport ignite work due to the high amount or gank potential and danger because of your ult. If you loose your lane its fine because of your teleport you can gank very well especially your bot lane and win the game.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Cons:
Decent Amount of CC Weak pre 6
Can be tanky and do damage Very mana dependant even with chalice
Great initiator Can be easily defeated in lane
Has a a movement steal ability Very item dependant
Has good amount of ale
In built shield