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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MikuL0V3R


MikuL0V3R Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Zilean how to

He's a really fun character to play if you are good at letting your carry do all the hard work for you and just make sure that your carry doesn't go off and die.
remember you are not a tank, or a caster just back off and let your carry do the job. the only task you have is to help your carry get kills not to get a killed yourself. learn to use timebombs and use your timewarp to GTFO or to slow down enemy champs to help your carry out with a kill thats trying to escape. skill rundown is timewarp yourself get up to them then timebomb quickly use rewind then timebomb them again use timewarp on them to let carry finish the job done. worst case scenario use timewarp on yourself timebomb on enemy champ OMFG you almost dead use ult on yourself then use flash and GTFO with rewind to use timewarp on yourself again just in case, cuz it doesnt help to be prepared for the worst.

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Kog maw how to

Kog's range is amazing when he uses his bio-arcane barrage!!!
I abuse that skill and continuously harras enemy champs and my carry mostly finishes the job.
use kog's void ooze to slow down enemy champs first then use ult then use bio arcane barrage to finish the job basic rundown. pretty simple to just let the bio arcane barrage to give you crazy range then use regular atks to harras enemy then back off or let carry finish them off.

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twitch how to

first things first: TWITCH IS "EXTREMELY SQUISHY"
do not go out on your own unless you are stealthed to prepare for a gank. the other team will focus the **** outta you and they will feed upon your rotting carcass which will be underleveled as **** by the time the game ends with your defeat.

basically how to play twitch is to go in stealthed before you get in battle then get next to the champ that you want to kill, pop stealth and use ult to get as many stacks of poison and before they get out of range of your explunge use it then stealth into the nearest bush and GTFO. this may get you kills but most of the time they just barely get away and then your carry learns to follow up with the strategy and quickly kills enemy champ then thanks you for the meal, bon appetite my good friend.

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ashe how to

basically use frost shot to slow them down then just normal attack to "machine gun" them to death with an insane atk spd. just be careful not to get focused too much and learn to use flash if the need arises, and dont forget to help other lanes push because you have teleport so you dont have to run all the way to help your teammates.

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orianna how to

remember its all about location location location... i love the ball its so useful for looking for gankers its almost not even fair. gankers beware of THE BALL!!!
Early game: stay in back and let carry do the work if mid stay behind minions at all times. for both cases use your attack:command to harrass the enemy champion(s) and minions. recall only if youre low on health if low on mana i go next to tower to lure enemy champs in and then use clarity before they get too close then use attack:command to harrass even more then lane as usual.
Mic game: KEEP HARRASSING! its really annoying and helps your carry alot and let your carry be fed like hell. if you're solo laning then stay in back harrass and once in a while ask someone to gank a champ in your lane and use your attack command and click behind the enemy champ then use your ult to help them as well as command:dissonance.
Late game: when its late game you should have a well fed carry so they should have no prob getting more kills then and you should harrass enemy champs when your team is pushing. just make sure that you dont become focused and get continuously killed because of a careless mistake. make sure to use protect and attack like there's no tommorrow because you can always just use clarity for more mana if you run out( which i doubt you will )

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Sona how to

Sona is a support character and is very unique as she gives her allies buffs depending upon which "song" sona is playing. the key to mastering sona however is having a second instinct for ganks and having good map awareness so you can alert team members. support is also responsible for buying oracles if needed, and also advised that you buy the wards for the team once in a while.

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How to Fiddlesticks

basically all that you need to do is use darkwind to silence them then drain and continuously do this. fiddlesticks is also a great jungler and he could be given smite instead of clarity but i choose clarity just in case i run into a fight with no mana and begin to drain then use clarity to replenish mana on the fly. use ult to start team fights and then darkwind followed by drain as soon as you get the ult.

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The Alternative Twitch (never tried before)

This twitch is a bit unorthodox from my other build so be careful when playing. basically building a bit more speed really early game, to rush a sword of occult then you can effectively wipe out their nuker or squishy with no problem, once you have the kills and gold you quickly get a Phantom dancer and Blood thirster to make yourself the penta-rape machine and can easily take on hordes of enemy champions with ease. just be careful of early ganks and 5v1's all you need is a rammus or shen to taunt the team and just spray-and-pray litterally to rip the enemy team a new one. I cant say if Malady was a good candidate for this build but i am considering it. I really like the extra shredding of the targets magic resist setting them up for explunge to just insta kill them.

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How to Kennen

kennen is just using E and rushing into the fray and get as many champs as possible and use W to damage them. You are the fight initiator and first to get out of fight. Rush after stragglers or running away from enemies with E just survive. JUST STAY ALIVE! its imperative you don't feed. Its a huge help to your team I build kennen so that you dish out HUGE magic damage and rush all around the map to help with ganks in sacrifice for survivability you get **** tons of AWESOME unparalleled ability power, mana, and magic penetration.

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there's more to come so dont be discouraged this is my first guide anyway to expect to see more detailed and better built guides. I love support classes or tanks with ranged abilities, just a few of the champs i've come to love: kogmaw, zilean, ashe, veigar, kayle, maokai, alistar, caitlyn, nasus, sivir, nunu, twisted fate, swain, orianna
although most people only see me play as kog, zilean, or alistar
ive recently picked up orianna and i absolutely love her.

this is a good website that i've found to help people who need help to get the basics down for support classes


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