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Caitlyn Build Guide by NasTsh0t

Mikes Legendary Cait!

By NasTsh0t | Updated on February 1, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


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Welcome to my guide about - The Sheriff of Piltover.

This is my first mobafire build, so bear with me.

This build is all about damage output, and attack speed with a little bit of life steal as the cherry on top.

My last three games with this build are as follows




I have been using her as a duo bot character.
Though i suppose it would work just as good in mid, ill have to try that.
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[*] Greater Mark Of Desolation This is a really important rune to have for cait. I have been seeing many tanks/offtanks stacking armor and the best way to couter it is with these armor pen runes.

[*] Greater Seal of Armor Armor is important for early game, it helps you feel less squisy. And gives you a bit of an edge if you start out against and AD-Carry.

[*] Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Now that you guys have protected yourselves from the AD-Carry, this will do the same against the AP supports.

[*] Greater Quintessence of Desolation Same as the runes, you want to get though that armor to inflict max damage and pain! =P

[*] Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage Bread and butter right here, Late game, when you get your Crit strike from your items, this will just add onto the misfortune. Late game i crit around 1350 every other hit or so. This rivals trynda.
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You start off with 2 Doran's Blade for early game harrasing, and enough AD to have an edge over the next guy. The health doesn't hurt either.

Then you build Berserker's Greaves To get the movement speed to retreat, and some attack speed to boot. [pardon the pun XD]

After boots you get your B.F. Sword To start building your Bloodthirster With this you will have a significant ammount of AD and enough lifesteal to stay alive indefinitely in lane! Also my favorite part of Bloodthirster is that you gain attack damage and lifesteal per kill untill death. Nothing better than that =]

Now you build your Infinity Edge This will also boost your AD a lot, and give you some much needed Crit strike. Also adding 50% damage to all crits!

Now the fun begins, you get your Zeal And build that into the Phantom Dancer For attack speed, You will be dropping tanks in seconds at this point.

And last but not least you get you Last Whisper For some added AD and even more Attack Speed.
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Skill Sequence

I like to start of with Yordle Snap Trap for ealry game fun, when you go into lane with your buddy, i go the the bush nearest their tower, and put a trap right in the tip of the bush. That way when they peek in to see if we are there, they are trapped for a short time, usually enough for us to destroy their health. I also like to use it on river bush to ensure i know when someone is getting ready to gank.

Then you get your Piltover Peacemaker For mass harassment! With your Clarity you can spam this early game dealing a decent amount of damage, If you are laning against squishes, you can probably kill them right on tower with enough determination.

90 Caliber Net is EXCELLENT for retreating, if someone is faster than you, aim it back at them, not only does it slow them if hit, it also throws you away from them, allowing you to safely escape danger. Also if you are getting Dragon or Blue buff, and they try to gank you, shoot opposite to the wall, and it will send you over it, letting you escape once again unscathed.

Ace in the Hole Is extremely fun, I have taken half a champs health [if squishy enough E.g Lux, teemo, twith] with this for the kill. The only downfall is if they have a buddy with them with more health, they can intercept the shot and it will hit them instead. No matter though i usually kill them instead XD.

Headshot Is a great passive that Caitlin has, On the 8/7/6 basic attack you hit 150% damage to champion or 200% damage to minions. It is quit usefull, i think of it as a guaranteed crit. If you are attacking tower, and you build up your headshot, you should shoot a champion or minion with it, as the tower does not take the extra damage from the headshot.
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Summoner Spells

Clarity is a must for cait in my opinion, She is very mana hugry early game so you need that edge to stay in lane longer to get yourself fed.

There are two alternates i use for my F , I like Heal for early game saves, But i tend not to use it because it is practically useless towards mid game when you get your lifesteal.

Ignite Is always a good choice, shoot them a couple times, hit them with your ult, if they run to tower, run in, throw Ignite On them, and you will hear "You have slain an enemy" soon after =]

Flash Isn't necessary because of Caits 90 Caliber Net as she can easily use it to jump over walls to escape death. (or just for fun =P)

Exhaust Could be useful to keep enemies from running, Or to just greatly reduce their damage if they are Dps, i see it as a good choice overall.

Promote I don't think you should use this spell under any circumstances, i find it has no use, you may get some money from the creeps kills, but not enough to make it worth having. Not to mention Cait is already a great farmer and does not the the help.
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Pros / Cons


[*] Very high damage output throughout the whole game

[*] Long range harassing with your basic attack and Piltover Peacemaker

[*] Has a decent CC with Yordle Snap Trap

[*] Has Excellent escaping capabilities with 90 Caliber Net

[*] Has very long range finishing ult Ace in the Hole


[*] She is very squishy early game

[*] She is usually focused in team fights, especially if fed

[*] Her Yordle Snap Trap is practically useless mid/late game
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Last hit as much as possible, and when enemy champs try to farm, shoot them a couple times to dissuade them. Push minons to their tower, shoot tower until the champion decides to retaliate, then fall back, and repeat =]
League of Legends Build Guide Author NasTsh0t
NasTsh0t Caitlyn Guide

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Mikes Legendary Cait!
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