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Fizz Build Guide by lC i n g

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lC i n g

Mid Lane Fizz/Burst Fizz

lC i n g Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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BTW here's My latest matches with him. im not gonna put some pic that only shows 4 matches that are all wins. I feel its important to show that no matter how strong a build/Player is. you can always lose.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of my guide. BURST FIZZZ. WOOT WOOT! Now, i did the On Hit Fizz guide as well with this but i have to say that both are proving to not only be very Viable througout the game. But also EXTREMELY FUN! Just an FYI, this is all imo, im still trying to find the right build for this but the way im doin it is basically just straight AP with a decent sustain aspect. That being said, i love this new champ and he is a great all around champ to play so please try him out and lemme know what you think of him and this guide/build

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EXTREMELY good early game
Elusiveness and damage are a great killing combo
Has a Ghost PASSIVE
Has 2 Slows, a Knockback, and a Knock-up (knockback and knock up in Ult)
Great damage
Fun to play
Bursts down almost any enemy before they can blink

has a pretty slow movement speed
sounds like a little kid
hes average farm until late game

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

Ok guys so here's what im thinking and what ive been running.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
For marks i went with Flat AP runes. Fizz runs off AP. His early game is immensely strong and the AP will help it even more, and it doesn't hurt mid/late game either.
Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction
Here i went with some CDR. Why? because you'll want to have his burst damage up and running asap. its just that simple :)
Greater Glyph of Ability Power
Glyphs give a great amount of ap and that means more burst damage for ole Fizzy. Since im running straight damage this is what fits best imo.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Now again here i went with flat Ability Power Runes. For the same reasons as marks.


Ok so i went with the standard combat build.
Now with the new patch, the masteries make the game, imo, pretty op all around.
Its a fairly easy build to follow. Hes got mag pen, ap, attk speed, spell vamp, and movement speed. Just know that this mastery build is for a Right click to win Fizz, not a burst Fizz.

Summoner Spells:

Now for some reason Moba hasn't updated these. In case you guys reading this didnt know.
theres a new summoner spell which i personally think was made for Fizz specifically
The Skill is called:
Surge-this spell gives 40% attack speed and 12-70 ability power (based on champ level). Cmon, lol this had to have been made for Fizz, but anyways this is an absolute MUST.

i personally just love this skill, great for escapes, and on Fizz, can act as a distance closer which means death to the enemy basically.

Other Viable Options:
Even though Fizz's passive already has part of ghost, the movement speed is what you need. as i said, with this build, he will have a measly 380 movement speed. so ghost is very good to pickup as well.
Another viable summoner spell. This slows the targets movement speed, attack speed, and lowers their damage for a short time. 'Nuff said.
Ignite is great on Fizz as well, it just gives him that extra, unneccessary but alwasy welcome extra damage, paired with exhaust this could be a wrecking ball combo

Overall id say these are the best but hey everyone plays their own way, your more than welcome to try different things and whatnot, this is just a guide to kindof get you started, lemme know if you find better summoner spells for him ;) this champ is BAWSS

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Let me just say something, im not going to go through all the items and explain to you what they do, just look em up if you really want to know what they do, but lemme just say in general most of em have attack speed, and ap. OK, moving on lol.

Item Build-

    You'll want to start with
. The early game for Fizz is very important.Doran's Ring gives AP, Health, and Mana Regen.
Next you'll wanna grab to start building your boots
Then comes , theres really nothing to be said about why this is good for burst Fizz. Gives 20 mag pen. nuff said. you might be able to sub these for but that would be the only other option for this build.
Now we start getting that all important AP. Grab asap, starting with , then working up to a Catalyst the Protector into your RoA.
Once you have that, You'll wanna build your , this is a great item for Burst Fizz, Gives the best AP bonus in the game. This will help with your damage which means easier kills, better ganks, etc.
Now you'll wanna pick up a or depending on the game situation. if you dont think you need the extra health/sustain from then grab . if you need sustain/health obviously grab the opposite.
Now you'll want to get whatever you didnt pick up before this so either or .
If your playing a game this long i honestly feel bad for you but the last item on your list will be a Zhona's Hourglass gives 100 flat AP which is pretty damn good, and gives an Unique Active that basically makes u invulnerable allowing your escapes to CD and get away if need be.

