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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruyael

Master Yi: A Beginner's Guide

Ruyael Last updated on February 9, 2011
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Hey, my name is Ruyael and this is my first guide. I've been wanting to start writing guides for a while and with intentions of starting off with something simple, decided to review my experiences with
I've been playing this Champion for a while now and think I got a pretty good handle on it. Don't expect much in the way of revolutionary. This guide is meant to be simple and helpful for those just starting to play Yi.


- Good Early Game
- Good Late Game
- High Damage Output
- Great Chaser
- Great Harasser


- Low Health
- Low Armor
- Squishy
- Sometimes can seem to easy
- Silly short swords on knees can look stupid! >.<

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Summoner Spells

Really the Summoner Spells shouldn't really matter and you can choose them to fit your play style. I'll outline how I play later, but for now this is what I use:

I go with heal to boost my survivability, and also to help my teammates who are in trouble.

I use this to CC in a 2v2 battle.

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Basically the primary objective is to get Wuju Style maxed out.
Remember to upgrade your ulti. Highlander whenever possible.
Pick up Alpha Strike in between Wuju Styles.
I wait to get Meditate for last.

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My summoner level is only 9 right now so I don't really know what other masteries I would pick up. Aside from that, this guide is geared towards new players anyhow.

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I go for Armor Penetration to help take down tanks. Attack speed because seeing Yi swing that sword back and forth makes me cry. And anything that'll help my Critical strikes. Dodge can also help with survivability.

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The items I pick allow me to gank pretty effectively in early and mid game. Make sure you have a steady cash inflow and this should be a pretty manageable build.
is in my opinion the best item to start out with for Yi. Some people supstitute .
helps with survivabiltiy.
gives you major Critical Strike advantage.
boosts you overall damage output to insanity.
Pick whatever else you like.

Situational items:

Helps with the squishy and keeping your enemies within reach.

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Play Style

I play Master Yi first as a laner, and then as a jungler/ganker.

In laning i just stick to bottom or top getting tons of minion kills, and the occasional Champ kill.

After I'm strong enough and have a few good items, I start farming jungle buffs and start double laning/ganking enemy champs.

Basically, you'll be unstoppable by End game as Yi will level up a lot faster than everyone else. The enemy will run away as soon as they see you coming, but that's already too late.

Basic Mechanics

When fighting minions don't really worry about using any skills. Having in it's passive is great for killing minions. Just focus on keeping your eye out for enemy Champions.


When initiating a fight, I start out with .
Then I'll pop .
Then if they're still alive

If you've been jumped

If it's a gank you can pop and you'll be outta there in no time. Don't ever be afraid to use your ulti. to get away. It can save you're butt.

Using your ultimate

If it's a bigger battle, things may get a little tricky. Initiate on a squishy with Alpha Stike and . Right before they die, pop . This will refresh all of your abilities after the kill and you still have the full duration of highlander to keep on swinging.

Move onto the next opponent with and and they're dead. Don't forget to pop right before you get the kill. This is vital to getting double and triple kills.

Sometimes this can be mana costly, so make sure you are at least half on mana before starting a gank. Try to pick up Blue Golem as much as possible as this really helps with mana regen.

Early game

I always go bottom or top. Yi is pretty effective at 2v1 early game so often times I'll tell the summoner that was with me to go help mid or something. Sit in the bushes and wait for someone to come in an Wuju Style them. This can be an easy First Blood if you do it right. Other than that just farm exp and gold. Don't push yet. If you find yourself constantly going back to base to heal pick up some .

Mid game

Around Mid game is when Master Yi gets really powerful. (Around when you're getting ) This is when I start to dual lane and jungle with Yi. I run to Golem or Lizard or Dragon whenever they're up and pick up some buffs. Then I begin to run around ganking other players.

Late game

With these items and play style (and minimal set backs) you should be lvl 18 before the other Champions who are all still sitting around 13 (this will hopefully be because you kill them before they can gain any exp). Get the rest of your items and carry your team to a nice finish. Push towers and inhibitors and the minions and your team will do the work for you. Continue to gank the other Champions to ensure a nice victory.

Things to consider

Watch out for tanks! get them down to at least half health before popping . Then just finish them off.
Focus on squishy Champions. You'll finish them off before they know what hit them.