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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ivern Build Guide by Yasminea

Support Maokai's Creepy Uncle [6.20]

Support Maokai's Creepy Uncle [6.20]

Updated on October 7, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasminea Build Guide By Yasminea 34,741 Views 2 Comments
34,741 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasminea Ivern Build Guide By Yasminea Updated on October 7, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Who's this author?

My name's Miguel and I have been playing LoL since the beginning of Season 2 and am currently ranked Gold 4 and was Plat in Season 5. I am a jungle main and was very interested in this peculiar piece of timber from the start of his teaser, and now I can't wait to help you, and myself, learn how to play him.

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Who is Ivern?

Ivern is the newest jungler brought into the League, and the first one that takes camps in a different way than just savagely murdering them. He is a support that can also bring out some nice AOE AP damage with his trigger seed and ultimate, as well as root for up to 2 seconds. He can be a little tricky to get used to at first but through perseverance anyone can get to learn this happy green fellow.

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How is Ivern played?

I play Ivern as an AP/Utility tank support that can easily peel for your squishies and can demolish close ranged divers with your large shield and CC.
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+Good crowd control
+Can't be executed by jungle monsters
+Can stealth entire team
+Good range
+Can easily peel
+Can easily counter jungle

-No escape
-Can easily BE counter-jungled
-Can't win 1v1's early
-No gap closer besides a thin skillshot
-Slow clears without Smite
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Ability Overview

Rootcaller - This ability is something that you as an Ivern player must depend on. Not hitting it could cause one of your teamates to die in a fight so you need to make sure that you have a clear shot so you can get that 1.2 - 2 second root in. It does magic damage scaling off of 70% of your AP so it can do quite a lot to a single target. It also allows ALL allies (including Daisy!) to instantly dash into attack range of the person you have rooted (Like Lee Sin's Q) so it can be used to easily catch someone out. Make sure you practice this ability and get to learn it's range and cast time.

Brushmaker - The passive of this ability is extremely helpful towards Ivern, and lots of players right now don't utilize it. The passive effect causes Ivern's basic attacks to have increased range aswell as do bonus damage based on 20-60 plus 30% of his AP. Meaning that at 300 AP your attacks will be doing 100 more damage not counting the base damage. The active makes brush that connects with walls and other patches of brush. You can use this ability to easily help siege towers as the bonus damage applies to structures. So make sure to set them up right outside of turret range when taking them whether alone or with a team.

Triggerseed - This ability is a point and click shield for 80 - 240 plus 80% AP which explodes after two seconds dealing 60 - 180 plus 70% AP and slowing by 70% for three seconds. Use this to peel for carries and help catch out enemies.

Daisy! - This ability causes a stone golem to appear that attacks slowly, knocking up enemies in a line on the third attack. I mostly use this ultimate for peeling or tanking turrets / dragon but all-in-all it's not the greatest ultimate beyond that.
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Jungle Root (Route)

So far this is the fastest, easiest route I've discovered. Will be updated when needed.

Blue Side: Walk towards the blue buff and wait. Once 1:40 hits, use passive of buff and then use it on gromp. You then want to go towards the enemy red buff, Q it, passive, smite. Since you now have red buff, see if you are able to gank top through the top tribush, if you can't then don't risk dying. Then go back and get wolves. By now your blue should be about done, grab that and gromp. Go to other side of jungle and passive the raptors and red buff (you should have smite to get your red buff instantly if needed), then passive the Krugs and recall. Once you return to jg, pick up any camps that are still in passive, and your clear is done.

Red Side: Go straight towards top river, wait until 1:40 then instantly passive and smite blue buff. Since you are now isntantly level 2 with blue, go see if you can gank mid through the side (I've gotten multiple flashes/kills by doing this), if you can't gank then don't risk your life. Then go back to your red buff, passive it, use passive on raptors and Krugs aswell. Go to other side of jg and get wolves, your smite should be up by now so go pick up your red or just wait out the timer. Then use passive on blue and gromp and recall. Return to jg and pick up and camps that are still in your passive and your clear is done.

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Counter Jungling

Ivern is by far the best counter jungler just because of the sheer speed he is able to use with smite. You want to be constantly aware of when the enemie's red/blue is up and make sure your smite is off cooldown by then. Keeping their red/blue secured for your team can be extremely helpful because of the extra buff you get from them aswell. With Ivern, you can get a total of three red buffs, and three blue buffs on your team if you counter jungle correctly. This can be extremely helpful in team fights.
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Thins To Note

* You can NOT solo dragon nearly as early as any other jungler.

* You are NOT meant to be a straight damage dealer or kill stalker.

* You CAN build full AP if your team has 2 or more tanks.

* Ivern needs patience to be played properly.

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Thanks For Reading

This was my first guide so I thank you for checking it out, make sure to vote and comment what you think! Remember that Ivern is only a day out so this guide will receive MANY updates, so stay checked!

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