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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Malphite: Tank/Carry Chaos

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 11, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

is a Tank/Carry champ. A rare mix I must say. One of the best engagement champs in game. His passive is a great asset to being a tank. This build will work on making the most out of this passive, and still give him some fierce dmg too.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

I like 9/21/0 for my personal build. I like to get all the tanking things in defense and some AP things in offense. I do this since he does one AP scaling skill, and anything to make the best of it Ill take. Just the way I play... Dont hate. But as you can see, Im playing him Tank first. is one of the best engaging tanks in game.

Summoner spells I have and . As a tank, I feel its my job to set up kills for my team in team fights. What better way to set up than ? With the effects from Cripple, the minus to MR and armor is very helpful. It stops people from getting away, and it can save you some of your passive. is great for keeping up your mobility. You might be a tank with an awesome passive, but you cant help your team if you are CC'd.


is my spell of choice for 3/5 at LvL 5. Im an armor stacking tank and the more armor the better the dmg. Also it works really well with since it adds armor with its active. For that synergistic reason, I choose to LvL them first. That gives me more opening power so my team doesnt have to work as hard. I like to use

as a harassment/last hitting skill. Its nice to set up for ganks too. Just another way to help the team. It will gain some power are you lvl via Ardor and Archmage's Savvy. will also gain some power over time. Thats always nice come late game.


Marks are flat armor. Since Im stacking armor I chose these. Im playing to make the best of my armor at early lvls when it will be more effective since there isnt a lot of dmg early game.

Seals & Glyphs are health per LvL. These will help with his passive. The more health I have the more my passive will absorb . The life will also help the bulkyiness of this build.

Quintessences are armor per lvl. This will give more power as I lvl. Thats always good since the opening combo is >>> />let your team get the kills.


Ok this is where things get chaotic.

? Simple... Im running the percentage Mpen and with this, I have 55%, counting the 15% from offensive masteries. Also since Im using to harass, the extra AP is nice. With that 55% Mpen, all my spells will deal more dmg. deals magic dmg so Mpen is good to have. And so does so there is A LOT of burst from this build opening up in team fights. What else does a tank need? I mean they open with great dmg so the team doesnt have to work so hard. I would suggest getting this ASAP. It will prove useful.

is one of the best items for this build. The armor buffs his dmg output, and the passive is increased by my Mpen. Woot. Its only 2k gold so its not that much. Great stats, awesome use with skills, and just a great item. This can be rushed but its up to you. I like to build this after

is another great item for tanks, but awesome for The Shard of the Monolith. The armor ups dmg and the health ups his passive making him more tanky. Now the passive is also great. I mean you punish people for being too close lol. On top of the insane burst you will be dishing out. Its not to hard to get, and he has great farming power so it shouldnt be too hard.

is just another item used to punish anyone that gets too close to you. The stats just scream tank, of course, and they help this build in all ways. Armor ups dmg, health adds to passive, and the slowing effect is awesome since it keeps people close. The active will help you control the enemies movement for 3.5 secs. Thats enough time for your team to drop some mad AoE dmg or burst.

is for boosting his passive only. This should be rushed. You will want to get this first. The amount of health you have will be godly your passive will love you for this lol. Its not the best item, but here its best use is to increase the passive's power.

is for the armor. Adding to the dmg, and keeping him alive. These are typical with heavy armor builds.

Item Sequence

> > > > and get when you feel fit. They can be first, but they arent really needed untill mid game IMO.

Other items over . over . over . These are the more support based items, but they help you tank. is good if you can get the full stacks. Thats 19% reduced dmg and that means more dmg for your passive to absorb.

Game Play

Early Game

You will want to grab and as many mana pots as you can. That will boost your passive and will help you lane since you have a shallow mana pool. You will take so you can harass. If you have an opportunistic partner, than they will take advantage of the slowing effect. You can also use this it last hit if you a laned against ranged champs. You can also build a to help gain gold. You will want to farm as much as possible since is your first item. As you lvl, the dmg of will get a lil stronger. Once you wont be doing much here other than harassment and farming. Once you get your ult, however, you will be a beast.

Mid game

You will be working on finishing and start on . More power from spells once you get this. You will be nuking as you open. The life you have will be awesome and that only increases your passive. You will want to work on You might already have half of it if you took early game. This is great since it will help you in the long run. Getting the smaller items for bigger ones helps you. is next if you can get it. You might consider getting if you find there are a lot of team fights. It will help, but if there is heavy melee champs, is best.

Late Game

You will be finishing what you can and you will be a beast. Your passive will be saving you as the game goes on, you will be dealing great dmg as you open for your team, and you will be an unstoppable force. Ganking and Team Pushing will be what you are good at so dont let up. You are a Tank/Carry so play the role.

1v1 & Jungling

When it comes to tanks and 1v1, no one is better than . 1v1 is like opening for your team.

>>> /. Why would I start with ? It gives you 40% bonus armor. That means more dmg after you open on them. You cant beat that can you? Now with all the Mpen and AP you will gain as you lvl, will be a great way to finish them off.

NOTE: This will go for opening in team fights. Only you will active Randuin's. After the slow is gone, you can use and to slow people so your team can clean up after you.

Jungling is nice for Malph. The golem will help you with mana and CDR. Also, Lizard will help you beat down enemies. Gold is important too so farm the creeps when you can.

Ganking & Team Pushes

As I said in the 1v1 section, >>> /. There will be so much burst and chaos that they will be scrambling and panicing. Now you will need to watch for ganks. If you save your ult, you can use it to counter gank. And trust me you can stop a gank.

Team Pushing means you will be at the front of the pack. You will want to be the first in so you can hit turrets. Again, save your ult for team fights. Use to harass and if you have fast acting mates, they can pick them off.

Homies & Haters

Homies will be the ones that take advantage after you open or keep you alive. is the best for you. Her heal gives you armor so if you can get her behind you. Also, is great. Her bubble can save your passive so you can take more punishment. is awesome after a / combo. If you want maximum disable, make sure that is right behind you. He can someone out so its 5v4 in your favor, than to keep them all in the air.

Haters are those that can bust your passive really quick. This isnt a MR tank build so casters will be problematic, but you will be ok... after all you are a tank and soakig up dmg is what you do.