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League of Legends Build Guide Author Howie

Master Yi The LEGENDARY Wuju Swordsman

Howie Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, I'd like to say that this is my first guide on Mobafire. I've looked up countless guides on champions but I haven't contributed at all. So I've made this guide on Master Yi, my most played champion.

I didn't include a good rune build since I haven't hit level 30 yet and I haven't bothered to buy any. I believe that you don't need runes to do good with Yi. However, if you are level 30 and you wish to buy runes I would suggest using critical and attack speed runes.

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: I always choose exhaust since you NEED it to get a kill early game. It slows, blinds them and, with the cripple mastery, reduces the magic and armor resistance. All you would have to do is enable Wuju Style and auto attack them after they've been exhausted. This means a sure kill if the champion you are laning against has less than half health and you're far enough away from their turret.

Ignite: This spell has gotten me countless kills when whoever I was laning was turret hugging. I would alpha strike in, then ignite them. Then i would run out of the turrets range, taking only one to two turret hits. My health would be full when they came back thanks to lifesteal.

Early Game
Start off the match with a vamp scepter. This is a great help if you're laning against a ranged champion. If you get harassed you can steal your life back from minions. Make sure you grab mid first since as soon as you hit level 6 you can go for a gank. Early game you can get 2-3 kills simply by using your exhaust ignite combo. The way it works is first, get the opposing champion to push past the grass in the middle lane. Then go and hide in the bushes. When you think you are ready, just move in and auto attack them after enabling wuju style. After they start running, exhaust them and hit them some more. When they get close to their turret, they should have 1/4 health left. Alpha strike them and then use ignite. That is usually a guaranteed kill. Recall once you have enough money for the Berserker Greaves. Then grab your zeal once you have enough before mid game starts.

Mid Game:
Now you should go around and ganking people if you have pushed a turret. Go ahead and get lizard so they can get slowed while you're whacking the **** out of them. Once you have enough, get your infinity edge. Now you will basically be a unstoppeable. With your infinity edge you can probably hit 400-500 criticals! After that finish your phantom dancer and then grab your Bloodthirster for that extra life steal and damage :).

End Game:
Now you should just stick around with your team because even though you're super strong late game, you're not unkilleable. In team fights, alpha strike to the other team's carry, pop highlander and then watch as their hp goes down in seconds. Then target whoever you want. Make sure you're not taking all the hits as you are a very squishy champion. For your last two items, you will probably be getting a Bloodthirster and a frozen mallet. The order of the last two items will depend on how you are doing. Get the frozen mallet first if the other team's champions keep getting away. Get the Bloodthirster first if you can get triple kills simply by going RAMBO. That way, after you kill one champion, you won't have lost much health and you can simply pop highlander again since your cooldowns are refreshed.

As I stated at the start of this guide, this is my first guide I have ever posted so I hope you guys can go easy on me. Please don't rate it down just because you don't like Yi or some other reason like that. If you see anything I did wrong or if you have suggestions I could add to the guide like runes just comment. If you stuck with this guide this far feel free to add me ingame (my summoner names are Howiezowy and GGno0bs) if you would like to play or if you have any questions about my guide. Sorry i didn't add any pictures, I just don't know how :(.