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Pantheon Build Guide by NFWC

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NFWC

Mantheon Jungling Guide Season 3!

NFWC Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, this is my first guide on Mobafire so bear with me a bit.
This is a pantheon guide in the jungle you'll be tanky, with a massive damage output.

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Pros / Cons


-Suprisingly Safe and Fast Jungle
-Amazing Ganks at both level 3 and at level 6
-Has obscene early game damage
-Is unexpected and thus is hard to counter
-Can tower dive fairly well with passive
-Becomes hard to kill late-game

-No jumping over walls (Harder to counter jungle safely)
-Bad dance moves
(These are literally all I can think of.)

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Why these runes?

Armor pen marks
Armor seals
Attack speed Glyphs
Damage Quints
Typical jungler runes and MANtheon requires nothing less.

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That build!

Start off with the machette to be built into the spirit of elder lizard as your first item it provides with a DOT dmg and slow.
Get boots in between The spirit item build.
After that finish mobility boots for easier ganks.
Then start with ur brutalizer and finish it for some extra armor pen.
Finish ur warmogs, now you have good enough damage, all u need is to last long enough to do all the dps u can do.
After that go ahead and finish ur black clever, now ur a MAN.
Get ur guardian for immortality, and last but not least, ur last whisper, to kick them while theyre down.

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Why that sequence, and your jungling route.

First start with your Q.
Start wolves and ask for a smiteless blue.
Get ur W next.
After that is all done with, rush to the enemy team red buff, in case the enemy jungler doesnt start at red.
Wait for the enemy jungler to show up, most routes take junglers right to their red after blue, in that case wait for him to start it, stun, smite it, and kill.
If they run passed u while ur hiding in the brush and goes directly to the double golem camp, just take their red, even nocturnes cant take their golems without smite faster than u can steal red with it.
Now ur double buffed and ready to gank, u can sneak up behind enemy top laner or mid laner, i advise u to pick whichever has the harder escape methods.
Now youre on your own, do whatever you can to gank as often as you can, your strength is ur lane pressure.

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Well, to summarize.

You can dive farely easily level 3 if u use ur passive correctly (Stack 3 charges of ur passive, Q ur opponent, let ur shield block the first hit of the turret, W ur opponent, let it block the second hit and by that time ud have gotten 3 hits off, Q ur opponent the third time and the shield will block the 3rd hit, thats 3 hits.. OP.
You can gank nonstop with blue buff and a couple of potions. Just go top>mid>top>jungle>mid>bot>mid>bot. Im serious, u wont lose any hp since no one can do as much damage as you do as fast as you do early game, and if you do, remember you have 5 pots. (4 if you dont have the right runes yet and lost a bit of hp on enemy junglers red.)

If you read this guide word by word, try to do it word by word as well, you will not be dissapointed.

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In ranked Solo Queue

I only play ranked solo queue, and this new matchmaking is doing a number on me so im just a silver fellow, lets just say, i get a Frozen heart ashe or an abyssal scepter jax every 1 or 2 games so meh..
ANYWAY enough QQ, in ranked games you should tell first pick to pick pantheon for you, no one really expects pantheon jungle much, so it would be a good thing if pick according to your pick, and allow your team to counter them.
And if your solo laners have no idea what to pick, try and get them to pick champs that can easily engage, like akali or kassadin and if they trust themselves well enough to land skills shots on ganks, lux and xerath arent bad either.
However champs with hard skillshots like anivia and slow mobility like ryze are not advised, but HEY! its not your choice, u jungle just as well, and who knows? maybe, if youre lucky (or on a high tier) theyre actually good, and respond well to pings.

Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoyed the guide, and its helpful enough to RISE!