With this item build your burst damage may not be as great early/mid game. but late game it is still very usefull. just follow this guide and you'll do well

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This is just a basic list of his abilities and what their uses are

{Passive}- This is basically a Ghost without the run speed. This is an amazing passive for any assasin. it also gives a reduced damage which may not seem like a lot but any amount of freed damage reduction is good.
{Q}- This is his Poking/Harrassment skill. Its burst damage is massive early/mid game and is very viable late game to setup a good kill. Also if your closer to your target you'll pass through them so your actually BEHIND them while still doing damage so they cant get away :D
{W}- This is your bread n' butter skill for this build. This move has a passive that rends the target on every hit dealing creating a DoT effect along with your basic attacks. when activated it gives EXTRA damage and also creates a Tank busting, Face melting, DoT takes out a percentage of their max health, the lower health they get the easier it is to DESTROY THEM!
{E}- This skill is great for all intense and purposes on Fizz. When activated, Fizz hops on his little trident thing, Making him untargetable, DID YOU CATCH THAT?? UN FRICKEN TARGETABLE. that means any champ that uses right clicking to kill you will have to actually use some skill and re focus on you after u come down lol!! Can you say Ashe Rape?? it also does a bit of decent burst damage as well and can be used as a escaping mechanism. it can also be used to close a distance gap on your foolish, Tall, enemies. Also as a side note this is a very viable farming technique, just remember to not use it too often or you will be left with no mana which is not good ever lol. Try to get good with using your basic attack for last hitting minions
{R}- This is by far my favortie Ult in the game. First of all. idk if anyone noticed, but sharks are Frickin awesome. Also the skill offers SSSSSOOOOOOO much to your champ. It does a very good amount of damage with this build, it slows, Knocks up, aaand knocks other mothas back! are you fricking kidding me?? 3 forms of CC and crazy damage? GG thats all i have to say. the only problem with it is that its a skill shot but if you have skill with the game at all that shouldnt matter. the range on it is very good. and youll be close range so you shouldnt have a problem hitting it. and it doesnt stick to minions lol.

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Skill Sequence


I noticed that most guides tend to start Fizz with his W skill, which is his DoT. Because his passive is basically ghost, he can run straight to the enemy and blah blah blah. yah well, No. His Q spell is a ranged attack that has massive burst damage, and is a great harrasser. and honestly, lvling to lvl 2 takes what, 30 seconds? so you'll just pick up W at level 2. Now i play this guide as Mid-Fizz if you couldnt tell by the title, and in order for him to do that he needs this W skill.
Basically youll want to max in this order
(this is not the order in which you pick skills)
1st-Max Q Urchin Strike
2nd-Max W Seastone Trident
3rd-Max E Playful / Trickster
And obviously you pick up his R spell Chum the Waters whenever possible.

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Play Style/E Skill Explanation and Awesomeness

Well we've come to this, ill tell you the way i play him and everyone can kid of mold their own way i guess but this is a generally good and viable way to play him.

Laning Phase:

You'll want to poke your enemy with Seastone Trident. u can run in and out of minions and poke fairly easily causing harrassment and annoyance. sometimes you can even send them packing before you wouldve expected. At level 2 you have a much more annoying harrasment. you'll want to proc Seastone Trident and then Urchin Strike immediately onto or semi behind them. depending on where they are in relation to their turret try not to burst too far through them or you could end up in their turret range taking unneccassary damage. you'll keep doing this until you either kill the opponent, take the lane control, or b. Whichevers first. And its that easy lol. [/color]

Play Style

Fizz's Burst style of play offers quick MASSIVE damage that will soon be every squishies nightmare. not saying that he cant tanks although it would be alot more difficult. but basically you just need to time and position yourself right for the best quality damage output. Remember to keep aware of your surroundings as Fizz's Urchin Strike can pass through enemies if your close enough so its sometimes a very good idea to get behind them and other times its not. always rememeber to proc w before charging in.
His E spell is useful especially against a champ like vayne, or ashe or something, the reason for that is because when you pop E, it make u untargetable and moves u a little ways in the direction of your mouse. so if theyre auto attacking you, you can interrupt their flow and also do a decent amount of damage and either escape or take them out. because most champs like ashe, caitlyn, or vayne right click and just kinda kill you off like that. but now they'll have to be on the ball because E makes them have to actually have some skill and retarget you lol. you can also use this as i said before as a kindof flash. it can hop over small walls and then hop again to get some distance if you need to run. or it can close a gap of distance. its very vialbe at all times.

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Overall Fizz is a very good champ to play. hes a little hard to get used to at first but once u get his rythm down he just melts people. I love this champ and hes very fun to play with, has awesome skills and uses a Fricken SHARK guys, whats not to love? lol. anyways i hope i helped some of you who were wondering of a really good way to play him. Lemme know your honest feedback and like/comment it :) hopefully ill learn a lil more bout posting and be able to have people just put their mouse over the name of whatever im talking about and get the info they need on it. BTW if you didnt notice already, Fizz's health and most his other stats will not be 0's lol. Peace out A Town OUT!/color]