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Team Guide by loolhaxxninja

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loolhaxxninja

Minimal IP 5man Team

loolhaxxninja Last updated on January 20, 2011
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So basically this is for no itents and purposes a fully functioning guide at this moment in time ..... simply a space to explore the possibilities of a 5man team which will cost very minimal IP (450 - 1350IP chars only) while still being able to deliver a decent win chance.

To that end this guide will not be as insightful as most others out there and is to be considered a WORK IN PROGRESS

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Pros / Cons

Basically this 5man team has a few points in it's favor ... namely:
- Has a decent amount of CC primarily in the form of stuns
- Has great overall armor and magic resist reduction, both from abilities and items distributed amongst the players
- Relies greatly on teamwork towards the end to protect the two main ranged carries (Tristana and Viegar) and also deny some damage on Soraka.
- Has Amumu and Sion, which can both be used effectively as a form of meat shields for the rest of the teams (granted they might not be the best tanks but they do the job well enough)
- Encompasses the summoner spells that a team would usually require (with the exception of Fortify and Clairvoyance which can both be switched in if necessary)
- Has Amumu jungling which allows both carries to level up quite consistently with defensive play

Of course there are some discrepancies .... namely:
- Both carries are extremely vulnerable to ganks
- Wards are almost a must to this team's victory
- Possible mana problems in early game (minimized with use of runes and masteries)

With that said let me clear some general concepts in mind which i take for granted (and i really shouldnt)
- DONT BE STUPID .... never rush into a fight without being sure you can win it
- Talk to your team .... a team is nothing without communication
- Prep up before every teamfight .... be at your best to increase chances of winning teamfights
- As said before wards are a must .... Main warders should be Amumu (jungler) and the mid laner .... that said each lane should try and pop down a ward whenever possible so as to avoid free kills and maybe score some yourself (especially if an enemy jungler is in the match)
- Lastly if possible NEVER give opponents kills .... stands to reason but that means that you shouldnt be scared to back out when you're low .... only go back in when you're sure you wont die (this is especially the case for people with Mejai stacks)

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Runes/ Masteries/ Items/ Summoner Spells

Really quite straightforward ..... One might not agree with them and to that extent none are set in stone.
This is especially the case in regards to items. Each champion is given it's specific task:
Amumu - Tank/ Magic resist reducer/ Damage absorption
Sion - Damage/ Stun/ Damage absorption
Soraka - Heal/ Silence when necessary
Viegar - Carry/ Nuking/ Stun
Tristana - Carry/ Heal reduction/ Armor reduction

If one finds any better way to fill that niche with whatever item/rune/mastery combination then all is fine by me.

P.S. You might notice that there are some pots added as the last items in the build list ..... those are suggestions to which character should carry oracles (if required) and what some characters should get throughout the game to help with their weaknesses ... That said they are aids and not required for the core builds .... just a bit of icing on the cake per se

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To sum it up (since i'll eventually change things taking into consideration this is just a small deliberation on my idea of having a small 5man team for friend play until we get to the higher tier characters) the team focuses on being able to survive easily the early and mid phases, with ganking starting in mid, and being able to progress easily throughout late game so as to have a comfortable win....

Thats the idea .... clearly much of it depends on the players as well as the opposition .... but warding and defensive playstlye should help this team greatly.

Any suggestions or better yet revisions are greatly accepted. This is my first guide if that makes a difference and the only characters i have decent experience in playing from the chosen 5 are Sion, Soraka and a tad with Tristana.
Anyway i'd love to hear what you think and how i can make this more attractive to my mates.
Much love


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