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Master Yi Build Guide by Snowblind#221246

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snowblind#221246

Master Yi - The jungles worst fear!

Snowblind#221246 Last updated on May 2, 2012
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Jungle yi! introduction

Welcome to my jungle yi guide! This guide is mostly aimed at a little tanky but still high dealing damage yi. Before we start I wanna excuse myself for spelling misstakes, grammar etc.

I recently started to play Master Yi and soon realised that most of the guides here focus on high dmg and very low substain. I found that cool and fun to play in normal games but in ranked games where there were more experienced players (pardon me all the good normal players out there :P), I got killed way to quick. That's why I started working on a build that dealt the dmg a Master Yi player wants to be able to deal and still survive. Following texts will try to explain my thought process behind this guide.

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Pros, Cons

Now even with a brand new build there was a few problems with Yi that you really can't avoid.

*Very vulnerable to CCs!
*Few escape tools while not using Flash!
*Really dont have any CCs himself!
*Might get focused if peforming well!
*Needs to be close to do any form of dmg!

*Good jungling speed!
*Great ganker!
*Good pusher/backdoorer!
*High dmg!
*Rather easy champion to peform well with!

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Dealing with the CONS!

Now a very important skill a good player need to have is to be able to deal with any team and any situation. That's why I'm going to try to cover the major things that can be done about the CONS.
1. Master Yi is vulnerable to CCs, not slows while Highlander is up but others such as stuns, supresses etc. As you can see my build only includes 4 items, that's because the other 2 slots will be adapted to the enemy team. If you get heavily CCed during fights consider getting a Quicksilver Sash or maybe a Guardian Angel for some extra substain. Basicly you wanna make sure that you can be in there take some damage and deal even more without getting CCed away totally.

2.Yi got few escape tools while [Highlander] is on CD and not using Flash. There isn't very much you can do about that but learning all the tricks in the book. Alpha Strike to minons, Run into bushes and quickly turn around or change path to disorientate your enemy. OBS! If your enemy need to land a skillshot to reach you ( Blitzcrank, Lee Sin) don't run straight, run from side to side and try to look for their spell animation. If your relexes are EPIC you can acually throw your ward (from Wriggle's Lantern) out and let your enemies hit that instead ;) that also looks cool and your enemies will be pissed off for the rest of the game :D

3. Nr.3 the famous "yi don't got any CCs himself" and thats correct, he don't. But as a jungler that doesn't really matter since wanna have the red buff as often as possible. But to get that extra CC I also decided to pick Exhaust. Now while playing a champoin like Master Yi there's one thing your really have to consider. Chase or not to chase, that's the question! Since Yi is one of the fastest champions in the game thanks to Highlander and Phantom Dancer chasing an enemy might get you cut off from the rest of the team who can't hold your tempo. DO NOT CHASE ENEMIES IF THE REST OF THE ENEMY TEAM IS OUT OF SIGHT!

4. Might get focused if peforming well! And that's a problem you really cant deal with, if the enemy team decides to focus you think like this "Well atleast they don't focus my AD carry who's shredding them all from behind or my Ap carry who's blowing them all into the air" But if you find dieing really disturbing and really wanna do something about it get a Guardian Angel that's basicly the best thing you can do about this.

5. Needs to be close to the enemies to do dmg. Well yes and since Alpha Strike got a rather long CD it cant be spammed in a teamfight but that's where Highlander comes in, by killing ppl you constantly refreshes your CD so keep spamming that! That's probablly the only thing you can do.

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My rune build focus on fast jungling and substain. For red I pick Greater Mark of Attack Damage for faster jungling, you can also change those for Greater Mark of Desolation for a better lategame. For yellows I pick Greater Seal of Armor to be able to survive in the jungle. Blues will be Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist also to be able to survive. Quins I pick Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed to increase my jungling speed.

These runes is pretty basic for junglers but they work well so I use them.

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Ganking is the only thing that makes a jungler good xD and it's superfun when done well. That's why I'll talk about some tactics when ganking.
1. Try to grab all the buffs before ganking. If you want a first blood start out with red buff and gank mid or top (bot is usually warded while facing a good team) your [Wuju Style] gives you great early dmg and the red buff makes you deal even more. If your aiming for a First blood use your Exhaust! but remember to check the enemies summoner spells! If they use Flash don't waste your spells but make sure they do, a lv 1 gank from a high damage dealing character such as Master Yi usually makes the enemy use Flash.
2. Consider your enemies spells before ganking, while ganking someone like Kennen or Ezreal make sure they are pushed out faaaaar or ask your allies to start a fight so that they use theirs escape spells as offensive spells!
3. When waiting for a gank oppertunity don't camp around the bushes for to long. Enemies might have warded so that they can see you, that means that hanging around that lane is just a waste of time. Try to gank when the enemies are pushed out then return to the jungle! And last thing, when you succesfully ganked a lane PUSH their tower! If the oppertunity to push doesn't appear return to the jungle asap and don't soak up your friends exp and farms!

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The build I use if as I said before aimed at high dmg and a good substain but it only includes 4 items. Feel free to add things such as maybe a The Bloodthirster if you want some extra dmg and lifesteal. If your facing a tanky team consider a Last Whisper. But if you feel that the AP casters deal to much dmg to you but you still want to increase your damage get e [Wit's End] if your saticified with your damage but is taking to much damage from APs get e Banshee's Veil. If the ADs is dealing to much damage get the famous supermean and epic Thornmail (That item makes ADs fear to attack you :P)

As you can see there's alot of good items you can get but it all depends on the enemy team. Don't be afraid to experiment yourself! (But don't do it in ranked :D)

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Questions and futher guides?!

If you found this guide helpfull and want more guides, send me a message of witch champion you would like to see and why? Do you think this guide is missing something? Or that something is incorrect? Send me a message about that too. If you like and comment that would also make me very happy! Good luck jungling [Master Yi]!!!