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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alkenstein

Master Yi, Where'd the turrets go?

Alkenstein Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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HELLO EVERYBODY! Well this build is my first and I hope you spend your time trying it out, comment and tell me watcha think! ;D


The runes can be so helpful at times. With the Runes of Alacrity giving the essential attack speed needed to down their turrets ASAP. The Seals of might help you with your damage to help farm at low levels and down turrets easily. Glyph of Celerity is a must, This build is all about maxing out your attack and movement speed so you can run through the lanes and into their towers while ****ing it up before the other team can even realise what you just did. Celerity will also reduce your cooldown on your ultimate which will help you run from creep spot to creep spot (5v5 map) allowing you to kill all the creeps, but not only that! You can also use these cooldowns as an advantage by resuming your attack on turrets that you tried to rape before hand. Quintessence of swiftness is an absolute must if you want to run in and out with ease.


Ill keep it simple while I also give you a better understanding on how everything should work out. Ok, I'd say you that YOU SHOULD ONLY ATTACK if there are no other enemy champions nearby. If you have succeeded in your first step, proceed one step forward and use your ultimate ability (highlander). While your at it quickly activate your wuju ability, this should increase your damage by a lot. Pretty easy right?

I have won a 2v3 with this build, and you might ask... "HOW THE ****?". Well you gotta act smart, look at how the opposing team is moving. If your in a 3v3 and they go bot, then quickly lure them by starting your attack on the turrets. If that doesn't work then basically you've just downed one of their turrets. If your losing then follow this strat. In time you could reach their inhib, if so quickly rape it and run back. You might discover that this build is mostly good for 3v3 but can still be used in 5v5. In a 3v3 situation you would wait for your minions to pass the inhib and attack the turret, theres your chance, use those *****es as meat-sheilds and if the opposing team are still at your base well... GG. *REMEMBER THAT THIS BUILD WILL UP YOUR SPEED*


Ghost- This is obvious. How can you be the fastest person on the map without ghost. It will help you get to and from their base as fast as an OP YI.

Smite- Smite is excellent at allowing you to farm at low levels while killing the big units. This will also help you get buffs at low levels, giving you an advantage early game so you can obviously pwn *** and make money.


Firstly you start off with boots of speed, health potion 2x and one mana potion.
If your in a 3v3, TRUST ME GO TOP. Yi should be the carry since his gonna be eating the turrets. I guess you understand why we got boots first and the pots should make up for the harassment going on at top, these are your beginning items.

Now ill quickly get this over and done with, but all you need is 5 zeals FIRST and AFTER your boots of swiftness. Reason why, is because 2 zeals are better than getting one phantom dancer and reasons apply by the stats given and the price. If you had 1 zeal (+8% movement speed) and you put a phantom on top of that, (+15% movement speed) well you realize that phantom dancer's price was a lot higher than zeal and if you had bought a zeal instead of a phantom dancer, well... you would've received +1% more movement speed.



Nothing much to say but... I based these masteries around speed, damage, cooldowns, experience and buffs. You should understand why after the long talk.