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Nidalee Build Guide by un_tamement

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League of Legends Build Guide Author un_tamement

Mastering the Bestial Huntress (Jungle Guide) (Patch 5.13)

un_tamement Last updated on July 9, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys/girls! I'm Purrrseus (N/A Server) a Plat 4 (and rising fast) Nidalee jungle main with almost over 200k mastery points (189.3k). I've climbed from Silver 4 (on my first account) to Plat 4 (started playing ranked this Season) with less than 100 games and I've felt as if I have put enough time into Nidalee alone to where I have enough knowledge to build my first guide so let us begin!

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Pros And Cons

-Very Strong Early Game
-Has good sustain
-Can roam faster then most junglers
-Can execute targets marked by her passive, Prowl
-Can carry Soloq Games

-Falls off late game
-Not really team fight orientated
-Very squishy compared to other meta junglers
-Snowball Reliant

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Start to Early Game

At the start of the game I try to ward their red at about 1:30 so the ward can sustain long enough to see if they start Golems. I start at Gromp pretty much always because I have kill potential at their Red buff since at level 3 you can pounce over dragon pit or baron pit and potentially get a kill setting their jungler behind.

Camp Routes:If the opposite jungler does happen to start Golems, my general path is: Gromp to Blue to Raptors/Chickens to Red. At this point I'm looking at all lanes, mainly middle and bottom for a possible gank. If your gank doesn't go well, so what? You put pressure on that lane allowing your carries to farm what they can. After the gank, go ahead and take Scuttles to give vision to your laners.

Dragon: Before heading to your second Blue buff as Nidalee, I always buy a Pink Ward so I can ward Dragon pit after getting the Blue buff. At the Dragon Pit, I lay the pink ward inside of it and if there isn't any wards go ahead and start soloing it. Make sure you watch your HUD to see if the opposite laners make it obvious that you're doing Dragon (if you see the support head straight through river to where you're at), at this point just leave dragon, it isn't worth the death. If there just so happen to be wards, destroy it and then go ahead and gank middle or bottom lane to put pressure on the lane and maybe make them recall so you can then do Dragon with your team (middle or bottom). After the first Dragon, keep your eyes on the Dragon timer at all times.

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Nidalee can be a very dangerous threat to other enemy laners especially if your team has CC such as Irelia. I for one love having Irelia top lane because of her stun. If setup correctly, it allows Nidalee to hit her Q almost always, locking down the kill and allowing either yourself or Irelia to snowball. Beforehand, I let Irelia know that when I ping the enemy that means stun which will then lead to most likely a kill. If the gank does go successful, camp that lane! This will shutdown one of the core carries of their team and allow your carry to snowball heavily mid to late game.

General Ganking: If you do just so happen to miss your spear while the enemy laner(s) are overextended, don't be afraid just to walk up and auto them (this is where your masteries/runes come into hand). Since your Q is on such a low cooldown, before you know it, it will be back up and will give you another opportunity to execute the target.

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Mid Game

During this time, you should have a completed Runeglaive, Rod of Ages, and almost or finished Zhonyas. While keeping your eyes on Dragon timer, do not solo the dragon unless you know:
1. There are no wards around the Dragon Pit allowing you to do Dragon without threat
2. You know where the enemy team is
If you were to get caught soloing Dragon, you could possibly get killed and most likely give the Dragon to the other team, at this point, you're starting to throw the game. Moral of the story, do not solo Dragon without one or two other teammates there with you.

Since Nidalee is an assassin, during Mid Game, if you see laners overextending trying to farm or push lanes, you will most likely have kill potential over them if you land your Q,unless it's champions like Nasus (unless he is far behind of his farm). In essence, look for enemy laners overextending or alone.

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Team Fights (Late Game)

Since Nidalee lacks in team fight compositions and is a strong poke champion (if you can land your Q), before a team fight actually starts, poke them down with your Q to give your team the advantage HP wise. Your heal (E) actually heals for a lot late game since it scales off AP which can pretty much fully heal your AD with just two casts so during team fights be sure to heal whoever needs it most. The hardest part about Nidalee during team fights is recognizing when you can burst down a champion such as an AD champ. Try not to go in too early in team fights since you are generally a really squishy champ.

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Nidalee is a skill orientated champion relying on a skill shot to hit in order to actually do something effective. If played correctly, a Nidalee can help snowball her allies through successful ganks which will lead to an inevitable victory.

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I hope this guide helps some of you at least! It is my first and I thought it would be fun to make one for my most played champion! If you have any advice on how I can improve this guide, feel free to let me know!