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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elitelink

Master of Wuju Style

Elitelink Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my reccomended Master Yi build.
This guide focuses on AD Master Yi. The items and skills are chosen accordingly.
You also need to remember that people play Master Yi differently, there is no such thing as a perfect build. These are but guidelines on how to build your Master Yi.

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Pros / cons

- Incredible damage.
- High mobility.
- Pusher.
- Farmer.
- Great jungler.

- Weak to stuns/blinds.
- Squishy*.
- High priority target.

*Highlander and Meditate, if used correctly, may increase your survivability significantly.
Itemizing may also increase your survivability (however, you do not want to digress from the reccomended items).

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The reason I have chosen these Masteries is that I want to maximize Yi's damage. I also added some mana regen, this way you are able to stay in lane longer. Do not spec Improved Exhaust and/or Ghost if you are not going to use them (obviously enough).

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Summoner spells

There are multiple choices to which summoner spells you want to use, but I have found Exhaust and Ghost the most viable ones. The Exhaust is to kill people early game, and with the Improved Exhaust your enemies will take even more damage.

Ghost is a good GTFO spell, or it can be used to chase down enemies (stacked with Highlander NOONE will be able to catch you).

Flash is a viable spell, but Alpha Leap is your replacement for this. It is only useful for teleporting through walls and such to avoid gangs.

Teleport makes it easier to not waste time buying items, but high movement speed makes it less viable than the ones I have recommended.

Clarity is good if you happen to come in a situation where you can get an extra kill, but are out of mana. However, seeing how you are supposed to grab the buffs that are available through jungling, mana should not be an issue.

You should not even consider the other spells. And the two I have recommended is by far the best for this build.

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The Runes I have added in this guide is not the only viable ones, but the ones that fits most situations.
Armor penetration Marks are your best choice, but attack speed is also fine.
Mana regeneration Seals are good, but you can also go with attack speed ones.
Cooldown reduction per level Glyphs is handy. Attack speed or mana regen is also good.
Armor penetration Quintessences is by far the best, but as they are expensive you may go with whatever you got of the above stats.

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Skill sequences

You want to max out Wuju Style first. You do this because you do not have to get AD items as fast then.
Put one point in Alpha Leap at level two. Now you can harras enemies and close distances easily.
Grab Meditation at lvl 4, this is a great spells to lower incoming burst damage. At rank two, it is also a good heal, so you will not need to spend money on HP pots.
Highlander is of course upgraded everytime you can, this is your best spell. It can be used to either chase down fleeing enemies or to flee from a gank, as Highlander makes you immune to movement imparing effects.

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Now, this is the hardest part. What items are best depends on which champions your enemy team has.
But you start with Dorian's Blade for the extra damage and some more survivability.
Then go for the Berserker Greaves for more movement and attack speed.
Now go fetch your Zeal, movement is vital and attack speed is great.

Now you have high passive movement speed, and it is time to build your Youmuu's Ghostblade. This item is your 5th cooldown, and acts as a mini-Highlander. Poping this in the start of a fight will give you increased movement and attack speed. This way your enemy will die very fast, and you can use Highlander when the enemy champion is attempting to flee or is almost dead. Now all your cooldowns will be refreshed and you may start your killing spree.

Finish your Phantom Dancer for the last passive movement speed and get ready to start stacking damage.

You are now fast as lightning, and unmatchable in speed. There is one hitch: Wuju Style is probably maxed and to further increase your damage, you will need to buy AD items. By now you also should know what kind of items you will need the most.

If you are playing against enemies with big HP pools (Cho'Gath, Vladimir etc) grab Madred's Bloodrazors first. Stacking more attack speed on top of this will make your enemy wish they could reroll another Champion.
If you are playing against enemies with high armor value (Rammus, Taric etc) grab The Black Cleaver first. A last Whisper is also fine atop of this.
If your enemy is stupid enough to ignore your insane physical damage, and go with loads of magic resist, get high damage items like Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge.

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Core gameplay:
I am not going to explain for you how to play League of Legends, but I am going to tell you the rotation I recommend using with Yi with this particular build.
Start by activating Wuju Style.
Then Alpha Leap over to your enemy.
Activate your Ghostblade (if you have it).
Watch your enemy's HP drop and activate Highlander when you are certain they are going to die, or are attampting to flee. Remember that Highlander refreshes cooldowns, and you are now ready to take on your next foe.

Remember to have Double Strike ready when you Alpha Leap as the double hit with Wuju Style will significantly increase your burst damage.

You are untargetable while Alpha Leaping, which is very abuseable. Using this ability wisely may, once more, increase your survivability by quite a bit, as you will be able to avoid nukes, and therefore stopping your enemies in their path towards you.

Your last spell, Meditate, is your primary key to survive heavy nukes. While channeling, your armor and magic resistance is increased by 100/150/200/250/300. And you also regenerate a nice amount of health.
It is all about timing, and it can buy you the time you need to survive untill your teammates arrive.

You do not want to spend time killing creeps during the game, because your pressence on the lanes alone will demoralize your opponent.
However, picking up buffs will increase your offensive capabilities through increased damage and unlimited mana. Get both red and blue if possible.
Then again, junglers have first priority on said buffs.

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If you bothered reading my whole guide, cheers to you, and i hope you learned from it.
I would appreciate any feedback on my build, as there is always room for improvement.
And if I get enough responses, I will take the time to add hyperlinks, pictures and additional guides.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy rolling faces with Master Yi!