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Master Yi Build Guide by MooMilk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MooMilk

Master Yi Jungle

MooMilk Last updated on November 22, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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What Master Yi does in a duel

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Master Yi is considered a broken, easy to play champion, but not really he takes alot of knowledge and skill ^^. He can be dominate if he is played correctly.Alpha Strike, requires quick fingers, and then using Meditate to tank abilities, and using it as an attack reset to outduel, or secure a kill at a rapid speed.

Remember, your team still needs cc so I highly advise if you're not good with this champion don't use him if you lack cc

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Skill Sequence

Unlocking a second point in alpha strike rather than meditate is more efficient in clearing, and of course havingWuju Style second will give overall better clear as you will not be wasting 5 seconds using Meditate as well as bonus AD + true damage. If you get a bed leash and you're under half hp consider gettingMedidtate second

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+ High AOE damage with thanks toAlpha Strike
+ Very difficult to catch and chase due to having highest base movement speed in the game, tied with Pantheon, as well as Highlander
+ One of the few champions who deals true damage on a consistent basis, and the only counter play to it is do not get auto attacked.
+ Untargetable Alpha Strike can make difficult to focus down
+ Difficult to build against due to dealing true damage, physical damage, and magic damage ( Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer)
+ One of the best champions in the game for cleaning up

- Weak to targeted crowd control.
- If abilities used incorrectly, can be left vulnerable
- Really difficult to play at high levels.
- Has no built in cc
- Squishy
- Will always be focused down.

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Summoner Spells

Self explanatory. If you're jungling, take smite.
Use this 100% of the time as it's too good. Being able to escape bad situations or secure kills. Also enables late game, flashAlpha Strike smite,Wuju Style auto, instantly kill the adc
Useful against high burst assassin type champions such asKha'ZixFizzRengarRiven and a few more.

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Very strong passive as it gives you more damage, andWuju Style applies to it. Also after using it the first time, you only need to attack 3 more times as the second strike counts towards the passive.
The backbone of Master Yi. Max first. Use this to carefully avoid abilities, and tower shots, you can avoid almost anything, even a karthus ultimate if you time it correctly. You become untargetable and do insane damage, this ability can also critically strike dealing more damage. Auto attacks reduce its cooldown, andDouble Strike helps reduce it too.
Max second or third, or split level. Honestly makes little difference, but it can help tank a LOT! It reduces damage and increases the heal the lower health you have. This can be used as an auto attack reset, and even reduces tower damage, but not as much as regular abilities or attacks. This ability can also help tank ignite, so don't forget! Use this ability if getting focused down.

Max 2nd, or 3rd depending on your needs. The passive itself gives Master Yi a huge damage steroid. True damage has 0 counterplay, hence why armor penetration isn't needed as much as you'll be hitting around 100 per auto from the true damage alone, stack it withDouble Strike and your regular damage, you'll hit like a grandpa gets hit with candy bags.

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Tommy you don't know to farm right so here you go *Throws candy at your head*.

Before anything, whenever usingWuju Style ensure you have theDouble Strike passive up so on the double attack right when it's about to hit, activate the ability, your clear will be more efficient that way as you'll deal more damage, and thus take less damage. Do not wasteWuju Style on killing a camp in which you will not get the full 5 seconds of using it as the passive is lost when it is on cooldown thus your next clear is less efficient. Ensure you useWuju Style on the scuttle crab due to Yi having no cc to stop it's movement and lower its resists.

If starting krugs, smite, auto attack twice as it will be stunned, thenAlpha Strike and kill it. UnlockWuju Style if you have under 2/3 hp use and unlockMeditate instead. Auto attackAlpha Strike the buff unless it is stunned, otherwise attack again, thenAlpha Strike. Now all you have to do is make sure you don't spamAlpha Strike incorrectly, time the buffs auto attack so that when it is about to hit you, you useAlpha Strike this will mean the buff/camp attack would have counted but it didn't deal damage, so it will have to wait before attacking again, this is easier to do on blue golem. Do raptors next as it gives the most gold, to do this effectivly, make sure you ensure your stun counter reaches 5, hit the raptor, otherwise hit the little one first, alpha strike, hit the other one, then hit the final one, red buff and magic over time will kill them, then focus on main raptor, this overall reduces the damage you take. You can do this without popping anyHealth Potion but this is dependent on how good of a pull you get, and if you can stun the red buff on the first/second attack, but I recommend popping atleast oneHealth Potion. Go back and buy yourSkirmisher's Sabre - Devourer

Gromp start is easier due to the fact it is easier to avoid the blue buff auto attack and the gromp buff actually increases clear speed. Kill all 3 of your camps, by following the same process as before. Basic,Alpha Strike andSmite the gromp at the same time, however before the gromp dies, position yourself towards the blue golem so that you are able to keep a stack on your Double Strike passive as this will help you clear slightly faster, auto attack the little golem, and Alpha Strike, proceed to kill the little golem you just attacked, and do not waste Double Strike on the little golem, this will ensure you take least damage possible

Once you get some attack speed, it doesn't really matter if you useWuju Style right away or not.

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Diving Correctly

UseHighlander auto attack either once or twice depending on attack speed (2.00) at least needed) andAlpha Strike as the tower shot will vanish, and it will lose aggro on you, if target still alive, auto attack, time a perfectMeditate to absorb the tower damage whilst still dealing damage as it is an attack reset. If you're low health and score a kill, hit the tower/minions twice andAlpha Strike onto them and you will survive as this will disengage tower aggro, and if you still will die due to none of your minions being there, you can then walk away,Meditate to tank the final shot assuming all that was enough to stall it.

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Just Tips

Alpha Strike only makes you untargetable during the CAST animation, not on the start up hence why you can still get hit during it, so timing is key.
Wuju Style does not do extra damage to towers, and using it will just make the passive 10% damage go away.

Maximize damage by auto attacking, and thenAlpha Strike to buffer the auto attack recovery withinAlpha Strike itself hence increasing your damage per second and dueling power

When you have max build, unless going glass cannon, your auto attacks will do more damage thanAlpha Strike and thus using it will slow your dps down, however spamAlpha Strike in team fights for the aoe if using the tank build as it will be on 8.4 second cooldown going down rapidly per auto attack.
Meditate is very strong to tank towers with, use it to tank towers when diving, and thenAlpha Strike to lose aggro, Master Yi is amazing at tower diving as he's one of two champions that can make tower aggo constantly reset, the other being Fizz however of course Master Yi can tank better.