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Malzahar Build Guide by hellbams inc

Malzahar the prophet of the void

Malzahar the prophet of the void

Updated on August 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hellbams inc Build Guide By hellbams inc 2,164 Views 1 Comments
2,164 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author hellbams inc Malzahar Build Guide By hellbams inc Updated on August 2, 2011
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Malzahar has some problem 2v1 so dont try to make your cool to try beat the just run until 1 just chase you the combo and killing him. Malz is so good when you have read this u will win with malz. You must go mid as malz he can do top or bottom but mid is the simpliest way to be a pro. Malzahr must fam much as i do for the way to get manny kills.

Now i will show u my build and more.

WHEN YOU READ THIS you will fall in the void as i did -Malzahar-
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Passive: Summon Voidling

after 4 spells cast Malzahar will summoning a voidling. It efective on his combo at level 6.

TIPS: when using you ultimete make sure you have voidling out for the helping damage
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Call Of The Void

Call of the Void Malzahar opens up two portals to the void. After a short delay, they fire projectiles that deal magic damage and silence enemy.

TIPS: use it for the best damage before you use you ulti
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Null Zone

Null Zone Malzahar creates a zone of negative energy which damages enemies that stand in it.

TIPS: use this skill first then use your ulti for the best damage
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Malefic visions

Malefic Visions Malzahar target a enemy and deals damage over 4 seconds if the target dies before it ends it will bounce to another enemy and Malzaher regens mana.

TIPS:use this and null zone and then his ult for the godlike damage no one has survived when i did it
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Ultimate Skill Nether Grasp

Nether Grasp this skill is not for fools this skill must be used buy good player as ME.
Malzahar deals damage and supress 1 enemy (this is why he is good 1v1) it deals heavy damage at 1.8 sec.

TIPS: use null zone on the target and malefc visions and then nether grasp and the target will die + you can use ignite without channel the spell
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Some Items

Deathfire Grasp:i use it before i combo for thake 30% of the targets currently health

Will of the Ancients: just for spell vamp and ability power

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: i have it for the slow and the health
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I use ability power runes for the easy farm. Mana regen runes is good if u got low mana at level 1-6. magic penetration runes os not so efektive just on marks thats the only good so go for that for the best damage. my runes are Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power thats make Malzahar strong in fights so this is the weavyest damage i can do. runes is expensive so dont buy tier 1-2 runes thats just nothing buy tire 3 for best damage its expensive but so good u can just have ability runes but you will be bad.
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Clarity : is quietgood because you loose much mana preatty fast so use it when u cant play

Heal : it good when u cant Malzahar so good and when u have learn to play with him use some other spell.

Exhaust : Why exhaust? because if your target run and you are close its so easy to exhaust and use you skills and it will die.

Flash : good for a flee move so use it only if u need it.

Ignite : its good u can cast it without channel your ultimate.
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Farm in early level

in level 1 you must have malefic visions and when minnions have low life cast it you will regen mana fast and your voidling will auto attack the target you has pick.
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Tips And Tricks

Malzahar is a champion that has low life so stay out of range for the other champion in mid and when you reach level 6 chusch you enemy with your power of skills. you can use Null Zone under you target and Nether Grasp or Null Zone and Malefic Visions and Nether Grasp a pice of that will blow your targets mind. Other trick's is when a team batlle begins just focu on one target and they will run away laike chikens.
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The End

Sorry but its the end I will make a new champion every week i cant say witch day it will come but i will work so much i can and i hope you enjoy this wen you playing as Malzahar ur mind will be gooder and u will be a tro in notime

TIPS:watch Dykalons inc , shen flippin ninja you will be totoaly flippin in notime

+ GO buy malzahar so fast you can because WE ARE TIMLESS *-Malzahar-*

sry if i wrote something wrong see you next time
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